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Karen's Whole30 Log


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On a sidebar:


Two days ago, DD had her braces tightened.  Poor thing has to go back again in 2 weeks!


Whenever they do adjustments, it makes her mouth too sore to chew.  I was at a bit of a loss on what to send her to school with (she usually has pita sandwich, , meat and cheese rolls, carrot sticks, apples, nuts, etc).  


I was out of applesauce (she had already gone through two jars of it!).  I really didn't have much soft stuff around except carrot soup and she didn't want that (turned her nose up to it when I made it).


Inspiration!  I zapped a sweet potato in the micro (I know - not the best way to cook but I was on time constraint), added some ghee and brown sugar (just a touch added to the sunrise spice) and added the last smoothie popsicle left in the freezer.


The kids at school already tell her that she takes some weird lunches (some of them had never seen a pita before) and when she pulled out a sweet potato they all found it quite amusing!


As you can tell, my kids are not doing the whole 30 with me.  Most of the time they are eating what I am (especially when it comes to dinners) but there are things that I am willing to concede.  DS works at a local fast food place and eats there quite a bit.  I have tried packing lunches for him, but he either "forgets" to take it, or it sits in the car for eight hours and comes home.  His doctor has talked to him about eating healthier, but I am at a bit of a loss.  As a child he would flat out refuse to get veg except for just a few (green beans, corn and peas).  He would eat fruit, but not much variety.  As a teenager, he is much better, but left to his own devices and the availability of junk, he will go for that every time. (You know the movie portrayals of the geeky computer nerd kids who never get out of their apartment and have pizza boxes, drink cans, and hamburger wraps all over the place? - that's my kid)   I have a goal for him to lose 10-15 pounds over the summer (He needs to lose 30-40 total).  It may be a little easier in July when he turns 18 and won't be going over to his dads house so often.


DD eats fairly healthy, but she is built like me.  She has also learned bad habits from me.  When she decides she needs to "lose weight", she starts paying attention to her calories.  She also loves cakes and cookies - those sorts of desserty things.  She loves to bake, too.  I try to limit what she gets when she is home with me, then when she comes back from her dads she tells me all about the things she baked and the desserts she had while she was with him.  She has seen how I am doing on the w30 and is realizing that she doesn't have to count the calories so much.  She just doesn't want to give up the things she enjoys.  We talk a lot about moderation and making healthy choices, but I understand how hard that is.  When I was working a couple days ago, and her teeth were sore, she made herself a smoothie for dinner - lots of fruit and some almond milk.  Not horrible - but there were lots of proteins and veg in the fridge......  


I suppose that when I am dealing with young adult children who have been exposed to a lifetime of poor eating and binge dieting, it will take some time to change what they have learned.  Sometimes I feel like a failure for not teaching them better but I did what I knew.  I see young moms with kids, feeding them such poor food choices and want to run up to them and say, "Stop!  Teach them the right way to eat from the beginning!"  I know that would turn a lot of people off, so I pick my moments.  I talk about healthy eating to anyone who will listen to me if it comes up in conversation.  I know I get skeptical looks from many (after all, its the fat girl talking about eating healthy?), but will persevere.  I will lead by example to my children and show them that healthy, whole food eating really is the best way to go.

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Day 42

Spent the day shopping with my momma - which can be dangerous :)

M1: 4 deviled eggs, sweet potato with ghee and sunrise spice

M2: large servings of pork with sausage and sauerkraut (it was the last in the container - not enough for two meals, but a bit much for one - so I ate it all)

M3: blueberries.

after such a huge meal 2, eaten late afternoon, I am still not hungry. I am seriously craving ice cream, though, even though it usually upsets my stomach. I was packing my meals for work tomorrow and found myself sneaking a few blueberries. I figured, what the heck, and had a small handful.... Then another handful. So then I put the blueberries back in the fridge so I wouldn't eat them all!

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Day 43

Great day at work today even if it was a little crazy. The hospital rolled out a new charting system and like anything new, it has it's challenges.

M1: 6deviled egg halves, carrot soup, 1/2 sausage patty

M2: baby carrots, beets, 2 chicken sausage

M3: 2 sausage patties, sweet potato with ghee and sunrise spice

Am home now watching master chef (then so you think you can dance) and am really hungry. I would love to have a big bowl of popcorn right now! For some reason I am having a much harder time with cravings this w30. I am so glad I chose to continue into another w30. I think I would have gone way off road if I hadn't.

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Karen, I wonder looking at these past 2 days if you are eating enough. May be why you are struggling with cravings a bit more. Just think on it. Only you know what your portions are looking like, relative to your activity levels etc.

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Karen, I wonder looking at these past 2 days if you are eating enough. May be why you are struggling with cravings a bit more. Just think on it. Only you know what your portions are looking like, relative to your activity levels etc.

You are so right! I had not realized how many days I only had two meals. Guess it has all caught up with me. I suppose I still cannot trust my body cues yet. After all, decades of abuse isn't resolved in a few short weeks. I also realized that I was sliding on adding fats to my meals. I will pay more attention!

I did give in, realizing that the craving was more of a hunger, and my mind was falling back to old ways of getting me to eat. However, I was compliant - no popcorn!

M4: ground beef with marinara, 3 eggs fried in avocado oil, 1/2 avocado. (Felt so much better after eating!)

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Day 44


In bed last night at 11pm (was waiting for both my kids to get home from school activities and work, then chat with them for a few minutes).  Slept right through tip 610 am, waking just before the alarm.


First time that I have had weird dreams!  I still can't remember what they were, just that I woke feeling unsettled.  Too much going on in my mind I suppose....


I made DD's lunch and breakfast and then took her to school.  (DS didn't have to go today since he was exempt from today's exams)  When I got home, I went back to bed.  Slept again from 8 until 11am.  Good thing too since I am switching back to night shifts for the weekend.  Only four shifts this stretch!  This is my last week with overtime!  WooHoo!  


After waking, I also woke DS and sent him on some errands (can't have him sleeping the whole day away  ;) ).  I spent the afternoon in the kitchen cooking and packing meals for the tonight, sat, and sunday.  Also made a batch of Gingered Zucchini Soup (WF2) for a friend who has been having a really rough time this week.  I also cooked up a mess of onions and mushrooms to pour the soup over.


All meals stacked in the fridge and ready to go!  This is going to be a good weekend!



M1: apple and sun butter and raisins (not the best way to start the day but I was snacking as I was cooking)


M2:  zucchini ginger soup over sauteed mushrooms and onions, avocado egg salad


M3:  hamburger patty, mayo, cauliflower mash, grilled asparagus, candied carrots (practical paleo)


M4:  bbq (wf) grilled chicken thighs, green beans with sautéed shallots, blueberries, guac




On a side note:  I have a denim "skort" that I love to wear in the summer.  It is about 15 years old and still my favorite.  I was a bit bummed this spring when I couldn't even get it on.  After losing some weight, before starting whole30, I could wear it, but it was a bit tight (can anyone say muffin top?)  Today, I have it on.  I stuck my phone in the pocket and walked out to the mailbox.  The weight of the phone was pulling the skirt down off my hips.....  Mostly, I am so happy that I am losing the inches - but a small part of me doesn't want to give up the skirt!   :(   I might have to find someone who would be willing to try to take it in!  


Also, a few weeks ago, I moved to a smaller pair of scrub pants at work (we change there).  I had stayed with the larger top for comfort - and I always wear baggy so I don't inflict my fluffiness on others.  I realized as I was leaving work yesterday that I had put on the smaller top as well....  and it looked fine!   :P


The other thing that I was thinking about today was the "hidden costs" of whole30:

  • using more dish soap:  I never cooked with fat, or cooked meat, so washing up was always really easy and I didn't have to use much soap.  I have had to refill the small soap container on my counter a couple of times now since started w30.   Cooking with meat has led to washing my hands MULTIPLE times while preparing food as well (I am a bit obsessive about cross contamination).
  • meat:  this one might not be so much for others, but for someone who has not bought meat in years, my budget is feeling it
  • makeup:  Since being on w30 I feel better about myself - to the point that I really spend just a little bit more time making myself look nice.  I had pulled out my old make up, realized that it was over 2 years old, just a little caky and had to buy new!
  • clothes:  My bras don't fit anymore (why are the boobs the first thing to go?)  As far as clothes, fortunately (or unfortunately) I have various sizes in my closet.  But, while I am still in my "bigger sizes" (almost in the "smaller sizes"), I feel so much better about myself that I don't want to keep wearing the baggy black shirts that I have always worn.  I am reaching to the back of the drawer for the colors and realizing that I don't have many....  I don't want to buy more clothes right now, because I don't want to "under-grow" them.  This leads to....
  • washing more clothes.  See above  :D .  Also, since I am cooking more, I have more kitchen towels to wash more often.
  • Kitchen appliances:  as you start cooking more, discovering new recipes, you realize that you just have to have that spiralizer...  or the bigger crockpot..... or the mixer.....  I could go on....
  • gas.  No more one stop shopping for me!  From one farmers market to the next, then to the butcher on the weekend, and finally to the grocery store for the things I can't find elsewhere.  Not to mention a trip to a store over an hour a way just to get compliant bacon!  (Guess the gas is still cheaper than shipping costs).  
  • electricity - my poor kitchen doesn't know what happened - it has never been used this much!  I think I have eaten out a couple of times in the last month and a half, instead of on a weekly (honestly, several times a week) basis.
  • ice packs and lunch box:  I have had to buy a bigger lunch box and several ice packs for taking my meals to work.  No more stopping by starbucks for a HUGE apple fritter, chips, etc....

All in all, I think these extra expenses have been worth it!   :wub: I am loving the new me! 

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Tonight , at work, I decided to bring a plate and soup bowl. As I got ready to eat, I pull out the plate, spread the cauliflower mash across it, layered on my hamburger, plated the asparagus and carrots. Heated it all up in micro, added the mayo, then sat down to eat.

Soup time was the same: put onion and mushroom in bowl; heated. Heated the soup and poured the hot soup over the mushrooms and onions.

My coworkers had a grand time laughing at me..... Then admitted mine looked a lot better than theirs!


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Day 45


Sleep - 6 hours


M1:  burger, cauliflower mash, guac, fried egg, candied carrots, grilled asparagus


M2:  avocado egg salad, beets, blueberries


M3:  sweet potato with ghee and sunrise spice, 2 bbq chicken thighs

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Karen, stay proud of yourself & enjoying your new life!  


I have been a little quiet here ...off-roading...  


I feel like now I've gotten to have my "bucket list" of foods (haha) and I am ready to tighten things up again.  My oldest turned 13 yesterday, so we've had birthday celebration, going out to eat, we went to a movie, etc.


It really isn't worth it.  The food with no brakes description is just dead-on.  You just want more and more and more.  It's ridiculous.  Instead of feeling proud of myself at the end of the day, I've felt like crap, honestly.  Yesterday my stomach was just like "WHAT are you doing?!"


So... glad to see you are sticking with it!  :)

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I feel like now I've gotten to have my "bucket list" of foods (haha) and I am ready to tighten things up again.  ....Instead of feeling proud of myself at the end of the day, I've felt like crap, honestly.


I have to admit that my "bucket list" of foods is growing!  Every once in a while I think about taking a hiatus for a couple of days....  then I remember how I felt when I was compliant and just got into something that disagreed with me....  I am not quite sure it is worth it.


Isn't it strange to have a teenager in the house?  It's definitely a momentous occasion!  I have a birthday coming up too...  My mom always makes me Black Forest Cake - one of the few cakes that I just can't pass up.  I hate to admit it, but I think I am going to have an "oops" day - maybe.....  then again......   :rolleyes:

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Thanks GlennR and Brewer5 for checking in!  Helps keep me accountable!



Day 46


Well, despite packing my meals for three days - all very well intentioned, I just couldn't face the same meals again.....  I remembered I had a gorgeous steak in the fridge thawing for monday night.  I checked it, and it was good to go!  Guess what went on the grill today.  I am probably doing a huge disservice to a great steak by packing it to eat later.  Have no fear!  It will not get nuked!  I will just eat it at room temp.  


M1:  steak, mushrooms and onions sautéed in fat (can't remember if I use tallow or ghee....), mashed rutabaga.


M2:  avocado egg salad, green bean/shallot saute, blueberries


M3:  carrots with guac, sautéed boo choy with mushrooms and onions and crumbled hamburger patty



(The only way I was able to cook today was that I skipped church.  <_<   I found myself drowsing at the wheel on my way from work to church so I stayed just long enough to sing, then headed home.  Still don't remember how I got home....  Hate days like this.  I slept hard for 6 hours, then woke at 330pm unable to sleep anymore - figured I had to do something productive and cooking seemed like the best thing!  I am really enjoying being in my kitchen more!)

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I have to admit that my "bucket list" of foods is growing!  Every once in a while I think about taking a hiatus for a couple of days....  then I remember how I felt when I was compliant and just got into something that disagreed with me....  I am not quite sure it is worth it.


Isn't it strange to have a teenager in the house?  It's definitely a momentous occasion!  I have a birthday coming up too...  My mom always makes me Black Forest Cake - one of the few cakes that I just can't pass up.  I hate to admit it, but I think I am going to have an "oops" day - maybe.....  then again......   :rolleyes:

I feel like I have completely de-railed.  My mother-in-law is here until Wednesday morning, so I am going to wait until then and start fresh.


Re: the cake.  It REALLY is not worth it.  :(  Before you know it, you'll be 11 days out and wishing you'd never stopped your Whole 30.  Ask me how I know.  

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Slept 8 1/2 hours - probably would have slept longer of the mailman hadn't beat on my door like at was the coming of the apocalypse..... Scared the bejeezus out of me and I couldn't get back to sleep.....

very busy night at work.... Meals were later than my usual times. Second meal took over two hours to eat. Last meal is being eaten now (giving up a few minutes of sleep just to eat first)....

M1: spaghetti sauce, marinara, ground beef, macadamia nuts (got very bloated later in the night - most likely from the nuts)

M2: steak, grilled onion, beets

M3: 3 eggs, chicken sausage, carrots, guacamole

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Day 48

Finished my night shift stretch. Looking ahead, I am working days on thursday, then am off until next thursday - I am not going to know what to do with myself!

I slept well again today (about 8-9 hours) waking up only when the kids came home. We again sat on my bed and chatted (I am so blessed that my teenagers still like to do this) for a couple of hours. Then I jumped on the computer to do a little bit of work before everyone closed down for the day (business hours stop at 5!) Since then, I have been trolling Facebook and this forum. Suddenly I have realized that it is 7pm and I haven't eaten yet! Gotta go raid the fridge for dinner!

I think a little TV is on the agenda, then I have to try to get some sleep tonight as I have a lot of church work to catch up on, as well as a new project for my nursing job (hate collecting data for PI Projects...)

M1: 5 eggs scrambled, 2 small sausage patties, spaghetti squash, marinara sauce, guacamole

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Day 49


I am still kind of in awe that I have gone sooooo long with no cheating, no off roading, no "falling off the wagon"!  Even on my best diets, I have not achieved that!


Slept 8 glorious hours last night!  Another change for me.  Usually when I come off a stretch of night shifts I am up tip 3 or even 5 in the morning before I can get to sleep!


This is the kids last week of school, and since they are exempt from most of their exams, I am wanting to get into summer mode.  It is a goal of mine to help them get better fit.  I am going to let them sleep in today - but starting next week, they are getting up with me, early, at least two days a week to go for a walk/hike.  For now, I think it will just be the dogs and I!


Have a good day everyone!




I find it amazing that I have "nothing in the fridge" and am still able to find food to eat!  Have to get to the grocery store sometime!


M1:  5 eggs scrambled in avocado oil, 1/2 avocado, blueberries, zucchini soup


M2:  trader joes chicken and veg sausage, green beans, baby carrots and guacamole


M3:  chicken thigh and a banana - ate on the run - looked at the clock wrong and thought I had waaaay more time than I did....  came home from church and was not hungry at all so I decided that I would just go to bed instead.

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Day 50? Can't believe it!

Today was a horribly busy day at work. Started to eat breakfast at 8am. When it rolled around to noon and I had only eaten half, I threw the rest away. Then at 330, I grabbed my lunch. At 630, I threw almost 1/2 of that away. After work, I had to run by a friends. I realized that I hadn't been too good to myself when I realized I had a whopping headache and when I was trying to talk and my teeth kept sticking to my lips because my mouth was so dry. I fill my water bottle at her house and drank it down on my way home (only a fifteen min drive). Then I filled up again at home.... Now I'm feeling slightly water logged :)

Late dinner - but at least I got it in.... Helping the headache slightly.....

M1: scrambled eggs and sweet potato cooked in ghee

M2: cracklin chicken thighs, carrots with guacamole, watermelon, blueberries

M3: hamburger patty and chicken/veg sausage with Mayo, beets

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Thank you ConfusedOmnivore!  That really means a lot!  I am just a regular person trying to make it day by day  :P


Day 51


Went to bed about 1030/1100 last night - and slept great until 330am.... ugh.  Since I couldn't get back to sleep, I got up and went into work to do the paperwork kind of stuff that I didn't have a chance to do yesterday.  I hung and and chatted with my coworkers until 730, then came home.  Really didn't feel like cooking - am almost feeling "vegged-out" (as in I really don't want to see another vegetable again) and didn't feel much like cooking.  So breakfast, although compliant, wasn't the best I've ever eaten.....


After breakfast, I laid down "just for a couple of minutes" and slept for two hours!  Made it up in time to meet Mom for a Costco run.  I just had to buy a few more bottles of the avocado oil (1L, organic, nongmo, 100% pure for $10!) - after all, you never know when they are going to stop selling things, or go up in price).  Like always, I walked in to get a couple of things and walk out $150 lighter in my bank account!


I am still feeling a bit tired but not sleepy (This is the trials of night shift - my body is telling me that I am suppose to be sleeping during the day!) and know that I really should get up to make lunch (it is 2pm after all) but I am just not feeling it.  Also have to run tot he post office and also go see a friend and her new baby before meeting up with another friend for dinner.  Tiger blood - where are you today!?!



M1:  sweet potato baby food, banana, sm watermelon slice, 4 eggs scrambled  (told you it was "weird")




M2:  2 applegate stadium organic hot dogs, baby carrots and guacamole, dill pickles




DD practiced her driving this afternoon by chauffeuring me around on my errands.  Then I was able to visit the most precious new baby - my friend is a grandma!  As much as I love on my babies at work, one would think I got enough - nope!  After that visit, I drove up north (about an hour) to visit with a friend that I hadn't seen in about a month (maybe two).  We had a great dinner at "Not your Average Joe's".  Great restaurant for w30ers!  All their product is made from scratch and they cater to food allergies and sensitivities!  Once I explained, "no dairy, no grains, no soy, no nuts", they helped me tailor a burger to my liking.  The only "complaint" I would have is that they count 4 spears of asparagus as a serving....  and a side of avocado was 3 thin slices.  But, the food was delicious and it was refreshing to know I didn't have to worry too much!  


Once I got home, not too late because I know tomorrow (DS's graduation) is going to come early and be long, DD met me at the door with "I need a ride to the squad in the morning because I forgot to call _____ for a ride".  Oh, and did I mention that ride is needed at 0530?  Ugh....  I will have to get up an hour earlier than I had planned......  So, I guess I will have to say good night!  This ladybug is tired!



M3:  burger, sauteed onion on a bed of arugula and a slice of tomato, 4 asparagus spears, approx 1/4 avocado.

(definitely not enough as I am starting to feel a little bit hungry...  not enough to eat, but I am sure I will be by mooring!)

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Day 52


Long day today!  DS's High School Graduation was today.  It was a very, very early start, and didn't seem to stop until 4pm.  I think I would have headed right to bed, but DD decided to make plans that has kept me up running her around.  It is 930pm and I am still waiting on a call to go pick her up.....  Can't wait to see my bed :)


I did eat breakfast as soon as I got up - way too early in the morning, so I wasn't able to finish the whole thing, so I was hungry by time lunch rolled around.  We ate out for lunch. I was good.  I skipped the bread and butter (we went to Texas Roadhouse), and I skipped the cactus rose/bloomin onion appetizer.  By time our meals came, every one else was full.  The ate anyway, boxed up at least half their meal, and walked away feeling miserable.   I completely enjoyed my steak, vegies and sweet potato;  walked away feeling really good.

After lunch, we all went back to my "out laws" for cake and ice cream.  XMIL had gotten a large sheet cake.  Again, everyone partook except for me.  I admit that I had a few "its not fair" and "its a special occasion  thoughts - but I didn't give in.  As we left, mom said that she didn't think she could eat for another two days.  I was thinking about what to make for dinner.  It is so worth it to eat well and not be feeling sick!
By the time dinner rolled around, I was almost too tired to cook.  On one of my jaunts out with DD, I almost stopped at a drive through (just for convenience) but couldn't think of anything that appealed and would be compliant.  So, I got home, whipped up some burger on the grill, added a couple side and felt much better than anything else would have led me to.   :) 
M1:  eggs, scrambled in ghee with asparagus and mushrooms
M2:  Texas Roadhouse:  Ribeye, sauteed onion, sweet potato with cinnamon
​M3:  burger (made with onion and mushroom), cole slaw, grilled asparagus, watermelon
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Day 53

Slept 8 hours last night and it was the alarm that woke me. Off to church this morning, taking breakfast with me. By the end of service, I had HORRIBLE cramps gas.... Instead of going to lunch, I came home and went to bed, lying on my stomach. A few hours later I was feeling much better. The only think I can think was that cole slaw two meals in a row is too much.

This afternoon, I am made a roasted butternut carrot soup (flavored with sunrise spice from well fed 2) - so yummy - and have a pot of chocolate chili simmering on the stove.

M1: hamburger patties with guacamole, cole slaw

M2: canned salmon w/ mayo, dill lemon juice - baby carrots

M3: chocolate chili with avocado

So, I was packaging up the rest of the chili to put in the fridge. Lo and behold, it didn't all fit in the container. So, of course, I had to eat another bowl! Then, I spent a couple hours perusing the forum and read so many yummy things that I had to get a snack.....

Snack: banana, sun butter and toasted coconut flakes..... Decadence.

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Day 54

So.... two bowls of chili and banana/sunbutter afterwards was not such a great idea. I was just "overfull" when I went to bed. However, I was up in the middle of the night - twice - with "regrets". So be it. I was still compliant :)

Today - was up early doing my church work that I blew off late last week. I am realizing that I am leaving in two weeks to go on vacation and I have so much to do - including planning what I am going to pack to take with me, what I can pick up while I am at the lodge, etc. I also have to coordinate DS packing.... oh my....

Today, DD wanted to go to Richmond - over an hour a way - to get some girl scout supplies, so we made a trip to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods as well. My main goal was to get compliant bacon. I had found some at one of the two stores when I first started my w30. I have been out from several weeks and am really missing it. (i.e., the cole slaw I made and the butternut squash soup would have been even better with bacon crumbled on it). I couldn't find it!!!!!! :( I did a quick google search in the store and found some DIY stuff about making your own. Called my mom who said I could borrow her oven tomorrow (still haven't replaced mine), found pork belly (humanely raised) in whole foods..... We'll see how it turns out!

Lunch was had at whole foods - I thought it would be easy to get stuff from the salad bar. This was much harder than it seems. Most of their salad stuff is premixed and not all of their labeling is correct. For example, the grilled, sliced chicken breast ingredients read: chicken breast. It really looked like there was seasoning of some kind on it. Further investigation led to someone telling me "salt, pepper, and spices". No one seemed to know what spices so I decided to risk it. It did taste a bit sweet to me so I wouldn't be surprised if there was some kind of sugar on it. The beets had honey added "for flavor" - don't beets have flavor of their own? And so on, and so on.....For a "healthy" food store, I am not so sure.....

I did pick up some jicama (one bulb). This is to meet my goal of "try a new recipe each week". I know its not so much a recipe, but I thought I'd branch out and try something simple with this. Wish me luck!

M1: 2 aidells chicken apple sausage, bowl of butternut squash/carrot soup

M2: whole foods salad bar. mixed greens, carrots, mushrooms, grilled chicken, sweet potato wedges


Tried something new today - jicama. Tried some raw with lime juice and chili seasoning. Really didn't like it. So I decided to cut some like fries and cook in coconut oil. Better but not something I'd buy again. Then I grated them (was going to spiralizer, but it would not fit) and cooked in coconut oil until browned and crunchy. Sprinkled with chili/lime seasoning. oMG - I ate a huge bowlful! Hmmmmm..... Might have to buy more jicama tomorrow

M3: chocolate chili, fried jicama strings

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Day 55


A little late typing this up - yesterday was spent at my mom and dads celebrating birthdays.  Its like Christmas in the summer - four of us with birthdays, one celebration of fathers day - and this year we added in graduation and a sweet sixteen!  All that celebrating had me home after 11pm (way after my bedtime) and I was just too tired to type!


M1:  butternut/carrot soup, eggs scrambled


M2:  Five Guys:  very accommodating!  2 burger patties, grilled onion and mushroom.  (I know, no fat - thought briefly about the mayo, but decided not to due to the soy)


M3:  smoked ribs (made by my dad), steamed asparagus and carrots, zoodles with moroccan dipping sauce (WF), fruit salad.  (only thing I skipped on was the texas toast and whipped potatoes).

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