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Swiss Whole30


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Day 24

M1 scrambled eggs with sweet potato hash

M2 smoked salmon, cucumbers, peppers, cashew nuts while travelling)

M3 salad, smoked salmon, banana

Day 25

Woke up at 12:30

Sauerkraut, potatoes, home made sausages

Salmon, endive salad, omelette

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Day 26 meal.

Hachis parmentier, salad

Salmon, eggs, salad

Day 27

Three boiled eggs, mayo, coffe with coconut cream

Beef tongue, left over sauerkraut, potatoes

Asparagus soup, tongue leftover

Day 28 is going to be a travel day again. Will have a hearty first meal, that will last me 6 hours till next meal. Have some boiled eggs in case of an emergency, sliced cucumbers, and peppers.

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B -  Sausage, eggs, fresh greens, grilled vege, Uzhe

L -  GF Beef grilled burger, lettuce, tomato, onion

D -  Roasted chicken, brussels sprouts, green apple, avocoado


Day 29


Tomorow is my Day 30 and I don't know if they'll be any golden trumpets to mark our good choices for 30 days.  This is what it looks like to pass up immediate gratification for long term satisfaction.  This is what it looks like to be really in the pocket template and make the minute-by-minute...meal by meal...mile by mile choices that will eventually add up to your success.


Nobody lavishes you with praise.   In fact, most of the time nobody notices your snackless little corner of the world.  It doesn't matter to me because I am compliant without complaints.   Come rain umbrella.gif  or shine sunny.gif - no one can do this for us.   We say Cowgirl Up or go sit in the truck.     When will I feel better,  I'm soooo bored with food.   fryingpan.gif  Tell that to a starving man or a child who only has a school lunch as their only nutrition...who comes home to absolutely nothing on the dinner table - for months on end.     Most of us have never had to go without anything but if you were really hungry - you'd be grateful.     


I watched a PBS program about the sustainability of farming and ranching.    Support your local beef.   Farmers and ranchers are being bought out by big biz and folks with lots of dough who want to turn the grasslands and ranches into vacation communities.   We take it for granted that there will always be GF beef or fish in the grocery store.  Some have no idea how ranchers are a dying breed.   The tough ole birds who put your food on the table are fading away.   Be grateful for what you have, it may not always be so easy to come by in the market. soapbox.gif

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We had a long conversation last night before going to bed with our host, the farmer of grass fed charolet cattle. When I get up, he is already out working, when I come home, he is still out working. His days are more like 24 hours, always with one eye open, to ensure his animals are ok. He can retire in two years, and wants to travel and see the world, leaving his business to his son who is already as hard working as his dad. It's the same story here with big businesses wanting to buy you out, pushing the price down. We ought to make those business leaders work for one week at a farm, I bet they would not make it thru the first 24 hours. It's amazing, he wishes he had our lives, and we wish we had his, simple, in sync with nature, the moon, the seasons, and all... We are such city slickers!... Heading back to momland today, leaving behind a close-knot community, and taking with us wonderful memories of happy cows, who like us, feel so much better when fed healthy stuff!

To another successful whole30 dear meadowlily, I raise my glass full of sparkling water with a nice slice of lemon! I am so thankful having had you along on this month's ride.

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Hutlifr,  I can surmise or imagine that anywhere you lay your head down in the world....that's your home.   There's not a pretentious bone in your body.   I admire you for that.       You may call yourself a city slicker but you're a natural at good animal husbandry.  You're a natural with people.   You 've assisted me and made a forum of strangers into something much more.  Bon Ami.


Your food is art and your attitude is golden.   You are the jewel of the Whole 30 lifestyle.

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Just finished watching "fat, sick and nearly dead"... It says a lot about the American eating culture....

Day 29 came down with the flu... Caught it from the kids :) was worth it

M1: 11 am potatoes and scrambled eggs, coffee and coconut cream

M2: steak and salad

M3: salmon and salad

Chest is badly congested, and throat is killing me... One more day and I can take some honey for ailing throat!... Congested chest does not let me sleep, I have to be in bed sitting up...

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Reintroduction of whey and casein

On day 31 headed to the south of France. Given I was fighting a nasty cold, I held off eating anything non compliant, increased my vitamin c intake (more oranges), and had lots of raw radishes, and carrots, and healthy stuff...

On day 32 introduced whey and casein at one meal. No reaction

On day 33, whey and casein at two meals. Slight discomfort.

On day 34, whey and casein at three meal. Bingo... Got the runs

Day 35, back to whole30...

Lesson learned: occasional whey or casein is ok, as long as I don't have it for three consecutive meals or days...

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Ladies, you both shared your expertise and advice with me. Thank you for that.

I've just wandered through your journey together.

Your kind words to each other, your food choices and pictures inspire me.

I confess, I am in love.

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