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Hello everyone. I'm new on the forum and this is the first time I try whole30.


This is my 11th day on the programme and things are going fine (even though I am still not able to train properly and run as I used to pre-whole30). The first week I noticed that my belly had almost disappeared and my clothes were fitting better and I could see that I had lost some weight. In the last few days though I am bloated again and I feel heavier and slightly uncomfortable. I haven't changed anything on the diet.  


Is that normal? is my body now all over the place now? Sometimes I feel that I'm eating too much fruit. Can that be the reason? 


thanks in advance for your help.


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breakfast: bresaola (cured meat), one cucumber, one carrot and some almonds 

snack: apricots

lunch: a salad (arucola, peppers, cucumber and seeds) and frittata (2 eggs and zucchini)

snack: apricots and cherries

dinner: aubergines (kind of steamed with herbs - local recipe) with a piece of sirloin (grilled)


two days ago

breaksfast: one cucumber, one carrot and some almonds

snack: melon

lunch: a salald (arucola and onions + seeds) a piece of grilled swordfish

snack: a banana with raisins

dinner: grilled veggies and a piece of chicken 

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Raw veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds can all be terrible culprits when it comes to gas and bloating, and you're eating all of them. Also, you might want to take another look at the template. Fruit is not an acceptable between meal snack. If you're hungry enough for a snack, it needs to be a mini meal complete with protein, fat, and veg. Good luck!

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