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Hi everyone.  I've been here before, some of you may know me :)  I'm just into my second trimester now and have been feeding this baby with red dye, corn syrup, some MSG and all other sorts of goodies so far... My first trimester was quite mild but food aversions and preferences were quite strong.  People are asking if I'm preggo b/c of my "bump" but it isn't baby :/  Hubs is also vowing to start eating better on Monday after the last of some family celebrations and I think this would be a good time to try to clean up my eating a bit.  


I'm not willing to do a W30 b/c vegetables for meal 1... shutter.  Some days.  Some days I think I'd be ok :)  And mayo.  I don't think I could do a W30 without my homemade mayo... but mayo also makes me a bit queasy these days.  And fruit.  I'm eating a TON of fruit.  Probably a little way more than guidelines suggest.  


One more thing:  I'm a little crazy :)  I had a missed miscarriage this fall and I work in the NICU (with lots of moms with sad, horrible, terrible stories) and I'm a "mother of advanced maternal age" (the blood test for genetic screening for "old" moms actually is coded ELDERLY mother screen!! - :angry: ).  So this pregnancy is not exactly worry free for me.  I'm getting ultrasounds pretty much every 7-10 days and I am terrified each week that when I go in there will once again be no heart beat.  So, I'll probably talk about that a bit.  


So, food wise...


I made a breakfast frittata yesterday with sausage, eggs, onions, spinach, peppers and tomatoes... plan is to eat that in a bit.  After working out.  Before its 95 degrees.  Blch.  





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Thanks J9er!


I sure hope this pregnancy lasts :)


Off to a bit of a delayed start today due to contractor and other stuff.  


Coffee with skim milk and vanilla - this has been my preggo thing.  I need coffee to... get things moving in the AM but I don't really like it.  So I have about 1/2 c coffee with 1/2 frothed skim.  Tomorrow I'll go back to black or coconut milk.


PreWO - small piece of brisket with a blob of coconut milk


Workout - 1 mile run with the doggie, DT from crossfit (12 deadlifts, 9 hang cleans, 6 push jerks for 5 rounds) - 8:59 @65 lbs.   Then DB presses and arms raises.  VERY sweaty.


Post WO - small handful of cooked/cooled pan fried taters.  


M1 @11:30... 1/4 frittata, creamed spinach, extra coconut milk <-- ended up with second serving.  Boobs hurt less today.  And spinach tasted great.  Slightly worried.  



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Used this ingredient list from the local food cooperative to make my own.  Turned out super good.




M2 was ~3:30 after a few bites of cantaloupe and blueberries and some strawberries at my in-laws.

27541711693_9d336bf32a_m.jpg  The squash recipe above and the last of homemade brisket with gravy





Dinner is always when my desire for a "meal" goes out the window.  Had 1/3 of a cantaloupe and then more creamed spinach with leftover roasted potatoes.  Hey, it isn't ice cream :)  

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Yesterday was a work day and didn't go so great.  Since becoming pregnant my self control has gone out the window.  Put junk food in front of me and I eat.all.the.food.


m1 - I woke up with that sort of queasy-all-I-want-is-a-bagel feeling... so I didn't eat until 10:30 when I was headed to work.  Ate some cantaloupe and a grapefruit and then a fried egg just to get some protein.  After eating I felt better and ended up eating a serving of frittata.  


m2 - 2:30 STARVING.  Another serving of frittata (the salsa chicken I had made for lunch got put back in the fridge at the last minute and swapped for frittata - oh the crazies of pregnancy - what sounded delicious the day before now seemed revolting ;) ).  Serving of creamed spinach.  A friend handed off her bag of Just Beets from TJ (so good, loved them, too bad TJ is now out of stock) and I finished those too.  And then another nurse offered me some of her husband's homemade orange-ginger chicken so had a small serving of that.  With my FIRST PIECE of broccoli this pregnancy.  Stuffed.


But not too stuffed so that when I floated to another unit that was having a goodbye lunch for a colleague I ate chips and pie and cool whip and lots of mini snickers and kit kats.... And some other assorted "I've blown it" eating once I got home at 8:30.  



Back on the track today though.  The last few months of face planting into donuts was just a never ending string of days of wanting to eat junk food.  At least now the day after eating less than ideal choices I crave healthy food the next day.  That is an improvement.


On a pregnancy note, my belly seems to have popped just a little (or more than likely its the fat from 2 months of poor eating).  I had the mom of a patient - who didn't even speak English -  point to my belly and then her baby and say "you?".  So maybe it does look a little like a baby bump and less like the fat I think it does.  I was on a unit I hadn't been on in a while yesterday and everybody was asking.  In my crazy head it scares me so much to be talking about it so much before a heart beat check ultrasound... which is Monday.  Hopefully the little one is doing ok in there!

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Managed to do ok yesterday and the day before.  Ignored the carrot cake with practically an inch of frosting on it on Saturday and the bagels on Sunday.  Saturday I really only ate one meal due to work being rather hectic and not being hungry before going in.  



- few bites of cantaloupe and creamed spinach while packing lunch (that never got eaten)

- "M1" - 4 PM - large bowl of cantaloupe

- M2 - burger with small piece of pepper jack melted on top, creamed spinach, strawberries with chilled coconut cream


Yesterday was also better food choices

- M1 ~9 - 2 small/med bananas with brazil nut butter (I've swapped out the PB I've been eating the last 2 months) and 3 pieces of lean bacon

- M2 ~12:30 - starving - 1/4 frittata, creamed spinach, pan fried potatoes, giant bowl of cantaloupe

- snack - ~4 - grapefruit and some fresh raspberries from the garden

- M3 - 1/4 frittata, creamed spinach, pan fried potatoes, giant bowl of cantaloupe (<-- should have just cut and paste that :/ )  


Apparently my vegetable limit has increased only slightly: to creamed spinach :)


Ultrasound in 45 minutes.  Didn't really sleep well last night.  Had  a crazy dream that they found a "biological nail" (wtf?) in my uterus and had to do a D&C.  I asked if they had to since the nail was only in the baby's foot and they said "well, I guess not" and then I woke up.  

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Its been a few days.  Eating has been so-so.  I went for a hike on Tuesday and ate a bit too much afterwards (darn Trader Joe's and your temptations!).  Still eating mostly my breakfast frittata and creamed spinach.  And cantaloupe and grapefruit.  Good thing cantaloupes are in season right now or we'd be broke!  


Salsa chicken and cauliflower rice with lime and cilantro have also appeared.  TJ now has riced cauliflower in the regular produce (vs just frozen which I've been seeing for a while).  Super handy and not too expensive... I don't think.  Its 2.50$ for a lb.  I think a usual head of cauliflower from the store (2-3$ usually) gets maybe 1.5 lbs by the time I rice it (and make a giant mess in the process).  


Had a stretch of work days so too lazy to track food carefully.  Maybe I'll take some pictures today :)

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Late start today.  Puttered around the house, walked the dogs 2 miles and got an iced coffee and then worked out.


DT again @65 lbs (8:50) then some other leg stuff and some ab stuff


M1 at 12ish: grapefruit, cantaloupe, creamed spinach, frittata




Snack around 4: big handful of strawberries, grapefruit, 2 small apples


M2 at 6ish: grilled burger with onions, W30 compliant homemade ketchup, fried onions, zucchini (from the garden) with basil and garlic.  And then another cantaloupe :)





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Ok.  I can't see the wagon again.  Hubs is fed up to.  He has a Spartan Beast in 2 months and after his marathon (that was cancelled at mile 11 due to T-storms - poor guy) he has pretty much stopped training and eaten a bit too much ice cream and beer.  So we are both fed up.  I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday after two days of awful eating at work.  The donuts, bagels, candy gifts from parents just don't stop - and in the unit I've been working in lately they are out in the open - so every time I go to get meds or formula or a bottle or whatever I'm walking by the bags of M&Ms, donuts, munchkins, skittles, etc.  On the other units I usually work on they are kept in the break room and out of sight and its a little easier to avoid them.  I haven't eaten unprocessed food in 72 hours.  And all this sugar has my binge eating disorder in full throttle.  I just can't seem to get a grip.  I keep falling back on the "its ok to get fat while you are pregnant!"... After 5+ years of paleo there is also an aspect of having this "window" to eat whatever I want.  Maybe in the first trimester that was sort of ok because so many foods were just so unappetizing but not anymore.  I was actually googling "can binge eating kill my baby" last night... I'm not in a good place.  


My husband wasn't going to suggest a W30 because he has started and failed many times now since his very successful one about 2 years ago.  He jokes that sometimes he doesn't even make it to second breakfast on Day 1 without giving up :)  But in the midst of my hysterics last night he brought it up.  I thought that maybe we could both commit to a W7.  In reality I think a W30 just won't happen these days.  But 7 days... hopefully we can get that.  Another friend of mine who has been having some trouble with good decisions day after day is also going to do it with us.  


The half and half went down the drain, the feta cheese frittata is in the freezer, the ice cream is buried deep in the chest freezer.  The garden is over run with basil, zucchini and cucumbers.  My local beef farmer just texted me that he has some ground beef and beef shanks for lower than normal cost... so off we go.  


I'm off for three days - so at least I'll be away from all the goodies for a while.  Deep breath.  


I'll be back later.

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Good for you. Gosh. The sheer volume of goodies and treats at work is SO tough. I know for me, when I would finally put my foot down and flip the switch, it was suddenly easier to stop myself from eating them. Is it habit for you? Just walking by and putting something in your mouth? Or is it that they look good to you?

7 days might be just what you need. To climb out of the place you're in and feel the difference.

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J9er - its a little of both.  I'm not going to lie.  As much as I truly believe, with all my heart and soul that eating a W30-esque way is THE BEST POSSIBLE THING ONE CAN DO FOR THEMSELVES... M&Ms taste good to me.  So do donuts and skittles and chocolate chip cookies and bagels with cream cheese... (and those were just the choices from Fri-Sun this week).  And while sometimes I can see them for what they are (processed oils, grains, food coloring, preservatives) they will always be tasty to me.  And this makes it hard to walk away.  I also had pretty easy patients these three days at work so I was bored.  There are some days in the ICU where I can avoid these foods like a pro - and some days it just gets much harder for some reason.  I used to use "paleo" as an excuse to say no but since paleo has gone out the window these last 3-4 months that "out" isn't available.  That is part of the reason I wanted to do a W7.  I just need some darn rules :).  Between the pregnancy anxiety and food cravings I'm trying to ride my own bike on a darn tight rope... I need some more support.  


Last week I strung together 2 or 3 good days.  I did have some feta cheese in a frittata I made, but that was it.  I made it to the gym 3 days in a row, I was eating well and I felt SO much better.  I know that you are right - 7 days will be good for me.  And maybe rules will help a little.  When I started this thread I was doing a little-g's-bike thing - half and half, good quality cheese, stuff like that.  But even just any lapse in rigidity seems to be enough for my best intentions to go out the window.  So I'll try rules for the week :)




Off to a bad start - I made some mango black tea from TJ to make iced tea las night.   I poured myself a lovely glass over ice this morning around 9 and had maybe half. And then proceeded to dry heave over the sink coming pretty close to throwing up.  And then felt pretty bad and nauseas for a few hours.  First time I dry heaved all pregnancy.  No idea what that was about.  Around 11 I got myself out the door for a 2.5 slow run with dog #1.  


Still not hungry but made sure to hydrate well.  Ran some errands and then came home to start my W30 cook up!  


Breakfast casserole: breakfast sausage from Whole Foods, spinach, onions, peppers, tomatoes, + 8 eggs

Beef enchilada casserole

Homemade mayo

More quick pickles

Cauliflower rice

Sliced up a cantaloupe


Ate 2 HB eggs with homemade mayo and went to the gym.  Did legs.  Goblet squats, overhead squats, split squats, lunges, hamstring curls.  Tomorrow's hike is gonna be fun...


Post WO - grapefruit


Dinner - beef enchilada casserole (so good) and cilantro lime cauliflower rice, small baked sweet potato with some ghee and cantaloupe


No tea tomorrow morning :)

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Two days done.  I honestly feel better already.  I went for a hike today with some friends and we met at a Starbucks.  I was about to buy an iced coffee when I realized I'd have to have it black (blch) because the half and half wasn't an option.  So no iced coffee - which I really didn't need.


Out of bed around 6 - had two small half caf mugs of coffee with 2-3 tbsp of coconut cream while I packed food for the day.  For the 5 mile ~2000 vertical hike I ended up bringing:


28495126941_9837ba2066.jpg (two grapefruits, whole smallish honeydew, burger, bacon, creamed spinach)


Sipped on a kombucha while driving to the hike


9:30 M1 - breakfast frittata with coconut cream




12:30 - grapefruit at the summit (not hungry yet for lunch)


2:30 - honeydew post hike (this was supposed to be part of lunch)


4:00 - pulled over on the drive home because I was finally hungry - ate the post WO meal - can of tuna, small pan fried potato, 2 small apples


7:00 - bacon I didn't eat earlier and 3 small clementines while cooking, another kombucha, dinner was a mash up of leftovers: burger with blob of mayo and W30 ketchup, creamed spinach, cauliflower fried rice, sweet potato with ghee.  Ended up eating 2 big servings of the cauli rice - it was good!



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Day 3:


Started with two cups of half caf with coconut milk


Stomach was a mess, reflux, bloated, gross.  No appetite.


But I did some cooking :)


Cauliflower biscuits with bacon and jalapeño 




Felt well enough to eat around 11


M1: breakfast frittata, coconut milk, grapefruit, 2 cauliflower biscuits with some ghee (BIG mistake... these were burped up all.day.long... and that jalapeño burned!)






Pre WO: small piece of brisket with some mayo




WO: chest, biceps, some planks


Post WO: half sweet potato, brisket




Munched my way through not really wanting food for dinner...


M2: 1.5 pieces of lean bacon, 2 clementines, bowl of grapes, last few bites of cauliflower "fried rice", honeydew


Only got a pic of the honeydew.  It was a decent sized melon...




Not the greatest way to end the day but after burping up jalapeño-y stomach acid all day I just wanted something cool and refreshing.  I should have just started with the honeydew - it was what I wanted anyway.

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They were really good!  I'll see if this is a return of reflux from the first trimester or just a random day.  Oddly enough... (or maybe not) I LIVE on seltzer.  I hate water.  Only drink it at the end of half marathons and such :)  But, during pregnancy I couldn't stand seltzer (or kombucha, my other love - me and my bubbles :) ).  But, this last week or so seltzer started to sound good again and I have had some here and there.  But the day before the reflux I had a full bottle.  I'm wondering if maybe the commercially produced seltzer might actually be aggravating my GI system.  People have told me for years that they think all my bloating is seltzer related and I refused to believe it.  I'll do only water today and then try the biscuits again tomorrow... :)


J9er - thanks for the compliment.  Exercise has been the one thing in this pregnancy I didn't let go.  My eating went to $hit but I have been good on the exercise front :)  Thanks for noticing!


Day 4 today!  I think some of yesterday's problem was the lack of exit for much of my food from day 2.  But it seems to have moved along.  When things don't go well in the AM in the loo I often notice upper GI problems - the whole darn system gets backed up I guess.  


Work day today.  I've packed a good one!




M1: leftover beef enchilada casserole with some homemade guac.

M2: more fried rice with some Amish pastured pork, fresh blueberries with some coconut milk

WATER with lemons :)


Take that people who say W30 isn't delicious!!!

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M1 was at 10:30 (busy day today at work)

M2 was at 2 PM (the person eating with me said that my lunch was so good it made her want to eat paleo and one of the doc's asked for my beef enchilada bake recipe... changing the world one medical staff person at a time!)


Kombucha at the store when I went grocery shopping to make Mel's Pad Thai with chicken thighs.  It was tasty, served it over zucchini noodles.  Side of a pan fried potato (no carbs really today, kind of light headed).


Munched on maybe a bit too much Sunbutter and coconut milk while making it...


28585629746_407270d00d.jpg  x2 :)


Small dessert of coconut milk with blueberries.  



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Had a grapefruit last night too before bed. 


Today, day 5 - work day


1 half caf with coconut cream

M1 9ish - frittata with coconut cream

M2 2ish - GIANT salad - romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot with palm size brisket, small sweet potato and a small avocado, grapefruit


Gym at 4 - back and shoulder, no preWO, few bites of the Kalua pork from Nom Nom paleo and few bites of the potatoes hubs cooked with the pork post

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Finished off Day 5 and Day 6 compliant.  Not exactly template and a little too much fruit but I'm ok with that :)



Day 6

11ish M1 - frittata, coconut cream, pan fried potatoes - 1 egg worth of egg salad






~ 4 PM Snack - apple, few bites of sausage as I cooked for this week's frittata and few tastes of pesto I was making for mother in law's birthday gift


8 PM M2 - almost the whole cabbage worth of fried cabbage (duck fat, salt, pepper, cabbage - surprisingly good), kalua pork over romaine, Chipotle's salsa, guacamole - ended up eating a few cups of melon and some berries with coconut milk too




So just a tidbit for those of you who love Chipotles... I went to my local one yesterday to see if they'd sell me some salsa to go.  It took an argument for them to not give it to me for free.  So I paid $1 for a full to-go dish of their delicious salsa.  Hubs and I both had big servings on our dinner and still had more than 1 cup left as leftovers.  I will never make salsa again - though next time I'll try to make them take more than $1 :)

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Almost 7 days into W30 now.  Back to posting on here - the Aug 1 thread didn't need all my rambling :)

Made it through my birthday yesterday with no issues.  My in laws came over for dinner at our request instead of taking us out.  Hubs grilled steak tenderloins, 2 bone in chicken breasts in some delicious rub he made up, sweet potatoes.  I made some mango, mint and ginger cauli rice, pan fried white potatoes.  Fresh picked blackberries and some TJ raspberries for dessert.  Was feeling a little munchy so had a few spoonfuls of Brazil nut butter too...  I did have one break from W30... my mother in law brought a bottle of my favorite wine.  I poured *maybe* an ounce into a shot glass - the same amount I would have had due to pregnancy regardless of W30.  Alcohol is not an issue for me, I rarely drink - maybe a glass of wine a month so I doubt it will do much to impact anything. 

Today's food:

2 half-caf coffees with some coconut cream

5 mile trail run/walk.  Pre-preggo no walking.  Best ever was 9 min pace on a mix of good hard packed trail, sand and hills.  About 20-30 sec slower than on the road.  Today - 11:30 pace.  Felt weird running today.  Felt like I had to pee the whole time (I did stop about 1/2 mile in to pee - but it wasn't enough that it should have felt like I had to pee that bad) and sort of like there was something in my abdomen.  This is the first time I've really felt this.  I guess it makes sense :)


Post run - just ate meal 1 since it was 11ish already.  Leftovers: cauliflower fried rice, beef enchilada casserole, small avocado, cherry tomatoes, kombucha

Snack around 3 - left over chicken, mayo with Franks, more cherry tomatoes, kombucha

Dinner - salmon, pan fried potatoes, mint/mango/ginger cauliflower rice <-- two servings of sides :) 




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Off the wagon.  Back on the wagon :)  I swear, I've *never* had such a hard time just saying no to the temptations at work as this pregnancy.  I don't even know if I should keep trying to make it to 30... 


So Monday was a non compliant day.  But, got right back to it Tuesday.  No idea what I ate, since, that was two days ago though :)

Round 3456, Day 2 :)


1.5 mugs of coffee with coconut milk before work

M1 - left over roasted chicken and beef tenderloin, blob of Frank's sauce mayo, strawberry gazpacho I dug out of the freezer from last summer.  It was super good!  I have to make that again!  It was a great way to have veggies and fruit for breakfast when its a bajillion degrees outside.

M2 - beef enchilada casserole, guac, pan fried potatoes, grapefruit


M3 - spatchcocked chicken on the grill, fried cauliflower rice, pan fried potatoes, got a little munchy with the fruit after dinner... 


Round 3456, Day 3 

Bringing with me today:

Spinach and onion saute, ground breakfast sausage, 2 HB eggs, mayo with hot sauce

Last of the enchilada casserole, guac, homemade salsa, grapefruit


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