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Scared Bride to Be


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I am getting married in exactly one month. I started the Whole 30 a couple days ago thinking it would be just the thing to get me across the finish line for the big day since my low-cal diet was not getting me anywhere (couldn't stop cheating). Well, I'm on Day 3 and have been reading through all the forums and am getting scared. I'm super bloated, and feel like I'm eating way too much, which seems to be a common thing for women on this program that does not necessarily go away within a month (yes, I know, it's only Day 3, but I'm a bride!). Even if the Whole 30 effects aren't expected to happen right away, I think it goes without saying that I can't be bloated at my wedding - no matter what - and cannot afford to gain weight - no matter what. In fact, I would really like to lose about 5 pounds before the big day. I know I don't have the entire program down right yet, and perhaps things will change, but is the Whole 30 just not something I should be doing right before my wedding? I'm thinking maybe I need to stick with low-cal eating that affects my body in ways I know and can predict. I'm willing to put off changing my life with the Whole 30 for another month if it means knowing that I will be slim and free of bloat/digestive issues in 30 days. Please help - honest opinions appreciated.

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1. Deep breaths!!

2. You are beautiful.  End of story.

3. See numbers 1 and 2 above.

4. Whole30 can have dramatic effects rather quickly - and it can take a long time.  It all depends on the person.  The point of Whole30 is to change our relationship with food.

5. Did I mention numbers 1 and 2 above?

6. Do what makes you feel healthiest and most fiercely intelligent and strongest.  (You don't have to worry about beautifulest because see number 2 above.)

7. You seriously can't go wrong no matter what you do.  You're getting married in a month!!!!!!  This is awesome.  (Stop that, see number 2 above.)


If you are in a position to do Whole30 right now, go for it.  If you're not, you can do it after the honeymoon.  Whole30 will be here for you now AND later.  (And not just because you're beautiful.)



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Stress will kill your ability to lose weight - no matter how you try to do it. You sound very stressed out in your post. 


Here's what I recommend. Continue doing the Whole30 - by the book. Follow the recommendations about how you should set up your plate for best results, but beyond that, don't think too hard about it other than staying compliant. Throw away your scale. Period. Stay off it. People lose inches and not pounds sometimes doing this (I am one of those people). You don't need to be weighing yourself, especially if you end up being one of those that lose inches and not pounds during your 30 days. 


Lastly, do some yoga, meditation, or take nice, relaxing walks to keep your stress levels down. Getting married is a huge deal and you should really take time out of every day to take care of yourself and relax. And, the less you worry and stress, the better your results are going to be. 


Good luck on your big day and relax!!  :)

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What AmyS said!


Beyond that, maybe you can tell us how you came to Whole30...What brought you here and how did it happen right now?  What are you hoping to get out of your Whole30?  How does this compare to your previous diet?


Above all of that congratulations!

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Yup. The stress of "must lose X lbs by X date" is telling your body to hold into fat and to eat more.

You must make relaxing and self-care a priority. Everyone is different but I ate at the top if the protein and fat recs, did only yoga and some calisthenics type exercises and lost 8lbs and almost 3 inches off my hips. If you have other things going on, leaky gut, very deep SAD diet history, illness, your body might want to heal first. This isn't a weight loss program per se, but I can guarantee your skin will be glowing and you will make a very happy best-self bride. Healthy on purpose, hot by accident is the motto around here. :)

Now 1) you are on Day 3 so no need to panic about bloating. Most ppl do not stay bloated. If you are coming from not eating a lot of veg or meat, digestive enzymes can help a lot. I was startled by how un-bloated I was. My belly seemed to shrink daily once my digestion was moving. (Again, digestive enzymes. Search forum for brand recs.) 2) I'm not sure what you mean by "don't have the program down." Are you following they book? Are you eating per the template? The template is your best chance at success. I need to run but just search for "template" and you'll find the link.

You can do this, but panicking about bloating and 5lbs is a quick route to self-sabotage. BTDT.

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I agree with everyone here!  It is very important to not stress or over-think things.  Take good care of yourself and the rest will sort itself out.  This forum is a very supportive community, so know that you are not alone in your journey!


To help reduce bloating, remember to eat a lot of veggies and stick to cooked veggies (raw veggies can increase bloating).  Drink lots of fluids and get lots of sleep.


Congrats on your wedding! 

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"means knowing that I will be slim and free of bloat/digestive issues in 30 days."--This is exactly what the Whole 30 is designed to eliminate: bloating and digestion issues. The bloating is likely a manifestation of your stress. You need to try to relax! If doing something this different is going to put you over the edge during one of the most exciting times in your life, then I suggest you wait until after your wedding. Look at it this way: you will have something to look forward to after the big day and your honeymoon are over. Good luck! 

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Thank you so much everyone for your very supportive comments.  It's so funny that you spotted stress in my short post.  It's very true.  I feel like I have three jobs right now - my real job, wedding planning, and now figuring out the Whole 30!  But I know that's not how it's supposed to be.  I came to the Whole 30 not primarily to lose weight but to clean out my system and feel better, hoping that the added benefits of losing a few pounds would follow along for the wedding.  I had been wanting to do it for a while, but didn't work up the motivation/discipline until now.  My diet before the Whole 30 involved a decent amount of protein, but it was also high-dairy with too much sugar/carb cheating on the weekends.  If I stuck to my basic plan, it was fine (less calories in = weight loss), but I always felt a bit deprived and would binge when I let myself have a bit of leeway on the weekends, counteracting all my hard work during the week.  I KNOW this is not a healthy relationship with food, and I REALLY want to change that.  I still believe that eliminating sugars and dairy from my system HAS to be a good thing.


My plan is to stick with the Whole 30 for now, work in more cooked greens, and try to not think about it too much (as advised!).  If my system still seems off in a week or so, I might switch things up and come back post-honeymoon.  But I'm hoping I can just renew my outlook a bit, try to make the Whole 30 fit into my crazy life instead of letting it take over my life too much, and hope to see some positive changes.  


Thanks again!

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Stay in touch here.  The support is so wonderful!  Log your meals, if you feel inclined, or just thoughts and feelings.  This is the best place ever to do that!  But absolutely use this wonderful resource we have.  Don't want you out there stressing out and feeling all alone!


Good health!

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Day 3 was a horrible day for both my husband and myself.  I was ready to give up!  But it seems like you have some determination!  If you can plan a wedding, you can certainly do this! Good luck and praying for a beautiful wedding day!

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I just wanted to wish you good luck as you prepare for your upcoming wedding. How wonderful. I know you want to feel your best. You've gotten great advice from everyone. Reduce your stress in any ways you can. You deserve to be a radiant bride.

My personal experience on W30 was that I bloated from nuts and coconut meat. Just stay away from anything that you already know causes bloat. Having a sane food plan (template) just might relieve some of your stress. Please let us know how you're doing.

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Good luck! It's very exciting that you're getting married...I just hit 4 years with my husband at the end of last month. I'd say give yourself until 2 weeks before the wedding to make the decision to W30 all the way there or not. It took about 2 weeks of W30 before I felt any magic.


Nuts are a common bloat-er for a lot of people. I didn't eat too many of them in the beginning, which may be why I didn't really bloat. Another is if you are suddenly eating more raw veggies. Maybe try cooking everything for a little while?


I second the idea of a digestive enzyme and maybe even add in a high quality probiotic at least for a little while. 


Relax. Picture yourself walking down the aisle in your dress and breathe. You can do it! I tried my dress on a little while ago - it's looser than it was then! Always a great feeling...

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HI!! I am also getting married soon - July 5th. I am on day 9 of my whole30 and am doing this to feel in tiptop shape for my wedding!


My two cents from a fellow bride to be - try your best to stick with it. Not just for the physical bonuses but mental as well. This is about my third whole30 and I'm paleo now outside of programs so I do recognise that this might be a lot easier for me than coming at it brand new. But honestly you are going to feel great eating this way. And I've personally noticed a calmer, less stressed, happier me - which is surely a good deal with all this wedding planning right?! And of course the physical is important too...as others have said I think the bloat will go away soon, it's probably just your body adjusts to this way of eating, and I'm pretty confident that this will disappear soon! 


At this important time I've tried to think of doing the whole30 not as something to stress over, but instead feel grateful for because I know every single thing I put in my body is doing me good, not harm, and I am making the best choices and doing all that I can to feel and look great before the wedding! I dunno..if I look at it this way it switches it around from feeling restricted or bombarded to just feeling free within the framework of the program, and consequently having one less thing to stress about! It's so much easier at the moment not to have to decide if I should have the ice cream or not, and just know I can't because I am doing the whole30.


And I know how you are feeling about being scared about gaining weight, because I have been feeling exactly the same way. My dress fits like a glove and I can't afford to put on any weight. Well, I can...but I don't want to! And a few weeks ago that very thing happened - I messed around (stupidly) with some hormonal regulating supplements and gained 4lbs in a few weeks and was COMPLETELY freaking out lol!


But I was okay. And coming back to whole30 (and off the supplements) I think I have l lost that already. And my main point is that once the wedding day arrives, just let it all go - you will know you did the best you could with the time, knowledge and resources you had, and you are going to look and feel beautiful! So by then, just sit back, relax and enjoy your big happy day!  :D

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