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leahcarn FODMAP reintroduction log


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Nov 20. Day 1 low fodmap. Bloating and gas

Maybe I can make it two days this time

M1: Scotch egg, carrot sticks and coconut butter

Ended up at my sisters for lunch. M2: salmon, carrots, energy balls.

M3: leftover bbq beef, bok choi, banana

I'm not going to be able to fit another reintroduction before my holiday, which makes me sad. I also have no idea what food I'm taking, as I asked in another thread and got directed to a hiking thread, so nuts, homemade larabars, jerky etc seems to be the way to go. The only nut I've successfully reintrod is cashews, so maybe I just take a gamble with the others and aim for a whole14 after, even though I haven't had much success with staying on track lately

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So being away on holiday, I aimed for gluten and dairy free, low fodmap.

I tried a different logging method, which worked really well for me, and I think I will keep up over the holidays. Each day I just logged any off-plan foods I ate, because I know I haven't been having any issues with low-FODMAP foods I only really need to track the fodmaps.
I'm moving into a more slow-roll, as I don't know if I will be able to control my eating enough to manage any more reintroductions before christmas (hidden onions anyone??). So I'll keep logging using this system, and start logging symptoms as well. 

26 Nov: Mushrooms, gluten

27 Nov: apples, grape, broccoli, cauliflower

28 Nov: Broccoli, cabbage

29 Nov: Apple, melon, onion

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One thing I noticed on holiday was that I got really un-intentionally low carb- most of the food I packed was protein and fat (even though i bought fruit and carrots once we arrived), and restaurants tended to offer a salad, potato mash (dairy), steamed veges or fries for their sides, so I was choosing the salad, and steamed veges. A couple of times near the end of the trip I did choose the fries when places advertised them as gluten-free, and I did feel a lot better for it.

Side note: I ate 1.5kg of carrots over the 4 days, carrots are just not a high-carb food.

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I know, I've relaxed a bit though the holiday season (and to avoid myself going insane)

I did a low fodmap whole30 in august, which turned into a whole45. I have been reintroducing higher fodmap items one by one since then, attempting to get 5 no symptom days between each reintroduction, which I now realise it too much, 3 is fine. I'm now taking it easier, recording higher fodmap foods and symptoms as and when they happen, and thinking about a January whole30 to get back on track. (if I can find enough low fodmap starchy veges now that turnips and swedes are out of season)

Hope this clarifies things.

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Dec 9 low fodmap day 2.

Moderate bloating, less than yesterday. Normal stool.

I've given up the idea of a low fodmap whole30 in jan, as I'm going away near the start of feb, and I want to make the most of reintroductions, so I will do a regular whole30, focusing on less snacking, eating enough veges, and continuing fodmap reintroductions.

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