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Julie, all of these years I've only known you from the neck down. I knew your heart was beautiful but you are stunning. It's abundantly clear that you practice what you advise others to do. Congratulations for your Nutritionist degree, Coach, the power of Ireland,leading by example, everything. 

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Well, it's been a few months..... and here I am, dropping into Whole30-ville to see how my peeps are doing. I've been drumming up business in the real world and am now the nutritional guru in that new fangled gym I jumped ship to early last year on top of my full time job. I am quite literally going from strength to strength there, seeing progress in terms of strength, flexibility, confidence & happiness - life is good.

Food wise I'm still trucking along in my own food freedom - trying new foods, sticking primarily to what I know works for me, and adding in some occasional dairy.

Off to catch up and see how all YOU are doing......!!

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Hey - good to see you @littleg!

Just an update on my sister too - she spent most of last year in hospital, with a max of 10 days out an any given time before relapsing so much that she need IV ABs again. In early November she was admitted urgently as she had so much fluid on her HEALTHY lung and her BP was so low. They didn't expect her to pull through to be completely honest and she will say openly that in hindsight she thought her time had come & very nearly gave up the fight, but miraculously she responded to a new cocktail of meds so well that she was released two weeks before Christmas and remains at home now in good health, with the lung surgery currently on hold....


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