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Donna and Casey's Whole 30


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Ooooh, I love cabbage, though now I have a sudden craving for Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce!

Day 24

B - Omelette with Tex Mex veg (portobello mushrooms and red onions marinaded in oil, lemon juice, garlic, dried chilli, cumin and pepper, then sautéed) and topped with avocado. As an ex-veggie it felt kinda nice to have a veggie breakfast

L - Salmon 'spaghetti' - leftover baked salmon, mushrooms, onions, garlic, tomatoes stirred into spaghetti squash, plus sauerkraut

D - Roast veggies (zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers) and lemon-pepper chicken breast

I roasted a ton of veggies to last me until midweek, and did not feel the need to snack which is unusual. I'm slowly working on the other ISWF recommendations. At the moment I'm struggling to avoid coffee after midday!

You know what? When I think of the bodies I aspire to be closer too, it's always the people who take good care of themselves and have shape and suppleness. My mum lost weight about 5 years ago to bring her blood pressure down and she did it the right way - slowly and by changing habits long term (she still eats whole grains, but I'll forgive her!!). She spent her whole life technically overweight, but turned it around with little bits of regular exercise and good food. She's just turned 55 and she looks incredible. And she's never done anything so silly as saying 'no coffee this week.' And she would never, ever judge others, even just to herself. Man, losing weight doesn't make someone better than someone else.

(OK, I'll admit, I'm a little homesick today.)

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Donna, that cabbage sounds delicious! I got a lovely cabbage from my CSA this weekend so maybe I will try it out. I also found a recipe for Grilled Cabbage Wedges with Spicy Lime Dressing, hmm, maybe I can do both! Any particular measurements I should be aware of? Does the cabbage go in foil? Is the recipe online? The shrimp one is here: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2010/03/cilantro-lime-shrimp.html The only things I did differently were I cut the recipe in half for two of us, but used more oil than called for and more lime juice. Very easy and really good.

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Donna, first of all - yay for day 29!!!

I know what you're talking about. My sister-in-law is a personal trainer, so she's physically in great shape, but she has loads of health issues. Recently, she decided she was going to go to whatever lengths to get a flat stomach after her pregnancies, so she met with some personal trainer/nutritionist that follows the paleo diet. I thought, finally, this is it! Not so much...

Her paleo diet is literally eating chicken breast at both lunch and dinner, every day, rotating out one or two vegetables a week (so, one week eating only green beans at every meal) and eating egg whites. She uses a fair amount of stevia as well, and a small amount of rice or sweet potato at lunch. It is very much an extreme diet. And, of course, she schedules in cheat days. She's in the constant state of miserable sugar cravings because of this and it is just annoying that this is even being called a paleo diet. But, I keep my mouth shut as usual...

Yesterday was really hectic. My brother is trying to get me to fill in for their lead guitarist in his death metal band. Now, I haven't even listened to this kind of music since I was a teenager. So, he came over yesterday with his bassist and gave me a crash course on their material. Very stressful because I will not get to play with the full band before the show, and it is this Saturday. I haven't played a show since I was 7 months pregnant. Not to mention, I don't even play in this style. I'm probably in way over my head, and I have to make a decision today.

Food wise, this translated into snacking instead of meals. I ate bacon, eggs and zucchini for breakfast, then three cans of tuna in olive oil and some strawberries for the rest of the day.

Today is starting out a little more sane. I had ground lamb patties, an egg and spinach for breakfast. I think I'm hungrier than usual today, so I'm thinking lunch will have to come a little early.

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Day 29.....

B: eggs with veggies

S: jerky

L: salad with pork

D: Spaghetti squash with homemade marinara sauce and GF meat added


Okay....so today was painless. Even keeled for my presentation and all is well, Wicked storms this morning in NJ....wicked. But the storms blew in some cooler dry air which is lovely. I put the recipe link above.

Casey, Katie and Ellie....thanks for your support! Some people are just !holes and that's that! So happy to find this lifestyle and grateful you are all here for me each day!

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Thanks, Donna! I will try it out.

Casey, hope the band thing goes okay. Death metal doesn't sound all that fun to me. :)

Scale was down a bit today, so that made me feel good.

B: scrambled eggs with spinach, bacon, blueberries

S: pistachios, coconut, dried apricot [not sure what was up, ate a big snack before lunch]

L: tuna/apple salad on Pure wrap, Larabar

D: Well Fed pad thai [This was a lot of work, what with the baking of the spaghetti squash and all, or maybe time-consuming would be a better description. Not sure how much it tastes like pad thai but it is yummy! Leftovers for lunch tomorrow....mmmm]

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Katie, if you want a cheat, I half my spaghetti squash, scoop out the seeds a blitz it in the microwave for 8 mins each half. Cutting it open while raw is a bit of a workout but it still saves time.

Day 25

B - Homemade guacamole, some GF deli beef, wrapped up in an omelette

L - Roasted veggies with baked salmon

S - Closed handful macadamias

D - Chicken breast with guacamole and chorizo, served with bell pepper, cherry tomatoes and kale chips.

S - Sauerkraut, a little more chorizo

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Casey...death metal!!!! so funny.....somehow I never put you and Death Metal guitarist in the same category! :)

Katie: I replaced worcesteshire with coconut amino in the cabbage recipe. Thanks for the shrimp recipe!

well today is Day 30..... :D

however....the weigh in will be tomorrow.....

I will continue onward until our cruise on Aug 6 and then pick up again after the cruise so I can feel great this summer. So I intend to keep blogging along with all of you.

I will give the specifics tomorrow.

Today I walked 2 miles and plan to kayak several hours this afternoon with some friends. I also am taking a Feldenkrais class at my gym at noon so that should be awesome!!!!! I have been wanting to take this class but can now with school being done.

Ellie: Just made spaghetti squash for dinner last night. Yummy....made my own garlic marinara sauce and GF beef for the top...it was amazing. Enjoy your day ladies and I will add my foods later. Had a banana and GF burger for breakfast so far....

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No, I am definitely not a death metal guitarist. When I was a teenager, I did play thrash metal (like Megadeth), but never in a band. It was just something I enjoyed learning to play because it was technically hard. But that was many years ago! My brother remembers this and thinks I can magically do anything on guitar. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to embarrass myself in front of a venue that I used to play at in my old band (which was an electronic/rock band). Ouch, when I say it that way it makes me really worried!


B: ground lamb, eggs, arugula, spinach and shallots

L: GF burger, arugula, asparagus, kale chips, tomato and avocado

D: Several days ago I made the eggplant italian pork recipe in Well Fed (can't think of the actual name). We ate it last night. This thing is amazing!

We are getting a break from the heat today before it starts hitting 100+, so we're going outside all day! I wonder if my daughter would take her nap outside... Just kidding. :-)

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Ellie, thanks! I followed the Well Fed directions so cut it in half and baked it for 30 mins. Came out perfectly. Does it come out really well from the micro? I am definitely planning to try it with some meat sauce very soon.

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food log:

Day 30

B: GF burger banana

L: chicken, salad greens with strawberries and slivered almonds

D: GF rib eye steak, Zucchini, sweet potato, cauliflower

S: cashews

Walked two miles, kayaked for two hours, Feldenkrais class one hour....yay summer

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Feldenkrais... oooh, Donna, I am jealous. Tell us about it!

Casey, I barely even know you online, but I am quite entertained at the idea of you playing death metal!

Hi everyone else!

It's been a difficult few days here W30-wise, for reasons good and bad. The good is that Cait and I talked for a long time on Saturday about what is and isn't working for her with this, and we agreed on some modifications (mostly that she doesn't have to simultaneously do W30 and hard-core rotation diet, but also more flexibility about carbs and a tiny bit of flexibility about sweeteners). This doesn't/shouldn't really change things for me, but it kind of knocked me off track. Oh, well, partly because she says I smell funny ever since I started this, and that kind of freaked me out. (She said it nicely.) Anyway, I've eaten a few non-compliant things and have been snacking MUCH more than I had been. I'm trying to get back on track but so far haven't pulled it off completely. This evening we found that our son had peed in a corner of OUR bedroom this morning (???) and later we found out that our guests last week may have brought bedbugs!!!! (My son has bites and we found two things that might be dead bugs.) The only good in that is I haven't eaten anything since the pee & bug discoveries, even though I really, really want to eat emotionally! (Thank god there's nothing really junky in the house or I'd be in trouble.) Oh, and I forgot the part about stepping on glass when vacuuming to stop bedbugs, which means it probably was a fragment of the CFL bulb I vacuumed up last week. Hello, mercury poisoning.


B: fried egg, turkey sausage (non-com: maple syrup), roasted cabbage inspired by Donna (YUM!!)

S: Hard-boiled egg

L: smoked turkey salad with W30 mayo, dried cranberries, chives, walnuts

S: apple, paleo granola (non-com: honey)

D: ???

Hope you all are doing better than this.


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Jen, I'm sorry things are stressful and you had a rough couple of days. BTW, I have gotten the "smell funny" comment as well. I'm guessing we do smell a bit different from eating all that meat, but hopefully it's not too disgusting. :) Okay, WTH is paleo granola, and where can I find a recipe? I can't even wrap my mind about what that would be. Hmm.

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Jen, we thought we had bed bugs shortly after we moved into our house, but it turned out they were really big fleas. It was a two month battle to get rid of those things. I HOPE you don't have bed bugs, because I've heard you literally have to throw out all mattresses and sometimes other furniture and carpet to get rid of them. That is so awful.

Today was kind of rough. Very cranky kid.

B: same as yesterday with the lamb patties and spinach

L: leftover Italian sausage and eggplant (this thing just gets better everyday!)

D: bacon, eggs and blueberries

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B: bacon, 1/2 an omelet with avocado and tomato [threw the other half out bc it tasted yucky], nectarine

L: leftover Well Fed pad thai

S: Larabar

D: Well Fed citrus carnitas, red onion, avocado, sauteed green beans with almonds

S: pina colada popsicle

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Casey, my husband and two sons are avid guitarists...acoustic and electric. I have no idea how to read music....I have always wanted to learn the guitar and it is on my list of things next summer. I start a grad course today which will consume my summer and have another course in the fall. Once that is over, my life is my own again after 7 years of going back to college and finishing my degrees....can't wait to do what I want to do and study what I want to study.

Feldenkrais...got addicted to Charlie Murdach's ATM/feldenkrais for free on youtube. I have internal shoulder problems. I do two of his sessions in the morning. I put my laptop on the floor next to me and listen to his instructions...what an amazing difference! Don't have to run to the chiropractor once a week anymore. My gym offers Feldenkrais class once a week so I took it yesterday and it was wonderful!!!!!! here's one link from Charlie Murdach....

oh boy, Jen...my heart goes out to you. My husband was traveling out west and found a bedbug on his shirt hanging in the closet and he brought it down to the desk. The entomologist came and said it was indeed a bedbug...but it hadn't fed in a while which was good. We hermetically sealed everything he brought home and did a few things recommended by the extension at Rutgers. I had a bedbug expert come in and speak two years ago from Rutgers to the school nurses. It is so prevalent worldwide. Bedbug bites are on the trunk. Fleas usually stay in the carpets and bites are below the knee areas...

Also, you have me worried I smell too....must ask hubby. Today is our 30 year wedding anniversary. Jen, you have had an extraordinarily rough few days. For me that would have constituted me running out and getting a Hershey Bar and a pint of Chunky Monkey so kudos to you...We have to make this work within the confines of our families, right? Cait and your children are number one and that is that!!!!!

You can call a local extension service at a university that specializes in entamotology...we have Rutgers right here 10 minutes away ( my boys both went there but lived there for college).....they were extremely helpful and may ask you to bring the bug in....just google your state and Entamotology extensions....they are free services and professors are usually available and are quite helpful with state of the art research driven solutions.....hang in there

Well, today is my weigh in....I am heading out for a run and then will weigh in as that is how I always do my weigh ins so I will keep it constant....I am quite fearful, but it is what it is. My clothes fit more loosely. I feel better...full report to follow with my weigh in...

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Jen! *hugs*

You and Cait have done really well to adjust together to a new lifestyle while raising your young family. You both sound like wonder women to me!

And bleurgh to bedbugs, I hope you haven't got the beasties!

Day 26

B - Omelette with salmon and avocado

S - Macadamias

L - Salad of grilled chicken, raw sugar snaps and bell pepper, dipped in gaucamole

D - GF beef burger on a bed of roasted veggies with kale chips on the side

S - Wasn't really hungry, but there is a jar of pre-toasted almond flakes I forgot about, and I had about 3 small handfuls :o

Excited to be finishing my first W30 and having a bit of dark choc and yoghurt this weekend, but also happy to be carrying on W30ing in July, I still have some resetting to do (also gonna be going til the 6th August, which coincidentally is my birthday!).

Donna, congrats, though I'm glad you'll be sticking around! Don't forget to do a super cool post in the 'Success Stories' forum, it's my go-to place for inspiration.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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Congrats Ellie!!!!! Big Stuff....didn't realize you and I are together in our dates!!!!!

Okay, so ran 4 miles and walked my pup 1 mile.....

Weigh in....pounds lost is 8.5 lbs....add that to the already 10 lbs lost with first W30 and that is 18.5 lbs total!!!! Feeling fabulous...my clothes are loose and my skin is clear but my oh my, my belly is calm! No gurgling, whirring or gas escaping! That is HUGE...so I will continue with you ladies until Aug 6 then week off for cruise then hopping back in! Everybody have a fabulous day. This stuff really works. Best of all, dipped below a number I haven't seen for myself in years which feels awesome too. I am looking to lose 21.5 lbs more so onward and upward!!!!!! Thanks to all of you beauties for keeping me honest..... ;)

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Ellie, how crazy. My birthday is August 6 too! But my birthday has seemed to become overshadowed by my daughter's, so I've almost forgotten about it.

Yay Donna! For multiple things, actually. I bet it will feel so satisfying when school is finished for you, and when you go on this cruise many pounds lighter. :)

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no, but my gym nurse did....I have an appointment with the nurse next week for a recheck so I will let you know the results after they remeasure and do another evaluation with my blood pressure etc!

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