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Donna and Casey's Whole 30


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Katie - sometimes I think some of us really need more than 30 days. 30 days is just a recommendation. Maybe just keeping the course for a little while longer? Whole30 is a pretty strict (although you can go even stricter, and crossing into crazy, paleo). It might be helpful to decide what foods you want to be done with for good (wheat and/or dairy are pretty common picks) and what foods you're ok with (occasional use of honey or rice), and then experiment with those foods you think you'll be ok with.

Wholehealth - I know what you mean. It can be really tough to stay healthy in situations where there is so much emotion tied up with food. My family is notorious for this. For example, growing up on the day we put up the Christmas tree we ate nothing but sweets. Horrible, but we really did this - no actual food the entire day. Every holiday, every reason to celebrate or mourn, was tied up in unhealthy foods. Now, I just feel a little sad at these occasions because I'm not eating that stuff, but I'm convinced that one day, if I just hold strong through those experiences, I'll just stop being sad about the food and enjoy the occasion and the people instead.

Ellie - I haven't read this, but I will. I know there is a thread on this forum about this subject and how you will actually crave more carbs during that time because you need them. Maybe try eating sweet potato instead of fruit to fulfill that physical need.

Ok, yesterday:

B: egg and leftover sausage scramble, banana

L: burger, paleo ketchup and avocado

S: a little bit of coconut curry beef stew. I think we'll have this for dinner tonight

D: egg, sausage and zucchini scramble, and sweet potato

We went out to our bike trail as a family, but my daughter decided 4 miles in she wasn't having it, so my husband stopped at a playground with her while I finished the loop. I screwed up and estimated a time to meet back based on how fast I used to ride, years ago. I used to ride at a 16-17 mph pace, now-a-days it's closer to 12 mph. I realized this about a mile later and decided to max it for the rest of the ride. Even though I'm sore today, it was really fun to ride at my old pace again. And it was pretty awesome to make it back at the time I said I would. I credit clean eating and riding with the trailer lately for the fact that I can still walk today. :)

Ok, daughter is tearing up her pad of drawing paper while standing on top of a dumped over laundry basket. Time to get off the internet!

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Katie, our kids weren't terribly interested in them either, until we intentionally had a playdate with some friends who are really into riding their bikes (their dad does BMX or motocross or something - I don't know the difference!). Maybe if you can get him into a situation like that it might help?

I totally agree about the social challenges of not eating typical foods.

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On the topic of social challenges of eating normal foods... Today was a very strange day! I went to a conference in the morning and it said breakfast provided. I figured it would be the same old stale danishes. Nope, a full on hot breakfast buffet spread. I definitely indulged in some bacon and fruit! Mmm.

Lunch was a shawarma salad at work. And one of my coworkers says "Hey what's Paleo?" (she reads my blog)... I really didn't feel like getting into a conversation about it and justifying my choices, but I just said a healthy way of eating. Google it or read the book It Starts With Food. ha. and of course my arrogant arsewhole coworker starts going on about it blablabla. anywayy

Then dinner was out at an indian restaurant with friends. I avoided a landmine here. I ordered chicken tikka masala and eggplant curry separately from everything else the group was sharing and told the server I had a wheat and dairy intolerance. Worked like a charm. I enjoyed some yummy sugar, dairy, legume and grain free dinner and took the leftovers home for dinner. I'm sure I slipped today and had nitrate bacon and some non-paleo oil in my dinner, but i'm okay with that. ;)

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The American culture is centered around two things, food and alcohol. I gave up alcohol 7 years ago....no problem now....however.....food, that is another story. I quit smoking, no problem....but food, you can't stay away from it. It's always in your face. We went out for a lunch today for the last day of school and I was totally compliant. Then dessert came and everyone ordered. I had a black coffee. Then the other 3 ladies were like, I feel so bad you are not having dessert. Such willpower. Actually, I didn't even crave it today. Although I felt emotionally wrapped up in the deprivation....But that will get better because I feel better.....Today is Day 25....feeling happy and healthy and really want to keep moving forward. I have been stuck in the poor me's with eating and food for too long.

Day 25

B: Eggs, jerky

L: Salad greens with salmon

D: GF Burger, banana chips (unsweetened), nuts....on the run for graduation.

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British culture is exactly the same, and the drinking culture in particular is everywhere. I drink moderately for my age (when not W30) and I always feel the pressure to drink to excess when in the pub with friends... Thankfully, our frankenfood doesn't involve as many sweeteners and additives as the US equivalents, but most social gatherings still revolve around food (and Brit cuisine is 90% carbs!!).

IMHO the cultural and social challenges, twinned with messed up food psychology, are the biggest dangers to us who are trying to change our nutrition for the better.

Well done on the bike ride, Casey! I doubt I have the stamina to reach 12 mph pace for any length of time!

Day 21

B - Beef, scrambled egg

L - Greens, carrot, pepper, 1/2 avocado, beef, olives, sauerkraut

S - Closed handfull macadamias

D - Curried turkey, 1/2 avocado

S - Leftover coconut milk

I get a free lunch today at my friends' graduation... We'll see if I can eat any of it! *Hopes for a buffet*

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Casey, do you mean you average 12 MPH these days WITH the trailer, or that's what you do when without (or empty) trailer? Either way, HOT DAMN. My cycle computer is dead and I haven't attached the iPhone mount to the bike yet so I don't know what my pace is these days - but it's nowhere near that.

I definitely have trouble with the social eating thing on an emotional level, particularly when I think about long term. In the short term, it's been less difficult than I thought it might be. I have been to a happy hour, a kid's birthday party, a couple of restaurant meals, and Fathers' Day at my dad's and had no trouble passing up non-compliant stuff. A twinge here or there, but not really a big deal. But if I think long term: no cheese ever? ice cream? really good pizza? Those are pretty much the ones that get me. And again, there's the fact that we will be strict W30 for a long time to come which adds to the challenge. If Cait can get to a point where she starts to heal, I know we would add limited sweeteners back, and I will probably have a drink on occasion, especially when traveling. She doesn't drink so that won't upset her (except when visiting my family, which is when she DOES imbibe if it gets really, um, "challenging"... which it always does). Oh, and the other one I have a really tough time with is corn. A summer without any corn on the cob is pretty unimaginable. I'm putting this all under the category of "social eating" because we DON'T have any of the stuff at home, and can go on indefinitely and happily that way. But I can't envision never indulging in those things when traveling or visiting friends. I just don't know where to draw the line.

But the day-to-day is not hard, even today when things are really a huge mess at work for reasons totally beyond my control. (It's supposed to be my last day of work before summer break but everything I have accomplished this week pretty much was undone by someone else AND I hadn't gotten very far on the to do list anyway). But I don't have the urge to eat emotionally, which is HUGE and all due to W30.

Day 9 (yesterday)

B: fried eggs with salsa and avocado, coffee/coco cream, watermelon (I think)

S: mixed nuts (this turns out NOT to be the week to conquer nuts)

L: Burrito bowl: chicken, fajita veg, salsa, guac. Probably had some non-W30 oil or seasoning but it was a special mommy/daughter lunch with takeout from her favorite restaurant

S: watermelon and blueberries

D: pesto grilled chicken (Well-Fed Pesto) over zucchini noodles. I salted the shredded zucchini to sweat it, which I haven't done in the past. The recipe said "liberally". Not THAT liberally, apparently. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed them, but it was still like "a salt lick" as Cait said. Ooops. The pesto and chicken were awesome though.

Day 10:

B: Pesto and spinach omelette, coffee/coco cream, watermelon and blueberries

Plan for L: leftover chicken and apple sausage (FYI: Aidell's is nowhere near as good as Applegate) grapes.

D: probably smoked chicken, if I can make it to my brother's to pick up the chicken he smoked for us

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Jen - Ha, that would be pretty amazing to ride at a 12 mph pace with a trailer! No, I do that pace without the trailer. I imagine my pace with the trailer is usually about 9 or 10 mph.

And, I really hear you on the corn thing. I never eat corn except when it is in season at the farmer's market. Then we have it once a week usually. I'm actually missing that this year and I never thought I cared that much about it before. Apparently, I do!

My husband makes eating paleo so hard. Literally, every night this week he has eaten fast food, and has kept some cake somebody gave him in the fridge. I finally dumped it yesterday because I got fed up with seeing it over and over. I know that he will probably never go paleo, but it would be nice he could at least eat "healthier" from the SAD diet prospective. I'm not really tempted by whole wheat sandwiches and potato chips. But, Chinese food, fast food and sugar is sometimes overwhelming to be around like that.


B: eggs

L: leftover coconut curry beef stew

D: salmon, fruit salad, and more kale chips

My daughter is over at her grandparents today so I'm going to prep some food and not play at a playground!

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I am not sure I can make it through the summer without corn on the cob. Seriously. I could eat it every day. I only buy it when local corn is available, so it's not a big window, but damn! Really not sure I can do that. Harrumph. :(

Casey, I hear you on the spouse issue. Don't get me started. Ugh. She doesn't eat meat/poultry so she is grossed out by me eating so much of it, and is kinda petulant about me not eating the same way I used to and being a little less focused on what I am making for her. It's ticking me off, obviously. :)

You guys managing restaurant meals are very impressive! I think I've only eaten out once since I started. I am spending a ton of $ on food, it seems, but I guess I'm saving on eating out. Sigh. I am not much of a drinker, so that hasn't been an issue, luckily, except when I want to use vanilla!

Yesterday's meals:

B: Italian chicken sausage, blueberries

L: curried turkey salad with raisins on Pure wrap, nectarine

S: almonds

D: steak tip, green beans, salad

S: pina colada pop

I have probably said this before, but I do find this way of eating to be very satiating, and I don't really get hungry between meals very much. I have always been a big snacker so this is a huge change for me. But I would have thought the pounds would be falling off right and left with cutting out all those snacks, and they really haven't been, unfortunately. One week left and we'll see if that makes any difference.


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I hear you on the fresh corn....I will be hard pressed to resist Jersey sweet corn. Today was my first day off of summer vacay and wooooot, it was a wonderfully active yet relaxing day. I walked 4 miles in this hot, humid weather. I picked up our CSA. I got to pick my own beans and cut fresh flowers as part of the CSA. I slept until 7am!!!!!

so today is Day 26 and all is well

B: mean green juice (Breville juicer, kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger, apples, celery)

L: chicken salad with almond slivers and mayo

D: Salad greens, pork, guacamole

Casey, I feel your pain with your hubby. Katie, I know it's tough when your spouse feels like your new way of eating is a threat to what you know as a couple....especially if they feel repulsed by the meat thing. My friends are vegans and are grossed out by my carnivorism. I don't judge them so I wish they would not judge me.

Ellie....you are doing really good. I was talking on chat with a gent from UK and he was saying it costs 30.00 for coconut oil in the UK....is that true?

Jen: Kudos for not emotionally eating. It's amazing how this healthy way of eating doesn't trigger eat fests...I am loving it too....

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About the corn - I think if one is not actively in a "real" W30, counting days and really striving to make it a full 30 completely compliant, it should be ok to have some corn if it's in season and see how it affects you. If it doesn't bug you or trigger cravings, then you can choose to have corn a few times in season. Even Melissa and Dallas say it's not reasonable to live completely W30 all the time (and they themselves consciously choose to off road on occasion). My challenge is that Cait *has* to do it for an unknown length of time, because she hasn't responded well enough to try reintroducing things, and I don't want to flaunt that I can go off road when she can't. And she LOVES corn. :(

I didn't let the job stress lead to emotional eating yesterday, but hoo boy did I discover a trigger this morning. So far I have resisted it but I know I still have work to do. I weighed myself and I have lost, but only a tiny bit - and this is the second week that has happened. Instead of being happy that I continue to lose at a healthy rate, I got totally depressed and frustrated and IMMEDIATELY wanted to eat crap. I am not doing it, but it's hard. I have more to say about this but have to run out the door.


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Ha! No, the brand of coconut oil I have costs about £8, which ain't cheap but it's not too much more (the one I bought in the US was $8, so just over a fiver in pounds).

Casey, you have the patience of a saint, I could not deal with having cake around right now.

I'm off to see Niagara Falls now, yay! Again, just hope there will be compliant food for me at lunch... :(

Day 22

B - Omelette with curried sausage and sauerkraut

L - Amazingly, there was chicken provencal available at my friend's graduation! Oxidised olive oil was involved, but otherwise totally optimal healthy grub for free!

D - Was not too hungry, just had a bit more curried sausage with some spaghetti squash and snap peas.

And no fruit!! It's amazing how my cravings subside when fruit isn't in the cupboard...

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Ellie - I first peeled the cream cheese part off the cake (which I am allergic to), then seriously thought about eating it before turning it over to the trash. I almost took a bite, but I'm glad I didn't.

Niagara Falls sounds neat. Never been, but maybe one day!

Donna- I hear you on the heat. Summer is really starting up here. Last week was in the mid-90's and tomorrow is supposed to hit 99. We have a couple 100's in the forecast next week, too. I'm not ready! Ok, I'm never ready...

We got a little crazy last night and bought some Vibrams. These things are awesome! We took them right out to a trail and ran with them. So much better than my heavily padded running shoes - very freeing.

Yesterday's log:

B/L: rest of the leftover coconut curry beef stew

D: Ate out at Chevy's: I did shrimp fajita (no tortillas) with avocados. I had such a hard time ordering because they were out of a lot of things (i.e. couldn't just make me a salad). So, I did the best I could. I think they were glad when I just settled on something.

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Jen, I totally hear you. I weighed myself this morning as well. The damn scale is just stuck on a particular number [that I am not fond of, shall we say]. And it totally makes me want to say f#$% it, I might as well eat what I want if that's how this is going to go. Sigh. I too have managed not to listen to that voice, but it's hard, and it does get me down more than I should. I was reading some of the success stories and seeing how some people lose 15 or so pounds, and I am going to be NOWHERE near that, and I have been totally sticking to it. So I wonder what I did "wrong", maybe my portions are too big or I'm eating too much fruit. But honestly I'm not sure I could do it without those two things. So I don't know. Anyway, less than a week left at this point. Maybe there will be a miracle. :)

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Katie - it isn't that you're doing it wrong, I think it is just that you are not those people that lost the 15 lbs. This is why they say not to get on the scale - because you need to see that it isn't just about the weight loss. Sure, if you don't lose weight, you could just eat whatever you want anyway, because what's the difference? But what IS the difference? Have you experienced any other benefits thus far? How many days are you in at this point (I'm losing count of everyone)? Could it be that you just really need more time? Also, I've lost inches before losing pounds before - could that be happening to you?

Something that isn't mentioned enough around here is that 30 days isn't always enough to reverse hormonal imbalances that might be causing your body to hold on to weight. Some of us need more time. Hang in there and try to see all the positives outside of appearance, too.

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chiming in to agree with Casey here and I almost got on the scale today after my run but resisted the temptation. My clothes fit better, I know I've lost inches. I have to disassociate myself with that $*#L^ scale. I have a very unhealthy relationship with it. Funny thing is, I could fluctuate 3 to 5 lbs with water weight on any given day. So it truly is a number. I am on day 27 today... I feel great and am sleeping like a champ. My skin is clearing. My musical bowels and gas are completely gone!!!!! I am happier, yes happier! It is a mood equalizer to not have dips in my blood sugar. Reading the book, the hormones are difficulty to tame after years and years of food imbalances. Hang in there ladies. Some days, I am right with you. Today, I am having a particular up day. I would not step on the scale no matter HOW much it was calling me. Katie and Jen, do your clothes fit differently? DO you see a difference in anything since you began your journey????? We got your back, you are allowed to have a day of the grrrrrrrrrrrrs!

By the way, my hub and I went to the movies this afternoon. I brought mixed nuts with dried bananas(unsweetened) and my soda water. He was chomping on his buttered popcorn and lemonade and I was really happy to be eating something that won't kill me in two hours like popcorn does. It also causes me to run to the bathroom the whole next day....I am looking at this not from a craving perspective, but from a "why would I do that to myself" perspective....

Day 27 Foods

B: Jerky, Vegetable egg omelette

S: mixed nuts

L: Sauteed swiss chard in olive oil and garlic, hamburger (GF)

D: Greens with beef and chicken

Probably will have an apple with almond butter or some fruit with whipped coconut after dinner.

Ran 2 miles, Walked 3 miles

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Oooo congrats on the vibrams, Casey! We have them too, but I don't like running in them. not that I've gone running much lately. I've been lazy as heck!

I had a total freak out last night about not understanding my stats assignment and completely wanted to binge ate. I ate a whole package of proscuitto. Fail. But at least it wasn't worse. Normally I could eat that +++++! Anyway.

B: eggs

L: "sandwich" on bell pepper with turkey and guacamole

D: chicken tikka masala, cauilflower rice and curried eggplant.

One week to go!!

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I'm really loving these Vibrams. We got them because we're doing a Tough Mudder in October and I think I would die after more than 2 miles in my running shoes.


B: bacon, eggs and brussels sprouts

L: steak, zucchini and banana

D: pork chop, cauliflower "fried rice," and this: http://paleomg.com/cinnamon-bacon-backyard-sweet-potatoes/

The sweet potato thing was very yummy, but sadly, it may be the last sweet potato I eat for a few months. Earlier this year, when we signed up for the Tough Mudder, I decided I would try to train for this thing in a ketogenic state to train my body to burn fat instead of carbs. Well, here we are near the end of June and it's time I start that process. I'm a little nervous about it, and it's probably because it flies in the face of everything I learned when I was cycling. But, then again, eating fat flies in the face of everything I used to know about nutrition and it turned out to be far better for me than the low fat fare.

Big sigh, it's for the best.

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Casey, I have to claim ignorance and had to google Vibrams! Now I know what they are. As someone who has been running (jogging as of late) since I am 19 I am intrigued. BUT I have a tendency to have some internal rotation issues which stress my achiles tendons for long distance running. In 2005 I was fitted for the Brooks Ariel which is a great stabilizer shoe for women. I have been running in these ever since. I was able to complete my NYC marathon training with the Ariel and complete the marathon achiles pain free which is a miracle. So they look really cool but definitely not for me.

I can tell you I have been running in a bit of a ketogenic state during the W30 and it's hard. I hate it. I have no stamina. I think I may go back to eating a sweet potato the evening before a planned long run for sustainability....I totally peter out and become hypoglycemic as well. I don't like feeling that way on a run/jog....When I was marathon training I kept GU jels in my fanny pack for energy after miles 8, 9, 10....and I have no idea what the paleo replacement for that will be.....

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I too am also aiming for a keto state in next month's Whole30, but I'm definitely not an athlete. I find that when I do work out, I find it harder to reach the same level, but this is also closely linked to how much good sleep I'm getting.

Day 23

B - Omelette with curried sausage and sauerkraut

L - Chicken salad in Niagara Falls (forgot to ask for the dressing on the side, but managed to eat around most of the frankendressing)

D - Gorgeous fresh baked salmon from the market with green beans and toasted almonds.

S - Strawberries and coconut cream, kale chips that I did not burn!!

Over halfway through ISWF on my kindle. I'm definitely aiming for better eating habits - no more eating breakfast over my emails or compensating for binges with too much exercise!

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I'm really curious about the training in the keto state because I keep reading about ultra-endurance athletes that do this. That was a big problem when I was cycling - not bonking out. I did everything the experts said, even went paleo for a time, and I never resolved this issue. But, like Donna said, some people report not having enough energy to train eating this way. I'm going to experiment with it for a month and see if it totally devastates me or if I see any progress. I'm kind of divided on it because I keep hearing both sides of the argument, and both make sense!

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I should also mention that I am opposed to running long distances to train for this. I've been riding my bike, but this week I need to start sprinting. That's how I plan to train for the running - keeping the easy biking I'm doing on an almost daily basis and adding sprints in, on top of short but intense strength training. I'll do a test run or two before the event of about 5 miles, but other than that, I'm not going to training by doing distance. I've read a lot of articles about training this way and I'm pretty convinced this might be a smarter way to train. So, maybe doing keto won't be as hard if this is how I'm training. We'll see.

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Day 28

B: Eggs with Bacon

L: veggie, chicken kabobs, salad

D: Pork, Roasted Cabbage with bacon bits, fresh wax beans

So I was at a picnic today for my friends anniversary. This woman was there who just lost 40 lbs....she doesn't look healthy. She looks like skin on bone and she is about 60....she was asking me about Whole30....I told her about it and she says it sounds exactly like what her fancy NY nutritionist has had her on. But she does things like....this week, no coffee. This week no fruit, etc.....constantly tricking the body. But she doesn't really look healthy but she does look thin. So she looks me up and down like she already knew the answer....and was like....so is this working for you???? I was incredulous! So I said sarcastically....oh yeah, I gained 10 lbs!

Sometimes, I just hate people....then, the dessert table was filled with everything I love....she was like, you can have a small piece of something and I was like....no, I really can't....and walked away. Couldn't wait to go home to my Paleo abode safe and sound. This is a lifestyle change and I am only 27 days in......

Today I walked 2 miles and ran 3 miles.....and apparently, I look like I have not lost any weight according to my newly skinny fellow guest....

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Donna, that lady sounds like a beyotch. Just sayin'. :) You are doing awesome.

So I drove my daughter 2 1/2 hours to her sleepover camp today. She's going for 3 weeks. I will miss her but the break will probably do us both good. 13 is intense. I was so good; I packed a lunch and we had a "car picnic" on the way out so I wouldn't stop and eat junk, I ignored the cookies at camp, etc. But as I was driving home I saw a little bbq place on the side of the road, smoker smoking away, and I couldn't resist. I love bbq ribs. So I got a plate of 3 ribs with no sides [that was hard, I love all those yummy sides], no sauce...I'm sure there was "bad" stuff on them anyway, in the rub or whatever, but there you go. They were yummy and only a small cheat and I'm not going to feel bad about it. :)

I think I forgot to do yesterday's meals:

B: scrambled eggs with spinach, blueberries

L: tuna and apple salad on lettuce wraps

D: cilantro lime shrimp [oh, man, so easy and really good...if you like garlic and lime. If anyone wants the recipe let me know], sauteed sugar snap peas that I picked yesterday at my CSA, salad

S: pina colada popsicle


B: scrambled eggs with spinach, blueberries

L: egg salad in lettuce cups, 1/2 banana

S: 3 ribs, Larabar

D: wild salmon, baked sweet potato with clarified butter, salad

Well, off to walk the the dog...she's been cooped up all day, and I spent 5 hours in the car so I can use it also.

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thanks Katie....I knew my girls here would understand. Sorry for the whine. We deprive ourselves of things most people take for granted. I understand your rib adventure yesterday. I would love the cilantro shrimp recipe please. 13 is the toughest age for girls. 11, 12 and 13....I was a middle school nurse for 8 years. Those were the years that bullying was at its height. Everybody is jockeying for position for popularity and peer pressure is HUGE....just keep telling her how beautiful she is inside and out because they are filled with self doubt and self loathing in middle school. It takes till your twenties to realize beauty is an inside job!

Day 29 today and I have to deliver a concussion seminar to the district nurses and my big head honcho is coming to watch so I have a bit of angst in my belly....

I made a delicious cabbage recipe yesterday. You quarter cabbage (got from my CSA) and drizzle it with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil and bacon bits and crushed garlic so it gets in the crannies of the cabbage. You wrap the cabbage individually and put in oven at 425 for 20 to 30 minutes. yum....the recipe called for worcestashire as well but that is not compliant....

My sons were over for dinner and loved it! You have to use real bacon bits and that is what makes it!!!!

Everybody enjoy your Monday today....yours in W30! :lol:

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