Still have acne problems after second Whole30...


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I'm just wrapping up my second Whole30 and I was wondering if there were any ladies out there with IUDs that still had acne problems even after successfully completing the program?


I don't think I've seen ANY improvement in my skin and I have a hunch it's from my IUD (Mirena) since I didn't get severe acne until shortly after my IUD was implanted.  I was hoping it was just a change in my eating habits that caused it back in the day, but since I've done two of these programs, I'm starting to think it's coming from the Intra-Uterine Device.


Any thoughts?  

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When I had Mirena in, my skin was as oily as a teenager. Seriously, it was like a sheet of oil. For that and many other reasons, I had it removed within a few months. These days, I can almost instantly spot someone on progestin only birth control - the skin is always so different on it.

Mirena is a progestin-only form of birth control, which mimics the phase in your cycle where PMS dominates... It doesn't have estrogen, which helps balance those side effects out in the combination pill. Although diet may help a little, it likely won't counter the effects of constant progestin enough. Someone may chime in and prove me wrong but I'd be very surprised. Sorry.

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Unfortunately Karen might be right, some people deal differently with different types and balances of added hormones.  I have a Mirena and have had one for 8 years now (switched at 5 years) and have no problems with my skin being oily.  That said, sometimes its not just diet... have you tried The Oil Cleansing Method for face washing?  Basically using soaps and other face washes strips your skin of needed natural oils so your skin tries to replace it and then some... voila! Super oily skin.  Oil cleansing works with the natural oils in your face... it also cleans better because well, oil and water don't mix... oil and oil sure do tho!  


That all said, it could still be hormones and depending on where you came from to get here hormone wise, if your hormones were very deranged they may need some additional time to sort themselves out.... or it could be the IUD which would totally suck :(

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Hmmm @SugarcubeOD... I will have to look up The Oil Cleansing Method.  I don't really have oily skin, I just seem to have pretty large pores or something.


Right now I'm on Proactiv+ (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide) and unless I'm SUPER consistent with night and morning washing, my face breaks out instantly.  Also, I had to stop using the moisturizer because it was making me break out more (I know, I know, slap my hand... moisturizer is SOOOO important!).


I've tried other moisturizers and they tend to give me the same problem... but I want to use SOMETHING because I know how good it is for your skin.  


Honestly, if I had better health insurance, I'd make an appointment to change my birth control prescription immediately.  

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I would highly recommend Fatco.  They're paleo certified and all natural.  They have oil cleanser and a really great moisturizer.  The problem with those types of chemicals is that you can have rebound effects and they're really not good for your body in general... I would highly encourage you to ditch the chemicals and try and do a natural cleansing routine. Hopefully that will help mitigate the effects of the IUD.

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