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Completed my first and only w30 April '13. Stuck with AIP for the better part of the summer. (Not strictly, was having the occasional glass or three of wine.) Thought I was in it for life, thought I'd never eat wheat again. Went on vacation with my family in late August, fell off wagon, been struggling with false starts and--lately--days long wheat fiascos.

All along, I've been eating a lot of the foods I learned to love last summer and my psoriasis wasn't too bad. My weight went up a bit but nothing major. Recently I've gotten totally off the rails, jamming my mouth with crullers and cronuts, croissants, nibbling at the leftover ends of bacon and egg sandwiches. My psoriasis exploded worse than ever, not just my legs but arms and torso.


My guess is I finally broke down whatever good will I'd built up with my gut over months of fermented foods, broth, etc.

I'd planned to do W30 in Oct, then Jan, then Feb and now I'm here and the psoriasis explosion made me realize I have to get serious, make a public declaration and be accountable. Here I am.

Tomorrow is the day.

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Going to post this here so I can come back to it.      


“The food that we eat should:

-Promote a healthy psychological response.

-Promote a healthy hormonal response.

-Support a healthy gut.

-Support immune function and minimize inflammation.â€


Last night: 

Tonight had a meeting with the compost committee if the community garden I joined last spring. It was nice to be out of the house. The woman who chairs the committee runs NYC's compost program and is very knowledgable. Interesting. But I got home late and didn't stop as planned for an ingredient for my old favorite korean BBQ brisket.      


I did make mayo. Despite being a little gunshy after a couple of horrible mayo attempts (after half living on the stuff last summer--I made buckets of it till suddenly I lost my mayo mojo) it came out perfectly.  I used my old coconut oil Paleo Mom recipe. Yum! Tasting it on some carrots was like coming home.      

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Day 1


m1: meatcake (burger), sweet pot w ghee

m2: carrots w CO mayo, freshly brewed bone broth

m3: grassfed dogs, half a jar of sauerkraut, carrots, mayo, date with almond butter** while it was cooking

m4: bell peppers w mayo, more broth

m5: 2 more grassfed dogs, more sauerkraut


I'lll probably eat another meal later. Hungry today! I know that in the beginning I'm just adjusting to this WOE so I won't be able to hit the ground with three meals and be done with it. Not going to stress it. 


My big meal plan for the day consisted of my good ol' brisket (that I didn't get to make last night but will make tonight) , so I'm just glad I had these hot dogs in the fridge. I'm feeling like my body is seriously craving anything that will improve gut health. Maybe that's my brain. Subsoncsious. In any case, I am really wanting to up the broth, fermented food intake. I am guessing that eating those sorts of food has a greater effect on my health than, say, excluding certain seed spices or a date with a dab of almond butter. 


Maybe that's just wishful thinking. Re-read some stuff on Paleo Mom and the whole "YOU CAN NOT CHEAT. EVER." thing really jumped at me and scared me. My psoriasis is so awful it's really unbelievable. We changed our detergent from a clean-rinsing super clean no smell, no nothing powder to a liquid with a light fragrance. I am HOPING this body covering outbreak (never before) is a result of that and that it'll clear up. But I am also afraid that once certain skin is breached, like my torso--where I've never had more than a finger tip sized patch under my bra strap--is doomed. 


I saw a derm a few years ago. His only solution was steroid cream. At the time I was pregnant so I couldn't use it, but I really do not think that is the long-term solution I want. Honestly, though, I wouldn't mind clearing a little of this up! I cannot wear short sleeves--and it's finally getting nice out. I'm trying not to have a meltdown about it. I looked up some derms but they all seem either old school or plastic surgery no-insurance types. I did find a naturopath. 


I did my Day 0 measuring. I know, no weighing or measuring. But I didn't get to it yesterday. I would also like to take a couple photos for before and after purposes. 


I'm starting a decidedly un-CrossFitlike exercise regime. I've been dabbling with it and I like it. It's called Ballet Beautiful. It's similar to all the other barre/pilates type exercises out there--Callanetics, Bar Method, Lotte Berk, etc. But you can subscribe and get different workouts every day--so like four 15 min segments. That's good for me because a) I get bored and 2) I can break it up in the am and afternoon. Prob not as effective but way more practical for me. It also makes me feel tall and calm. 


Went to bed too late. Feeling sluggish. Feeling snacky. 




W30 goals: break reliance on sugar for mood lifting, energy, calming; do four hours a week of exercise (either the BB or pilates), some yoga, SLEEP. SLEEP. SLEEP. I am often just way too tired to do anything I want to do. SLEEP. SLEEP. Mental clarity. Calm. 


Last year, I was really focused on food and never felt happy with my shape. My brother's getting married in Sept and I'd like to feel totally awesome about myself. AND I turn 40 in June. Saw a vid of myself from a year ago when I'd lost a bunch of weight. My legs looked great but my arms and belly needed improvement. That's bugging me. 



** I know, I shouldn't trade my afternoon chocolate habit for a date/almond butter habit. It's Day 1 so I'm giving myself a little leeway. Probably a mistake. My afternoon sugar habit has gotten really bad  again. I know so well that I'm using sugar as a pick-me-up, calm-me-down, happy pill. Gotta stop. That said, I did eat the date 2 mins before my lunch so I'm thinking it's ok. We will see. 

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I say do anything that makes you "feel tall and calm."


I think it's smart to give yourself some time to ease back in. Eat to satisfaction for sure, and if that means five meals, so be it. Especially because you know what you're doing and where you're headed.


I also think it's smart to be wary of substituting an afternoon date with almond butter for sugar. My sugar dragon is more like a demon beast, and the only way to tame him is to starve him. I've caved to a desire to eat a stalk of celery dipped in almond butter after meals the past couple days, and it's a bad habit (ants on a log was a childhood comfort food/after school snack) and one I'd best be stopping sooner rather than later. I have an amazing ability to rationalize all sorts of slippery slope behaviors. I managed to avoid that this W30 by being really strict about the template, three meals, and no fruit or nuts or nut butters (until the last two days, post w30 30 days but still w30) unless ingredients in a recipe. I'm realizing I'm better off being that strict when I'm on template eating, so to speak. Fat adaption is such a beautiful thing and I want to stay there!


(What might help you is to make sure that each of your meals does, indeed, stick to the template. You know: get some protein in your M2 and M4, for example.)


And hooray for you for getting t/here. Fat adaption will happen quickly. And you know from the last go-round that your body responds so beautifully to W30.


Oh, and I'm so sorry about your psoriasis flare up. Sounds nasty. I hope you find relief soon--and for the long haul!

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Dates are evil.  Just say no!


I'm sorry about the psoriasis flare up, too.  Definitely change the detergent back.  I make my own.  I'll send you the recipe if you want.  Also, I don't think there's anything wrong with hitting it from all sides - W30, derm/meds, naturopath.  Knock it out so you can feel better and get some relief and then tweak things to see what works long term.  JMO

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Thanks guys. I knew the date/but butter was a Pandora's box. They are stale anyway so I'll save them for something for the kids. Jen please share the detergent recipe. I was pretty happy with our old kind but I'm willing to try anything.

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I have made my own laundry and dishwasher detergent for a very long time now.  It works great.  I use traditional laundry detergent for stains or really tough loads.  I had to use a ton of oxyclean to get the stains out of my 9yo's brand new worn once tshirt last weekend.  But, most of the time, I stick to the homemade.  I ocassionally use traditional dishwasher detergent because it rinses cleaner.  Overall, though, I'm very happy with my homemade stuff. 



In a food processor, grate 1 bar of dr bronners scent free soap (or you can use any scented dr bronner's for a still natural scent).  Switch out the grater for the regular S blade and blast it to get it as small as possile.  I often do several bars at once and just keep the extras in a ziplock to make the next time easier.

Mix one ground up bar of soap with 1/2 C borax and 1/2 C washing soda in a big jar.  Shake to mix.  Use about 1-2 tablespoons per load. 

For my yoga clothes and my son's soccer clothes, I also add white vinegar to the load.  I use tea tree oil and wool dryer balls in the dryer. 



Mix 1/2 C borax, 1/2 C washing soda and 1/4 C citric acid.  Add kosher salt if you have hard water.  Use about 2T per load.  Use white vinegar in the rinse container.


Way more natural and way cheaper than buying detergent!  I switched to more natural products because I once got horribly swollen hands and itchy scalp from new shampoo (I thought I was getting arthritis or something!).  I also noticed that at the cabin my son would weeze and cough all night and I'd sneeze all day Sunday (laundry day) because they used scented laundry detergent.  I now keep it well stocked with unscented so that nobody ever has to buy scented.  I'm willing to stock the cabin all year with laundry detergent even though I only go 3 weekends a year because it makes us that miserable.  And, as much as I hate waste, if anyone does bring scented up there, I take it home and throw it away. 

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Wow! Thank you. I cannot use scented at all either. I thought this one might be ok because it was "grapeseed extract" or something that sounded benign. But no! I will give this a shot when I have some energy. I normally buy Nellie's, which is very simple, truly unscented (not scent-masked) and clean-rinsing but also expensive and I need to order it online or drive a half-hour to buy it marked up.

Working on my log and will post shortly. I don't want to be spending a ton of time online on my computer (too much of a time blackhole for me and my lack of boundary-setting.)

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Day 2

m1: meatcake, carrots, mayo, mango, broth

m2: brisket, carrots, mayo

snack: jerky (w30 compliant but contains paprika)

m3: meatcake, sauerkraut, broth

m4: roasted chicken, salad greens with balsamic/mayo dressing

What can I say? I'm really digging my mayo! I know I need to eat more veg, mix it up. Today I was exhausted and was all about getting through these early days without anxiety or agita.

Didn't do my exercises. Was so sleepy, foggy. Took a nap while my daughter napped--which was delightful, especially since my almost three-year old has mostly stopped napping.

Amazing how much easier this is when you stuff yourself with meat and fat instead of snacking on nuts like I did last time.

Toying with AIP. Ugh. It's so hard. I won't stop eating yolks. I can do that for a month. Bums me out the jerky I *just* got has paprika. Wasn't even thinking I'd do AIP till today. Reading around online, getting my nerve up, reading recipes.

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What if instead of a full-fledged AIP you did a modified one? For example, cut nightshades--especially tomatoes and peppers--but allow yourself egg yolks and seed spices. Do that for a while a see what happens. In ayurveda tomatoes and peppers are especially heating in the body and psoriasis is little fiery eruptions from too much heat trapped in the body.


I dunno. I know you love your tomatoes and peppers, but maybe it wouldn't be as bad as having to get rid of all the spices and mayo and everything. That is truly a pain. If you don't see progress after a set amount of time with the modified version, then make your choice. Just a thought!


Congrats on kicking the nuts to the curb and enjoying the meat and fat!

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I'm starting a decidedly un-CrossFitlike exercise regime. I've been dabbling with it and I like it. It's called Ballet Beautiful. It's similar to all the other barre/pilates type exercises out there--Callanetics, Bar Method, Lotte Berk, etc. But you can subscribe and get different workouts every day--so like four 15 min segments. That's good for me because a) I get bored and 2) I can break it up in the am and afternoon. Prob not as effective but way more practical for me. It also makes me feel tall and calm. 


I just googled this and it looks so cool! I might have to check it out! I haven't done any ballet since I was a teenager but I bet it would feel like childhood  :)

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I did ballet when I was very young. I'm not sure this is ballet-like, maybe more ballet-inspired? Though the instructor is a bona fide ballet dancer. It's the opposite of most exercise vids--it's super calm and she speaks softly and smiles a lot. She also has long perfect limbs that are mesmerizing and wears very nice leotard/leg warmer combos. :)

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M's idea is a good one.  Get rid of the worst offenders but not make it quite so hard.


On the laundry detergent, I order the supplies from Amazon and can make a bunch of batches before I have to order more.  It's super easy and super cheap.  Try it! 

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Day 3

m1: brisket, ginger sautéed cabbage, sauerkraut, black coffee    

pwo: half a sw pot, dab of ghee, bite of brisket, carrot and mayo (was too much, prob bc it was a short wo, though i felt i needed the carbs)


(Will post rest later but don't want to be logging at 9pm like I was last night.) 


Super sluggish getting out of bed. Slept hard, dreaming of non-compliant food and deciding whether or not I'd start my w30 over. Ha! I was so relieved when I woke up and remembered I hadn't gone off-plan. Like when I was pg and had a dream I got wasted and smoked a bunch of cigarettes. Such relief on waking up!


This time feels much less angst-filled (or as Lady M said, not so much with the gritting of the teeth). I think this is part of the wisdom of not doing a w60 or of taking breaks from whole-ing. I do remember needing and wanting the structure, but going on and off and on and off and fretting about it and wringing my hands over whether I was going to do a w30 or a w14 or eliminate what next turned me off from the process.    


Took forever to get myself, kids and dogs out of the house. Didn't eat breakfast. Always a problem for me. I'm too crazy in the mornings. I will get myself out of bed earlier than my kids one of these days: exercise, eat, be calm.


And yes, I will do a modified AIP. Not gonna be crazy because then I scare myself with its ALL OR NOTHINGness. It frightens my inner rebel and makes me want to eat chocolate and hide inside in sweatpants all summer. So, no nightshades including all pepper spices, no egg whites. 


Gearing myself mentally to make the detergent. I know the stuff I use is basically just --ha! Just looked at my detergent and realized I've been washing my clothes this week in the Nellie's dishwasher detergent. LOL. Eh, worked fine.   

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Made sardines for lunch. Gave extra (bc I am a wimp and forgot to get boneless) to dogs. Dog puked up sardines on bed, rolled in sardines. 

This probably wasn't meant to be funny, but it made me laugh out loud. Thank you. And I'm sorry. What a mess!

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