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Ketosis? Not sure which topic this goes under...

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I know W30 is not a "ketogenic plan" per se, but isn't ketosis a positive benefit to a great W30? In theory, unless we are eating high sugar fruits more than once a day, or moderate sugar fruits mutliple times a day, ketosis should be almost automatic, right? I've seen a couple of posts where W30 is called out as "NOT a ketogenic plan" but isn't that an oversimplification? Shouldn't we want ketosis during our W30?


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Actually, ketosis shouldn't be automatic on a Whole30, because it's not a low carb diet. :)   Whole30 wants you to have carbs, primarily in the form of vegetables, with the recommendation of consuming 1-3 cups worth at every meal. When folks come on the forum having challenges with energy, our first piece of advice is typically to have at least one carb-dense vegetable daily.

There are several past discussions on Whole30 and ketosis on the forum. (If you Google Whole30 ketosis you'll get the links.) Here is a good one: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/8923-losing-weight-fast-and-in-ketosis-worried/page-2

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no. Ketosis is actually not that easy to achieve, so if you are following the template you are highly unlikely to achieve ketosis. This is a good thing. While it isn't inherently harmful to enter ketosis for a brief period, I wouldn't recommend that for long-term unless you have a specific health condition that requires it.


I see Chris beat me to it again  :)  but there you go.

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You have to seriously dial it down to become keto-adapted.  That may take as long as 30 days or longer.  There would be little fruit and no sweet/white potatoes, carrots....your fats would have to be increased and proteins reduced.  


Keto is high fat content heavy rather than protein, vege, fruits and fats which is optimum for most folks.   In my book, It Starts With Food, it was pointed out that Whole 30 is not a Keto diet. 




Melissa Hartwig

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Posted 02 September 2012 - 01:23 PM

Folks mostly have it down here. Based on your meal descriptions and the fact that you can't make it from lunch to dinner without practically keeling over, (a) you're clearly very much still a sugar-burner, which means this "fat-adapted" transition is still underway and you need to be patient, and ( B) you are absolutely not eating enough. There is zero possibility of you being in actual ketosis with the current amount of carbohydrate in your diet (although it's probably not enough to sustain activity levels), and ketosis and ketoacidosis are two very different (and often confused, even by medical professionals) conditions that have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

Try eating more immediately. Add more protein, more carbohydrate, and perhaps more fat to every single one of your meals. If that's the issue, then you'll start to feel better right away - and I suspect that's exactly what will happen. 
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Tom Denham

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 02:58 PM

CAK911 is right. You do not need to restrict carbs and put yourself into ketosis to achieve great results during a Whole30. We want you to eat as many carbs from vegetables as you need. Most people feel and perform better eating a sweet potato or another similar serving of carbs every day. I know I do. I even sleep better when I have some carbs during the day.

I hope some diabetics will add there personal experience here as I am not expert with type 1 diabetes. 

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