corn and beans

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Just finished my third day. All is good. 

Wanted to know, however, why corn and beans are not allowed. What is the impact on the body by these vegetables that would cause them to be forbidden. thanks

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Like Lorna, I didn't get to read the book(s) prior to starting Whole30... but I totally agree that It Starts With Food is great at laying everything out in a way that's easy to digest (pun intended) and gives the opportunity to read the detailed science behind the rules and suggestions. I finally started reading ISWF nearly at the end of my W30, and while I'd gone into it with eyes open and knowing beyond doubt that certain things I'd done previously weren't good for me, ISWF made it make sense and explained why that's the case. It's a little heavy, but I suggest reading the science-y details through the whole thing, because it's honestly fascinating. Food Freedom Forever is also a great one, but it lets ISWF handle the scientific lifting so I wouldn't skip ISWF if I had the option to read it first. :) 

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