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Help me prepare for Day 1!


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Hi Whole 30 community!

I'm starting my first W30 on Monday. I'm not clearing my pantry because my husband and two sons will not be doing it with me, although they will generally be eating whatever I make for dinner, which will be compliant. Tomorrow I'm going to Whole Foods to get the food I need to get started on Monday and for the next few days.

What were you must-haves, or go-to's that helped make your W30 a success?

What do you wish you had known on day 1?

I have read ISWF, subscribed to the daily e-mail, and have read as much of the forums as I could the past couple of days. I'm excited!

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A slow cooker is the most amazing thing. Put a frozen roast in. Dust it with salt, garlic powder, and ground coriander. Cover and let cook on low for 8 hours. Then you can do all sorts of things with the meat. My favorite is to add to wilted greens, chopped onion, dried cranberries, and macadamia nuts. Or eat it with good sauerkraut. For breakfast this morning, I ate microwaved slow cooker roast and really good sauerkraut straight from the bottle. That simple 8 AM meal carried me through errands and a 90 minute yoga class in style.

I love the pre-washed fresh greens that Whole Foods sells - baby kale, spinach, any of them. I don't feel like I've eaten right if at least one meal does not include wilted greens and this stuff makes it so easy. Of course, I tend to use 1/3 of a pound at each meal, so 16 ounces of fresh greens only gives me 3 meals.

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Sounds like you're doing the all the right things to get prepared. Stock pile a bunch of recipes that are whole 30 so when you're looking for ideas of what to eat you've already got a list. I've got a pinterest board (see my profile for the link) that has a bunch of whole 30 recipes from around the net. Also, pick a few quick and easy go to snacks to have on hand for when you get in a pinch and want to eat (nuts--just not too many--hard boiled eggs, olives, bell peppers, coconut flakes etc...) Put the non-compliant food that your family will be having out of sight.

My must haves are coconut oil, kale (I make kale chips all the time), bacon, ground beef (quick and easy emergency protein), eggs.

Good luck!!

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I'm only on Day 3;) But I think having a meal plan has really, really helped me so far. I planned my breafast, lunch and dinner for the next week and I've already started on my following week's menu. Even if you aren't going to clean out your pantry or fridge maybe you could organize your complaint food seperately from your family? My husband is doing it with me and our 4 year old(s) food that isn't that tempting, yet:)

Read labels! I bought 4 cartons of beef/chicken broth that I can't use now! Peppermint tea has been a lifesaver for the headache that has been pretty constant since late on Day 1 for me. It's also works great for cravings.

Having some food prepped in advance has helped too! I poached chicken breasts and I made a large batch of sweet potato hash that got my husband and I through our 1st two days of breakfast. Topped with eggs of course. I also hard boiled a dozen eggs for an easy and quick protein. I'm planning on browing up some ground beef later today to keep on hand.

It sounds like you're on the right track already. The book is a great resource and the emails are too! There is a feeling of accomplishment when you click on the I Did It button;)

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Coconut milk! Olive oil !! Sweet potatoes!!!





Carrots.... All these are great go to veg that last a long time in the fridge

And for emergencies several bags of frozen veggies.... I always find myself running short on veg

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Okay, so I'm only 5 days into my W30, but I've been tinkering with this type of eating for a while. Here are my current secret weapons in the planning-ahead game. These are a few things I like to have at the fridge at any given time:

(1) A bunch of cooked, sliced chicken thighs or breasts, stashed into individual serving sizes and stowed in the freezer. Ready to defrost at a moment's notice.

(2) A couple of roasted sweet potatoes at the ready. These take no time at all to prep, but can be wonderfully filling. Mix with a bit of ghee and cinnamon.

(3) Some pre-cut veggies.... I like the broccoli/cauliflower steam-in-the-bag variety.

(4) Some kind of interesting sauce to add to your veggies and protein. I love the olive oil mayo from Whole 30 rock star Melissa Joulwan (recipe available here — and her whole site is excellent). I'll add chopped garlic and balsamic vinegar to a little mayo. It adds a HUGE amount of flavor (and some nice beneficial fat) to sleepy old steamed veggies.

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My hardest meal is breakfast because I'm always pressed for time. If I get behind, I tend to skip it. I started making a breakfast casserole with 12 eggs, a grated sweet potato, thawed, frozen spinach squeezed dry, and either compliant sausage or seasoned ground beef. After that, I add some of whatever I have around--leftover broccoli, chopped tomato, mushrooms, green peppers, etc. I pour it all into a greased 9x13 baking dish and cook at 350 until the center is set. Then I can cut it into portions and freeze them, so I can toss them in the microwave as needed. If I screw up breakfast I throw myself off for the whole day and make my life much harder.

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i do a big cook and chop on sunday to help through the week like many other posters.

spaghetti squash

roasted sweet potatoes

sauteed kale with bacon

pot roast

chicken thighs

boiled eggs

soup - either cauliflower or butternut squash

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