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4 Biggest "Problems" with Whole30


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4 Complaints after my Whole30.

1. Put on a pair of shorts last night and they fell off. Put on a skirt this morning and it fell down to my butt. This may get expensive!

2. I go for my run and I don't want to stop, I add in sprints, I do push ups. This is time consuming!

3. My muscles are really showing. I can feel my six pack through my shirt. This intimidates others!

4. Wine is no longer worth it. My collection will have to wait for company!

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I'm on day 5 & thinking about all those items of clothing I've kept over the years in my cupboard that 'someday' I would fit back into.

Another bonus (although only on day 5 of whole30, I've been paleo for 6 weeks), I can actually feel myself improving in strength at the gym. I never thought I'd be able to do 'man pushups' but I can do them now! Granted it's only a few before I'm back on my knees but I'm definitely improving in strength & energy! And considering I've been doing the same thing for a year without really progessing I am sure it's a direct result of my new eating habits.

I have all 4 'complaints' to look forward to. :D

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