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Hi folks, I started Whole30 15 days ago as a last-ditch effort to improve my health before starting the process to having weight loss surgery. I'm a Type 2 diabetic with a long history of inflammation problems (which has been "treated" on and off for years with steriod meds, which is actually what resulted in me being diabetic).  I dont want to have surgery and really feel like I can better my health and beat diabetes without it.  


After a few nasty days at the start, things have been going really well… I have more energy, my acne is gone and MOST importantly, my blood sugar is gradually going down.  However, 2 days ago, the right side of my abdomen really started hurting.  I say it's my liver because I've had this problem in the past, and thinking it was my galbladder, have been to the ER/doc several times, only for them to tell me my gallbladder is fine (have had ultrasounds,etc.).  However, at another doc I found out (only by reading my records, not because the doc told me :angry: ) that I have significant fat in my liver.  So putting 2 + 2, I figured THIS must be what the pain is that usually happens when I've been eating "bad." Its a constant dull ache - not a sharp or shooting pain.  I've been researching what could be going on, and I'm totally confused -- some say the pain is because my liver is switching into fat burning mode (which doesn't seem to make sense), and some say its too much fat, and some say I need to eat more fat.  


I've been strictly following the plan, cooking every recipe in Well Fed, and recording everything I've been eating. Over the last two weeks my averages have been:


Fat - 57% (Mono: 62% -- Sat.: 34% -- PUFA: 23%)

Protein - 27%

Carbs - 16%


My fat has been in the form of coconut oil, evoo, nuts, avacados and meat.  I went a little crazy on the Whole Foods olive bar on Saturday, and the pain started that night… wondering if that had something to do with it? 


Also to note, my eczema (which had ironically cleared up prior to me going on Whole30, when I was basically eating my weight in carbs) has come back all over my right arm.  


Please help -- it might just be the worst feeling when you feel like you're doing everything RIGHT and yet your body just won't cooperate.  

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You absolutely can achieve control of your blood sugar and get down to a safe and healthy body weight eating Whole30 style. Surgery is truly unnecessary if you stay with the program. 


It is always tempting to conclude that things that are happening at the same time are related, but that is not always true. There is no reason for you to have abdominal pain from eating Whole30-style. Changing your diet often leads to digestion problems, but you are describing something that sounds different than either constipation or diarrhea. Seeing a doctor sounds like the thing to do.


From a Whole30 perspective I would encourage you to stop tracking your food and recording macronutrients, calories, weight or anything else. Just follow the meal template and stop all tracking. 




If you have not been eating a relatively high fat diet in the past, you may need to take digestive enzymes for a few months to help your digestion. Even if they don't help, they won't hurt, so they are a low risk thing to try. Some people find digestive enzymes very helpful. 

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Thank you Tom.  You're right about assuming things are related even when that might not be the case.  I've decided if it's not better by tomorrow I'm going to the doc.  Also, I've been tracking my food for diabetes purposes…it really helps me see patterns and to be able to look back and see what I've eaten when my blood sugar goes crazy… it has everything to do with that, and not really anything to do with Whole 30.  I don't even pay attention to the calories.  Thanks for your feedback!

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