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Tomatoes - a vegetable or a fruit?


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I have had a rough start - only on day three, but terrible tummy problems.  Anyway, I ate a lot of lovely little wild tomatoes yesterday with rocket, avocado, and tuna mayonnaise (homemade) with celery...I wondered if that was just the imbalance of fat/protein to veg and whether the tomatoes and rocket were enough -- or maybe tomatoes counted as a fruit (which they technically are) or a veg. 


Or maybe it is just getting used to a new diet.


Feeling very poorly.



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Hi Pamela

The composition of your meal sounds fine, although both avocado & celery can be problematic for some folk. Only you know if you ate enough - did it tide you over for 4-5hrs?

I'd wonder what else you ate yesterday, and on previous days, to see if there is a pattern around the tummy problems? If you could let us know what else you have eaten that might be helpful in troubleshooting.

Tomatoes count as a vegetable for Whole30 purposes.

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