Big milestone!! Goodbye 200's!! - pics and results


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If you haven't seen my previous posts, here is a summary of my life before Whole 30:

1. I was plain lazy.

2. Did not care about taking care of myself.

3. Was going into depression again about the loss of my mother and how unhappy I was with myself.

4. I go only do a 17:45 min/mile when going on a walk with a little bit of jogging.

5. I ate my feelings. I hid what I ate from my husband. I knew he would be upset because he was concerned for my health.


My husband found Whole 30 online and I didn't want to do it - but decided to try it anyway.

I followed Whole 30 for 75 days straight!


I am still following Whole 30, but I did allow myself to have sushi on Sunday with a friend. Sushi is the one thing I missed doing Whole 30. I do not allow myself to have cheat days or cheat meals, but I will allow myself a cheat item. But I don't say 1 cheat item per week or anything - I make sure to sit down and truly think about if it's worth it? My friend and I shared a couple of sushi rolls and there were 3 pieces left. Normally, I would scarf them down because she said she didn't want anymore. But I told myself that the food doesn't control me anymore and I didn't touch them because I felt satisfied.


Now on to my results. I began this journey on June 9th.


I have lost:


40.1 lbs - I'm 199.4!! Goodbye 200's!


5.75 inches in hips

4.75 inches in upper ab

2 inches in mid ab

4.5 inches in lower ab

3 inches in each thigh

1 inch in each calf

2.5 inches in each arm


For a total of 30 inches lost!


Pant size - from a 22 to a 16 ALMOST 14

Shirt size - from a 1x and 2x to a Large sometimes Medium

I had to get my wedding ring resized - from a 10 to an 8


And I can run a 5k in 40 minutes and if I do just 2 miles I can average a 11:45 min/mile.


As for my emotional state, I haven't been this happy in a long time. It's amazing how eating healthy foods and staying active can make such a huge difference in your life. It just seems like everything falls into place. I have not had to go on depression medication - and I am so thankful.


See my pics below :) Please do not copy. Thanks!





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I've been following your progress posts, and you look awesome! Impressive weight loss aside, you look so beautiful, glow-y, healthy, and happy in your most recent pictures! Good job and congratulations girl, you should've proud!

Thank you so much. You are too sweet! I am very proud - I haven't felt like this in a very long time.

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Congrats!  I'm new to this, and just coming to an end of my 30 days.  I've struggled a lot during this process, but reading stories like yours help edge me on.  Keep up the great work, and thank you for the inspiration!

Just keep going! That is great that you achieved the 30 days almost! It is a difficult process, but it is so worth it.

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