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Results Tantrum

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I foolishly got on the scale on Sunday. I've had a number of false starts, but over the past two months, I'd say I've had a little less than 75% success (about 52 days on and 18 days off - strung together here and there, 1-3 days at a time).

At the beginning, I lost weight immediately. Got down to a lovely weight. Was happy. Have tried to stay off the scales since, though I've mostly noticed my clothes slowly, ever so slowly fitting better.

Sunday I got on the scale and said: "WHAT???" I'd gained two pounds from my lowest "lovely" (see how messed up that is??) weight...

I told myself all the rational stuff. I went to an extra Crossfit workout this week; we had two strength workouts in a row and I always gain weight after those, and it takes a day or two to settle down. I'm gaining muscle, not fat. I haven't gotten to fat burning yet.

But I find myself obsessing...too many PUFAs? Too much fat?? What???

I have concluded that this is...the dreaded...RESULTS TANTRUM!!! I want results and I want them now!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHH!

Okay...hopefully I'm done for now. Thanks for listening...


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Scales are bad. I fight with myself every day, To Weigh or Not To Weigh. I understand your tantrum and obsession.

And my conclusion (very time, multiple times a day) is..... Nothing that scale says to me is going to give me any indication of how healthy I am or am not.

I actually talk to my scales, which probably means I need to throw them out....

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I never lost any weight until I stopped weighing myself...and I'm talking years of weighing. It's much more fun to live in blissful ignorance :)

Concentrate on eating what you love and doing workouts that energize you and feel good...until you do that you'll be stuck in the obsessive food and workout jail of your head and you'll never lose enough weight.

Eat vegetables and healthy food and forget about a pufa, just eat well, work out and relax. Maybe your husband can take the scale somewhere private or weigh himself at the gym...that would be helpful!

Good luck!

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I wish I could hide it or just get rid of it, but my husband relies on it for his own weight control, and even though I don't agree with his methods, I want to respect his wishes, LOL...

Linda, can't he respect YOUR wishes by allowing it to get moved into another room, one where you don't frequent? Sorry, Devil's advocate here.

That being said, STAY OFF THE SCALE! your clothes are fitting better, you are doing all the right things. You did strength workouts last week. Muscles swell, that's what they do. It will be FINE.

Deep breath!

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