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I have problems digesting raw egg yolk (or any egg that isn't THOROUGHLLY cooked).  Should I use egg whites for the mayo recipe??  Or is there a jarred mayo at whole foods that would work??


You can make mayo with just egg white -- recipe here, but sub light tasting olive oil or avocado oil for the canola -- or you might be able to use whatever mayo recipe you want, keeping that 1 egg white to 1/2 cup of oil ratio. Most recipes call for a cup or a cup and a quarter of oil, so try two egg whites. (I've never made this, so I don't know how it will differ from regular mayo.) There's also this method with an egg yolk that is cooked. There are also egg-free mayos out there, but I'm not sure which ones are good, or if any of them are really like mayo.


Tessemae's does make a compliant mayo, but I don't know if you can find it at Whole Foods or if you'd have to order it.

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The spread (no pun intended) of homemade mayo makers is possibly the greatest contribution to society of the entire Whole30 program! :D



Making my own mayo is what got me through my last W30!  I used it in so many different ways and it made everything that much more interesting.   :lol:



I use the Heathy Foodie's recipe, but with avocado oil.

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