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So today was Day 1 of riding my own bike again.  


Not much to say except that, I think of a whole lot of things to say as I am going about my day.  I moved my computer onto the kitchen counter a couple of months ago, so I have to stand at it now.  Got a really nice anti-fatigue mat, and I LOVE it.  I can no longer sit in a slump in my computer chair and get lost on the internet for a long time.  So between that -- and the fact that my kids are always here and so distracting -- my quiet moments to think and type just don't happen often.  Now I am tired and just ready to lay down so I can get up tomorrow and do it all over again.  Anyone have a funny "Groundhog Day" pic handy?   ;)  My husband and I joke about that all the time.


FBG:  92


AM Ketones:  9 green


Vitamin D:  500 IU  


^  My new goal is to remember to take this every day.  I've read A LOT of books, and they recommend a lot of different things -- but the one thing I see over and over and over again is D3 drops.  It seems everyone agrees on this one.  And I am not getting out in the sun right now -- in fact, I am not kidding when I say that the last time I spent any real amount of time outdoors was our last camping trip in October.   :huh:   Anyway, I am working my way up to see how much I can tolerate without getting a headache.  I have tried to take larger doses before (2000, 4000, 5000 IU) and it gives me a headache.  No thank you.  Luckily, I found a brand of drops on Amazon that are in MCT oil and they have 100 IU per drop -- so that makes it easy to take it easy.


M1:  eggs (4), kale, coconut oil, 2T collagen in my coffee

M2:  post-workout:  burger, organic ketchup, homemade mayo, bacon, a couple bites of new colorful carrots with small amount of almond butter 

M3:  can of sardines, spinach, homemade mayo, Frank's red hot sauce, garlic stuffed green olives, coconut manna


Have you seen these multi-colored carrots at Trader Joe's?  I was peeling & cutting them up for the kids, and I had to try some.  The ones that are purple on the outside and yellow on the inside are the most fun.  Those I had not seen before.  We also had red and yellow ones in the bag, which we have had before.  Anyway, my son was eating them with almond butter so I just had a couple bites of his.  I know better than to sit down and get comfy with something like that!   ;)


The only off-roading I did today was having a little bit of organic ketchup on my burger... and yes, it has some sugar but at least it is not high fructose corn syrup junk.  I also had non-compliant bacon and did not feel an ounce of guilt over it.   :)


Proud of myself, first time eating sardines straight out of the can (put them in my salad) without making them into little "cakes" and frying them.  Trying to get all the health benefits of those good oils after hearing Dr. Jack Kruse go on and on about DHA.  He specifically mentioned sardines in olive oil, which I have plenty of.


And -- last, but not least:  5/3/1 Squats today & lots of bicep curls.

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Ah, Meadow, I knew I could count on you to come through with some nice Groundhog Day stuff.   :lol:   Thanks.  The kids and I found that the movie is going to be on TV on Monday, and we have it set up to record.  They've never seen it.  For me....  It's been a LONG. TIME. and I may have slept through part of it, not sure.  Lol.  I really don't remember much of it.  


kirkor -- do you have a favorite "guy" / website who is all about the K2, or are you noticing it sort of popping up everywhere, like D3 has done?  I will definitely look into it.  Thanks.

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kirkor -- do you have a favorite "guy" / website who is all about the K2, or are you noticing it sort of popping up everywhere, like D3 has done?  I will definitely look into it.  Thanks.

Not specifically, but I did make sure to read about it on other sources than Mercola's site, since something just rubs me wrong about that guy.

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    NOW-Foods-Sports-MCT-Oil-733739021991.jp NOW Foods Sports MCT Oil -- 32 fl ozSKU #733739021991  $17.49 1 - $17.49    

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NOW-Foods-Real-Food-Raw-Sunflower-Seeds- NOW Foods Real Food Raw Sunflower Seeds Unsalted -- 16 ozSKU #733739070500  $3.59 2 - $7.18



I just have to share how very much I love Vitacost lately.  Free shipping over $49 and I generally find things there SO much cheaper than Amazon... or anywhere else, for that matter.  


Plus, these little pictures are just funny.   :lol:

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2nd day on my bicycle was 100% compliant.  


...Unless I decide to have a glass of Merlot with my husband before bed tonight.   :)


FBG:  94


AM Ketones:  9 green


Vitamin D3:  600 IU


M1:  eggs (4), kale, coconut oil, 2T collagen in my coffee

M2:  post-workout:  can of tuna, (2) brazil nuts, spinach, homemade mayo, garlic stuffed green olives

M3:  ground sirloin, stir-fry veggies, coconut aminos

M4:  ^ mini-meal of same + coconut manna


5/3/1 Overhead Press today.


Edit:  The unopened bottle of wine I've had sitting on my kitchen counter since before Christmas is actually a Cabernet.  Since I didn't even know what kind I had, that shows that I have not stopped and looked at it longingly -- not even once -- during my Whole 30.  


I ended up having (2) 5-oz. glasses last night, and it. was. glorious.  I LOVE how much our taste buds change.  I had been buying the lower-carb, dry wines VS. the sweet wines that I drink too quickly.  And they had started to really taste like crap to me, probably because I was eating other sweet things on my Carb Nites and over Christmas break, too.  But this that I had last night was just perfect.  Definitely a treat.  And did not affect my blood sugar this morning too horribly, which is great news.

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I use the Great Lakes collagen (that does not gel up) here:




Did you see the article from Chris Kresser I linked at the beginning of my other thread, re: possible higher fasting blood glucose when eating low-carb?  If not, that's a good one to be aware of.


My fasting blood glucose dropped in the first week -- all the way down to 80 -- then it hung out in the range of 83-98 for the rest of my Whole 30.  This was the first time ever that I have tracked FBG for an entire month straight like that.  But what I can tell you is this:  When I am have eaten more carbs in the past, my fasting blood glucose is almost always over 100.  I've seen it as high as 110.  


Testing after meals, I have not been so great at.  I've only done it a few times.  Mainly because I am not eating anything that I question anymore, and I find it to be boring.  If I begin to add in more carbs at some point, for some reason -- I will have to test after meals to see what is going on.  For now, I just don't feel the need.

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I had read your excerpt but went back and read the whole article; I am going to go through your logs and meals;  it's helping me a lot;  what's your perspective on starchy carbs?  


ps - I get that you're a busy mom; don't feel obligated to answer or entertain my questions! 

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tulip, my perspective on starchy carbs is that I feel better without them.  They make me sleepy, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they do silly things with my blood sugar.  (Yes, I'm sure I will test this someday, now that I have my monitor.)


I could see myself maybe adding in a bit of potato post-workout sometime soon, and seeing what my blood sugar does with that.  Maybe.  And see how I feel.


I see the starchy carbs recommended here a lot.  I think it is a very individual thing, and no, I don't necessarily think it is the answer to everyone's problems.  Did you know that potatoes -- all potatoes -- came from South America, just a short 500 years ago?  I think about that often.  My ancestors were not dining on potatoes every day.


I think it is clear that we all need more fat, yet our society is still getting over years and years of fat phobia.


Books I have learned a lot from (to name a few, who explain the importance of fat):  Keto Clarity, The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, Grain Brain, Good Calories Bad Calories, The Big Fat Surprise.

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Day 3 and still riding along.  :)


FBG:  96


AM Ketones:  No reading due to wine last night


Vitamin D3:  700 IU


M1:  1/2 T ghee, 1/2 T MCT, 2T collagen in my coffee, bacon (3)

M2:  eggs (4), spinach, coconut oil, coconut manna, more coffee w/ 2T collagen

M3:  pork chop, broccoli, cauliflower, coconut oil/ghee, bacon (3), dried broccoli florets (new item from Trader Joe's), coconut manna


I decided to get busy painting first thing this morning, so my meals were a bit "off" today.  I also drank an extra cup of coffee just because it sounded good while I was painting.  My body said, "Umm, yeah, we don't really need that caffeine, thankyouverymuch..."  and the rest of it got dumped down the drain.  ;)

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Day 4 on my own bike and I haven't fallen over and scratched up my knees... yet.   ;)


FBG:  93


AM Ketones:  6 green


Vitamin D3:  Forgot to take it.


M1:  can of Polar tuna, eggs (3), kale, coconut oil/ghee, brazil nuts (2), 2T collagen in my coffee

M2:  ground beef, zucchini, bell peppers, coconut oil

M3:  taco salad, pork chop, sunflower seeds, coconut manna


^ There was some dairy and some corn (tortilla chips) involved in that salad.  It's one of my kids' favorite things we order, so we got these salads on our way home from gymnastics.  I feel like I did really well by only having one bowl instead of the two or three I used to put away.   :ph34r:  It was good... but not food-without-brakes good.  

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So, this is what "riding your own bike" is all about.  Making your own decisions, then analyzing whether they are worth it to you or not.  Right?


Taco salad last night:  Not worth it to me.


Since I keep this journal for myself, but also for anyone out there who is interested in keto, I want to keep it real.  If not, then, what's the point?


The first thing I noticed is:  My bra got tight.  It used to feel this way in the evenings a lot when eating carbs -- and had to be loosened -- but rarely, if ever, while on my keto Whole 30.  I would guess that my wedding rings would have been tight if I had had them on, too.


I also noticed that my eyes got really dry-feeling, and I got sleepy.  Now, getting sleepy every night is a good thing -- but this was the bump-on-a-log sort of sleepy, where I had to make myself get up off the couch.  No thanks.


Another thing I noticed, that is hard for me to even admit, is that I felt like I could not get enough food last night.  I didn't want to eat more salad...  But I wanted to eat.  I found myself really wishing we had more sunflower seeds (I had just bought one of those little $0.99 packs).  I ate more coconut manna than usual -- although still in a controlled dose.   ;)


Now, all of this is from a salad.  Vegetables, meat, cheese, sour cream, salsa.  I did not sit down with BAG of tortilla chips -- there are some sprinkled on top of the salad.


Which brings me to my point:  How all of these books talk about us having different levels of carbohydrate tolerance.  I think mine is pretty low.  I think I've always known this.  But this has helped confirm it for me... and I will continue to have these little learning experiences, I'm sure.  


It really doesn't matter what anyone else can eat -- what # of carbs they can have and stay in ketosis -- what matters is finding your own, personal, level of carbohydrate tolerance.  You may not like the answer.  But the tests don't lie.  My blood sugar this morning was 99 -- not crazy, but the highest it's been since Day 2 of my keto W30.  My ketones were 4 green -- which is the lowest I have recorded in a long time.  I want these numbers to be going in the opposite directions.  If that's really my goal... apparently taco salads are not going to help me get there.


Edited to say:  I am also feeling a bit anxious this morning, and I have not missed that.   Could be from the dairy, extra carbs, or who knows what is in the seasonings on their meat, too.  


Taco salads from Mancino's.


:rolleyes:   Ugh.

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It really doesn't matter what anyone else can eat -- what # of carbs they can have and stay in ketosis -- what matters is finding your own, personal, level of carbohydrate tolerance.

Ya, this is huge. That's why I'm such a proponent of Whole30 even though a lot of people think it's "too extreme". But I figure until you really cut stuff down, you "don't know what you don't know". Why are people so worried to rock the boat a little bit, just for a short time?

I've been aiming for 30 net carbs but I think I need to boil it down to 20 for a few weeks since something still feels off. Then I'll bump it up and try to find my level. Might have to invest in a meter like you since I'm theoretically in this for the long haul.

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