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I don't want to take supplements--any opinions on that?


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Depends on the quality of the food you buy. Natural nutrients in the soil have been depleted over years of agrochemical treatments and even organic don't provide the same nutrients that fruit did a couple of generations ago. See how you get on. 


I take Vit D (I live in northern hemisphere with dark dismal winters), Chelated Magnesium (good for so many things)and Omega oils (I am thinking of stopping this soon as my diet now contains so much more good fats than it used to) . These suit me but they may not suit you. 


What do you think you 'should' be taking? 

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Since I started working with a naturopath that I trust, I wouldn't take any supplements willy-nilly ever again. I take loads of supplements now, don't get me wrong, but it's under the supervision of someone who can make a specialized individual assessment of what I need and what supplements my body will accept.

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I just stopped taking all of my supplements recommended by an MD after seeing her for perimenopausal/thyroid concerns.  Not that it is related, but I started developing hives in the past 2 months and within 30 days of taking these supplements.  Since quite a few of them contain herbs I am stepping back to reevaluate.  For now, I am counting on healthy organic food to give me what I need.


I will continue with the Vitamin D3 (tested low) and Omega 3s since they are long standing supplements that never caused me trouble before…


So I say No you do not have to take supplements but focus on eating organic to get the best chance of proper nutrients.


Just my opinion, of course.

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I've cut down on the supplements. I just take Vit D3, Magnesium Glycinate and probiotics. I am also slowing down on HCL and digestive enzymes to see if I can do without them. I do eat mostly organic, but I also have a compromised digestive system and can't eat a lot of good foods, so I would supplement if I felt I had to.

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nop...sometimes our body cant really handle foods values and unable to absorb exactly what we need, thats why supplements can help, example


im taking vitamin D (liquid)

and took for the last 5 months sublingual B12 supplement, i put it under my tongue every day


and now my vitamins levels are much better.


i do eat foods, great, clean and valuable food


but sometimes, for many reasons that can be, human body doesn't absorb as it should

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You should check out Chris Kessler's site. He is very big into getting our nutrients from food. Also Terry Wahls. I do think some of is may need supplements but, as LM said, on a case by case basis.

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Irista -


It's certainly possible. Supplements are sort of an 'insurance policy', if you don't trust the topsoil we're using for farming, and don't always eat the 'perfect' diet. That said, bioavailability and what's ACTUALLY in supplements are 2 of the many issues with taking them.


I always recommend that most clients look at:


-a vitamin D3 supplement (1000 IUs per 25kg of body weight)

-fish oil/algal DHA (1000mg/1g per is all you need for DHA, EPA is comparatively irrelevant)

-probiotic (Prescript-Assist)


The reasons for this are fairly simple:


-not enough sunlight

-not enough omega-3 in diet

-a lifetime of antibiotics, but no probiotics


With supplements, barring specialized cases and diseases, the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) rule is usually best. Are you anxious to just eat real food?



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