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Feedback please


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OK so here is my day two, today.



3 eggs with a handful of raw green beans

Black coffee with a dash of cinnamon



Salad with grilled chicken topped with a lemon olive oil dressing



2  thin burger patties (grass fed) 

Grilled asparagus 

fruit salad


I did have a snack around 3:00  I stayed away from something sweet so I could starve my sugar dragon.

I opted for a nix stix beef jerky


After dinner just a bit ago I was hungry so I had a few almonds, a little fruit salad and a handful of unsweetened coconut. 


So why did I do fine with no snacks yesterday and today I was hungry?  Is this normal?  I really want to stick to the Whole 30 and not snack.  What am I doing wrong?  Thank you for your help!



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Look over the meal template: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf


Always eat at least the minimum. And when the guide says fill your plate with veggies, seriously, fill your plate with veggies. And it is fine to eat double portions of protein. I do it at least twice per day and sometimes three times. 


One of the problems with salad is that it takes up a lot of space on a plate, but not in your stomach because it compacts so much when you chew it. Therefore, you have to eat more salad than you can generally stand to eat to really fill up.


Be careful with store bought jerky. Most of it is made with added sugar, which makes it not okay during a Whole30. What you ate is not grounds for starting over, but you would need to stop eating it if it is made with sugar. 

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So am I better off having lightly grilled/steamed/cookies veggies then salad? 

I think variety is good, just make sure you are eating enough; a HUGE salad, or a smaller salad and some cooked veggies alongside.


Also, sometimes people who introduce a large volume of raw veggies all at once end up with stomach complaints, so mixing cooked ones in there may help avoid issues.

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It didn't look like you had any added fat at M1 or M3.  My latest favorite way to add some is to cook some thin green beans (TJ sells them frozen - haricot vert) and let them cool in the fridge.  Then I put 1/3 c canned coconut milk on them (aroy D).  I eat this for breakfast or lunch nearly every day.  I have found that it helps fill me up a bit more.  This would go well with your 3 egg breakfast :)


Cinnamon in coffee is a good idea... I'm going to have to try that!

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Thank you everyone! I added more fat (half an avocado and some unsweetened coconut) to my meal yesterday and it made a huge difference!  The green beans with coconut milk sounds yummy!

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