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Ashley's Round 4


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Yesterday I started a Whole 100. I did one earlier this year and attempted another in July. That attempt ended in a Whole 30 followed by poor eating followed by a Whole 20 followed by more poor eating.

I'm doing another W100 for several reasons. The most important is I eat better, take better care of myself when I have the structure of strict rules. Following 80/20 or even 90/10 does not work for me. Yet. I still have hope I can get there.

The second reason is my sugar dragon. It's crazy smart!! It can hibernate for months and then let loose with a vengeance. I'm hoping to kill it once and for all.

The goal this time is to get really good at following the meal template.

I'll log my meals here. If anyone would like to join me - all are welcome.

Day 1

M1: sweet potato, kale, bacon, eggs, banana, sunbutter, coffee/cm

M2: prosciutto, carrots, guac, cherries, walnuts

M3: sweet potato, eggs, kale, cherries

Need more veg. And to limit fruit to 2 servings and limit the nuts.

Going to go cook chicken thighs, sp, roast veg, a breakfast mix, compliant sausage and hb eggs.

Happy eating.

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Today was very stressful - my mom's in the hospital and I spent more time there than I expected. So given that and that I ate at the hospital I did ok. Not great tho I didn't cook the veg I expected to make tonight so M3 doesn't have enough. Also I had a snack when I got home and it did not follow the meal template. Tomorrow I will get the rest of the veggies cooked. I'm craving grilled onions and green curry!

M1: sp, ground beef, eggs, kale, coffee/cm

M2: chicken wings, salad, banana

M3: sp, compliant sausage, olives, banana, coconut butter

Snack: cantaloupe and sausage

Happy eating!!

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I'm sorry to hear your Mama is in the hospital, I hope she's okay. A full whole 100 is what I'm after too, I think once get into the rhythm of eating this way again it will be a cinch.


With a fresh new year, it should be easier to stick to your goals.  So don't worry about failed attempts, your system is probably now more accustomed to eating this way, and your withdrawals should be minimal.


Keep up with the posts! Eat well!

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Thank you sailorlawrence! Mom is better. And day 3 went well. Have you started your Whole 100?

Day 3 went well. Mostly because I ate a huge breakfast and could eat lunch at home. I still had a snack but I was hungry and dinner was not ready. The plates are starting to look more like the template.

I did not sleep well last night - I hope that improves soon. I am very tired and I expect some of that is my body detoxing. I smelled fries tonight and they smelled very good. I resisted but I have to learn how to make sp fries.

M1: power greens, sp, eggs, ground beef, coffee/cm

M2: compliant sausage, carrots, olives, banana, nuts

M3: pork chop, grilled veg (squash, onion, pepper), sp, cherries,

Snack while cooking dinner: olives, avo

Tomorrow I need to increase my water. And make some mayo.

On to day4!! Happy eating!

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So glad to hear your Mom is better!


I was going to start on the first, that's when I scheduled the emails...but I got way to anxious and started Monday the 23rd! I'm on day 7, and my goal is 100 days! I think its doable since the food tastes so much better and I feel a million times better! Though I've been breaking out a bit on my face, don't remember that from last time. Hope it will pass.


Sleep should get better... first few days I kept waking up hungry, but it will die down and soon you'll be sleepin' like a baby!


Need to up my water intake too! Talk to you soon!

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sailorlawrence:  That is great. Happy day 7 or 8!!!!!  


Today has gone ok.  Felt much better after sleeping all night. ~8 hours. I ended up eating a larabar and nuts.  Need to get them out of the house. It'll be 4 meals today, as this week my husband gets home late so we eat at 8 every night.


M1: Eggs, ground beef, power greens, sp, banana, coffee/cm/ghee

M2: Pork chop, onions, peppers, sp, olives, larabar

M3: Compliant sausage, carrots, avo, nuts


Expect to eat this for M4: Mixed veg, chicken in green curry  


Happy Eating!!

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Well day 5 did not go do well. Which always happens when I am not prepared. And don't eat breakfast. Ate all compliant food. But the meal template was out the window. And I snacked. Finished up the day with a meal of bacon and carrots. Ick. My stomach is flip-floppy.

As I write this I am eating meal 1. My favorite. Makes me happy.

m1: eggs, ground meat, power greens, sp, coffee/cm

Day 6 will be better!!! Here's to a healthy 2014.

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Hey up :)

Day 1 for me today, one year on from my first & only complete whole30, though not for want of trying!

I had blackberry & jalapeño pork with spinach for breakfast, meatloaf with spring greens & sprouts for lunch, & tea will be cinnamon beef stew (from Well Fed) with mashed swede. Might put some ghee in the mash. No snacks yet, though it's currently the usual hour for sneaking biscuits from the tin. I've got some pork rinds on hand, but I'd be better off just riding it out.

Happy healthy 2014 to you both :)

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I got the recipe from "Make Ahead Paleo". In a nutshell, bung a large pork joint in the slow cooker with the berries & chillies, a little stock, cook until it falls apart... Then I just heat up a serving in a pan & add a handful of spinach til it wilts. It was nice, but I made such a big batch I was eating it for over a week, so I probably won't make it again for a while :lol:

I did end up snacking today, a few pieces of pork rind. Felt a bit nauseated afterwards. That'll teach me ;)

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Roz - I'm going to try that pork recipe. Sorry about the pork rinds.

I definitely have some stomach thing or my stomach is responding to my new eating. Did not feel like eating again until 3. Ended up having a snack of banana and coconut butter. Dinner was smoked oysters, carrots, broccoli, sp, chicken, cherries, tea.

Tomorrow I'm going to baby my stomach. Not sure what that means.

Happy eating!

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Day 2 done & dusted. Food all good but a bit too much dried fruit. I think I didn't eat enough good stuff :rolleyes:

For Christmas I got a vegetable spiraliser, so today I ate swede noodles at breakfast & parsnip noodles with lunch. Both delicious. Next on my noodling list is sweet potato, and maybe butternut squash...

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Roz - the noodles sound wonderful.  I just have a julienne thingy - that I do by hand.  I love zucchini that way.  I have not tried sweet potatoes.  Let me know how it goes.


Congratulations on Day 2 done!!


I'm almost done with 7. yippee.


This is what I ate:

1: sp, power greens, ground meat, eggs

2: sp, ground meat, guac, nuts

Expect to eat chicken, sp, guac, carrots, broccoli for meal 3.

Had 1 snack - a lara bar.


Feeling pretty good today. Was up every 2 hours last night.  I hope tonight goes better.


Happy eating!!

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Day 8 done! Woohoo!! Only manage 2 meals. If I don't get breakfast in right away - my whole day is thrown off. Need to cook a bunch tomorrow.

M1: ground meat, sp, guac, banana

M2: panera's steak wrap without pesto. Added guac and mayo. Banana.

Snack: Lara bar. (They are all gone now!)

On to day 9.

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Woohoo for Day Nine!  You're like a sophomore now.  I'm SO envious from my freshman place of Day2.    Hope you get lots cooked and prepped tomorrow so next week goes smoothly.

Emma: :) Congrats on Day 2!!! How is it going?

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Yay for day 9! Do you feel anything yet? More energy? I definitely feel better than during the first week.

Have a nice day 9!

jennor- I am starting to feel better. Still bloated but not as stiff in the morning. I think I haven't taken a nap in that last 2 days. That's big! How do you feel better? Hope day 9 is going well for you!

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I have been reason your posts with interest ;) I intend to jump in on Monday and stick to it as much as possible. Have had A to help me do the whole 30 last time and hoping doing it together again will get me through - whole100 now that's dedication! Will start whole30 and see how I get on. Mentally preparing ;-)

Happy eating everyone you're doing great :-) x

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Day 4 here. Supposed to be killing all the things according to the timeline, but I've been more just frowning at all the things. So not too bad. Still eating a bit too much dried fruit, but it could be worse. Sleeping much better already, though the last 2 mornings I've woken "too" early ( like about 4 or 5 am), felt rested, then thought "I can't get up this early, it's pitch black, freezing & what can I do that's quiet & won't wake the rest of the family?", then I've gone back to sleep for another couple of hours & woken feeling groggy. Oh well. One more week & I start a new job when I'll have to be up by 5am, so I ought to start getting used to it!

Happy eating everyone :)

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Hi All,

I'm just lethargic. Which, since it's cold outside, the dh is at work, and the dd is off with her friends- is an ok reason to to do nothing today. I am almost all the way through every season of Prime Suspect. :)

Hedgehog - glad you're here!!!

Roz- so glad it's just been a mild kill all things day. What is your new job?

Emma- how's it going?

This is what I ate - didn't manage to avoid nuts.

M1: ground meat, eggs, sp, power greens, coffee/cm/ghee

M2: tuna, mayo, carrots, olives, banana, sunbutter

M3: ground meat, sp, power greens, olives, avo, grapes

Snack: walnuts

Happy eating!!!

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Glad to hear you're still trekking... I had to restart on new year's day as I had a few drinks with my best friend on her 21st! Kind of the heat of the moment kind of thing. So day 5 for me still going for the golden hundred! Feeling really amazing lately and finding its getting easier every day!

I feel like doing nothing today too! I've got some pork in the slow cooker, and thinking about reading drinking green tea and having a lazy day with the puppy :)

Best wishes!

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