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Swiss Whole30


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B - Over the Rainbow Trout  (Bear's ice-fishing ),  Ocra, Collard greens, Coconut vinegar, Uzhe w/Mac nut oil, orange zest, cinnamon, nutmeg, red cayenne pepper all added to ground coffee before brewing.   Love it.

L - Wild Herring, fresh greens, BR (balsamic reduction), lemons, limes, brussels roasted with bacon

D - GFBeef with 10 diff roasted vege,  coconut nut oil, homemade salsa, avocado


If it warms up to just below freezing, might venture out with Lil Soph for a hike.  Otherwise, it will be.....swim2.gif

Lil Soph eats good fats on her standard feed with OTR trout.  Our coats are shiny and lush, eyes bright, senses keen.  Have I told you lately how great we feel eating fish everyday?    Bear's out the door at 5 am, fishin' pole, wide-eyed, bushy tailed....fish keeps all of us 'loaded for bear'.  Fish is brain food.

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Meadow lily :Max went one time eating fish for 6 months as his only protein source. He said he never felt better!

Late meal 1: sauerkraut, compliant smoked ham. Blood orange

Meal 2 : calf liver with rosemary and sage, spinach salad with crispy compliant bacon, blood orange

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You  coffeedate.gif   know what?     I forgot all about that!!   Today is a very good day for me, indeed.  It is Day 222 and it's copasinki with the time I was born at 2:22 am.   sunny.gif  It is  Day 222 of a Whole 30  Iditarod, mushing fietsertour.gif  with my trusty team of 16 Huskies!  Oh, I do love dogs.  They turn my heart into mush.  heart_smiley.gif

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B -  Chili Lime Salmon,  Citrus BR (balsamic reduction w/MacNut oil), roasted Brussels w/bacon, gr. apple, Uzhe coffee w/citrus zest in coffee B/brewing

L -   Omelette with salmon, homemade salsa, avocado, bone broth (GFBeef)

D -  GFBeef grilled, fresh greens, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, cabbage, MacNut Oil, Coriander/Cardamom/ginger tea

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Three hours of sleep last night...

M1: sautéed yams, scrambled eggs, avocado oil

M2: large salad bowl, green leaves, radishes, and pork tenderloin wrapped in compliant bacon

M3: chicken leg, potato gnocchi, cucumbers, salad

Ate a lot today... The stress is over, I ought to relax a little.

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Day 20


B - Cabbage rolls w/GF beef hot out of the oven...made w/fresh tomato sauce-MacNut oil, paprika, coconut vinegar, salt, pepper, onions, garlic,  Uzhe coffee w/MacNut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg

L - Scrambled eggs, more cabbage rolls

D - OTRTrout, roasted vege, avocado, coriander, cardamom, ginger tea


MacNut Oil really agrees with me.  I have an EVOlive Oil I enjoy on greens and I use EVCoconut Oil for cooking.  MacNut is the most soothing for le cran.   Fish feeds le cerveau, le chevelure, and le peau.


Et patati et patata!    soapbox.gif


Bien dans sa peau.    lol3.gif

Which translates literally as being ‘well in her skin’. How can you be well in your skin you might ask? This  expression relates to women, not to health and describes a general state of being rather than any one specific female feature.

We all know that beauty comes from within but we hope that our innards are going to make us shine.    You shine, Hutlifr.


On peut se tutoyer.

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Et patati et patata... Such a French expression, as much as oh la la... You hear oh la la all the Time...

Être bien dans sa peau -explained further - has lots to do with self confidence also, and just feeling comfortable in "who you are"... You can have the ugliest person feeling this way.. Has nothing whatsoever to do with looks :) tiger blood makes you also être bien ta peau :)

M1: batata frita, huevos revueltos

M2: conejo al horno, coliflor al vapor con mayonesa hecha en casa

M3: ravanos, atún con mayonesa y tomatillos

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On day 19 today ( you started earlier than I did)?

I am just not feeling any energy... And don't feel like cooking... Anybody here who could just bring me some nice broth???

M1: spinach omelette, bullet proof coffee with coconut oil and coconut milk

M2: stuffed veal breast, green salad

M3: more stuffed veal breast and green salad

Bullet proof coffee gave me enough energy to cook!...

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I started on Dec 22.  Today is Day 22 for me.  I recently completed Day 222 and I was born at 2:22.  I logged in about 2:22. Copasinki and I didn't plan any of it that way.


B -  Center pork chop, eggs, brussels sprouts, Uzhe coffee

L -  OvertheRainbow Trout, butter lettuce with BR, green beans

D -  Chili Lime Salmon, roasted asparagus, Citrus BR (balsamic reduction), butter lettuce, gr. apple

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Day 20

M1 bullet proof coffee with ghee, spinach omelette

M2 half a roasted chicken, huge green salad, blood orange

M3 to mayo salad with egg, steamed celery and cauliflower dipped into mayo, and a slice of stuffed veal breat leftovers

Experimenting with cutting down on my starchy veggies for m1. I need to compensate with more fat it seems to make it to m2...

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Yes, having a significant other and a mom with cotton mouth symptoms... Fully aware of reasons for those symptoms... High blood sugar, aka diabetes and pre-diabetes for mom.

I am trying new m1 options since I will not always be able to do my starchy stuff while not at home, so omelettes can be ordered everywhere, I just need to add more stuff to the meal to last me thru the next meal, and it's perfect to test this while not being on the road :)

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B - Center cut pork chop, scrambled eggs w/parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, radicchio, Uzhe coffee 

L - Taco salad with GFGBeef, tomato, avocado, butter lettuce, homemade salsa

D - Spicy tuna, broccoli, green apple, avocado, lemon and lime



Day 25 

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Day 22

M1 sautéed peppers, left over veal breast

M2 mussels with marinara sauce, potatoes

Day 23

M1 scrambled eggs, sautéed yams, coffee with coconut milk

M2 pork chops, green salad, peppers, egg

Woke up early 9.30 am. Good night of sleep... Maybe the light dinner?

Was famished when I woke up. Laundry day, my back ouch!

Decided to go and refill the batteries in Burgundy for a few days. They know me know so. No more hidden cheese in their dishes!

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