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ideas for compliant mono meals?


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44 minutes ago, lizitapola said:

any help would be appreciated. I'm a prep type of person and love having the same thing every day of the week.  Some things don't taste so good 2-3 days down the road (fish).

So far I have: quiche, frittatas, chili, soups. Any more ideas out there? THANKS!

I assume you mean the same breakfast for the week, then the same lunch for the week and so on... not that you want to eat the same thing for all three meals a day for a week...

I do this... breakfast is always the same for a week and lunch is the same for a week... I prep on Sunday and eat everything until end of day Friday... roasted veggies will keep, roasted chicken keeps, roasts, pork chops, pork loin, stews, meatballs, chicken burgers, hamburgers, salad (as long as you don't mix wet and dry until the day you're going to eat it).. I generally don't cook fish BECAUSE it doesn't last very long...

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The eggplant strata from Mel Joulwan actually gets better the longer it sits.  I made a turkey and kale soup that we had for lunches all last week. Make the filling for omelettes  (ie, sautee diced peppers, green beans, onions etc) on the weekend and then just adding the eggs and filling to frying pan so it's a combo of fresh and pre-made. 

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