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Oooook, in an effort to make myself more accountable...to myself...I'm jumping in with a log. I completed my first ever W30 in January and felt great. I had read the book and done the research but felt really intimidated to start. Finally bit the bullet and started Jan 2 and truly did not regret it. Yes it was work, yes there were some physical bumps and bruises along the way ***I'm looking at YOU migraine!*** but I learned a lot about myself.

I learned I really like kale for breakfast.

I learned I can drink fizzy water while the rest of the table orders beer.

I learned I can make almond flour pancakes for my son...and eat my kale-happily.

I learned my cycle can be normal! Woo hoo! That was a long time coming.

I learned it's easier to spend five minutes making my lunch than try to find something compliant at a restaurant.

I learned I'm so much calmer of mind and spirit during a W30.

I learned that I really do have time to take hot baths. Little back story, we've lived in this house for over seven years, we sprang for the upgraded soaker tub with jets while the house was being built...and my son used it more than I did! During my W30 I used it so much my water bill went up!

I learned I have a lot more to learn.

I went through my reintroductions and found for the most part I don't miss, or need, the grains in my life. Wheat makes me itch. Legumes make me a little dizzy. Dairy I can tolerate, but not in large quantities-let me tell you this one made me happy, I make a mean cheese plate for parties! I also learned that when it comes to alcohol my brain cannot be trusted! Give me an inch, I'll take a mile and then I end up depressed and angry. So....not.....worth .... it!

So, now what? Time to circle the wagons, regroup and try this whole bike riding thing again! I've decided to call this a W15, I have an event coming up in a couple of weeks, my son's school auction, and I don't want to stress about food during that hectic, and fun, day. I called yesterday Day 0.

How did Day 0 go? Pretty darn well actually! I took the time to read, again, the Day 0 email and this time I actually set some goals-whoops, sort of skipped that part last time! This time around I will endeavor to:

Take my time to eat and enjoy my dinner-dinner often ends up rushed, always at the table, but still rushed.

I will go to bed at 10:00, getting up at 5:20 I really should aim for 9:30, but 10:00 is attainable.

I will meditate 5 minutes a day-apparently harder than it sounds for me!

I will do strength and cardio 3x a week each for 30 minutes.

I will stretch and do some simple yoga postures nightly.

I will not aggravate my right hip, I have pushed myself in the past to run through the pain, not a good idea.

I will spend at least two days a month doing something FUN with my family and one full day a month by....my.....self....oh yeah.

I will reread ISWF.

I will have no more than two cups of coffee a day...just typing that one out makes me weep, ever so softly...sigh.

As far as food goes I had a veggie and ground pork scramble with eggs and black coffee for breakfast, didn't worry about the little bits of non compliant bacon that were in there from the left over sauted brussels sprouts and bacon cause it was day 0!

For lunch I had a huge salad with tuna, homemade mayo, 1/4 avocado.

Dinner was roasted sausages with mushrooms, onions and brussels sprouts and 1/4 avocado.

I struggled with taking my time to eat and I really think I need meditation for dummies cause man that was way harder than I thought it should be! I did not do any exercise but I did some light stretching and sun salutations after my hot bath and I turned the light off...at about 10:05-had to finish the chapter!!!

My goal is to update daily, I think I need the public accountability and also think I will benefit from writing and reviewing what's going on, what I'm eating and how I'm feeling. There we have it, away I go-again. ;)

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Day one is winding to a close and I'm ready to call it a night! Sadlly I have a few hours to go before I can tuck myself in and hit the sack. I'm feeling the fatigue, probably in part at least because I was successful in limiting myself to just two cups of black coffee, I did have tea in the afternoon but I rarely feel wired from tea, coffee though...look out!

M1: ground pork scramble with 1/4 sweet potato, kale and mushrooms, one egg, black coffee, water (6:30 am)

Went for a nice 40 minute walk with a friend this morning after dropping off our kids at school, I was planning on walking, was not planning on walking with anyone so it was a very pleasant surprise to have a walking buddy. We even jogged....very, very slowly by my standards, a bit here and there.

Post walk: black coffee

M2: 1.5 sausage, 1/4 sweet potato, brussels sprouts, mushroom and onion with one(ish) tablespoon of mayo and 1/4 avocado (1:00 pm)

Tea and 3 liters of fizzy water throughout the day-I looooove my soda stream!

Snack: walnut and almonds (6:00)

M3: ground beef sauted with mushrooms and kale, tomato sauce with a dash of red boat fish sauce, salad with homemade ranch, more water (7:00)

Supplements: Omegas, magnesium

I find it harder not to snack between M2 and m3, tM2 oday might have been a little light, by the time I was leaving work at 5:00 I was definately feeling the rumble in the tummy. Tomorrow's lunch will be salad with salmon and avocado, which will hopefully hold me over better.

My youngest has a bug, sore throat, so he's getting dosed with extra bone broth and I'm brewing up a pot of ginger/onion tea my acupuncturist told me about. I hope he'll drink it, it's spicy, but he loves spicy!

Mood wise I feel calm. Which is lovely. I like calm, calm is good. I'm really pleased I followed through and got some exercise. I'm going to try the meditation again-seriously need some help in that department! And I'm going to do my stretches/yoga after I get my boy to bed. Husband had a drink tonight but he actually asked if it was going to bother me first....maybe he did listen to me yesterday!

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Love reading your post, it reminds me a little of me. So I wanted to share something about meditation. I've taken many, many classes and heard many, many theories. A Zen mediation class I took said to picture a flowing stream and as each outside thought came through your head to put it on a floating leaf and watch it float by, then let it go. That worked for a while, until my stream became full of leaves and I kept trying to think of stuff to put on them :). Then I took a Tibetan Buddhist meditation class which said that clearing your mind completely for meditation was considered "mindless" and was a waste of time. Instead the Lama recommending setting a goal for meditation and focusing on something that embodied that. For example, you might think you need to be more forgiving so you would picture yourself practing forgiveness or someone that represents that to you. That works for me if I can think of something to meditate on--not that there aren't a ton of things I could improve, but I'm not always motivated to do so. Finally, I got some meditation CDs with guided meditations--Pema Chodran and Tsultrim Allione are two of my FAVORITE people that have CDs. I have some specific self improvement meditations and some generally guided meditations. One of them suggests, picturing yourself putting your brain on a shelf for a bit of a rest and then meditating--for some reason this helps me a lot. Anyway, after all of this my main point is......maybe don't pressure yourself with what meditation is, but maybe just what you want it to be for this one time, each time. Like, you, I struggled for the longest time thinking I was "doing it wrong" because I have a hard time quieting my "monkey mind" :) . It comes from being a busy mom, worker, and volunteer and trying to make the most out of every single moment of the day. I hope this helps you.

Nikol :)

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Yesterday came to an early close, couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to come and update.

Day 2

7:00 Coffee with ghee and coconut oil

M1 8:00: homemade sausage patties with satueed kale, mushrooms, 1/4 sweet potato and tablespoon-ish of mayo, black coffee.

My little guy was home sick yesterday so I took advantage of that to do a kickboxing work out and then added another 25 minutes of abs and light weights. Yea! Two days in a row of getting some exercise!

M2 12:30 salad with salmon, homemade mayo, 1/4 avocado, 1 kiwi

snack 4:30 I tried something new yesterday, kipper snacks! I bought the tin a while ago and just sort of sat on it, looking at it every time I reached past for the tuna, I was intimidated by it's newness. Yesterday I snacked on those plus 6 walnut halves and 6 almonds. I liked it, but they kept revisiting me if you know what I mean.

M3 7:00 lazy beef stew - oh crock pot how I love you - with sauteed brussels sprouts, mushrooms, onion, garlic and shredded sweet potato.

After dinner I really wanted to eat something but managed to resist the urge to nosh, had a cup of tea. I knew I wasn't hungry, I just wanted something. I had those same urges when I came home and was cooking dinner, the habit of eating while I cook is pretty ingrained. I knew I wasn't hungry then because I had a substantial snack, it's just habit.

Let's see, as far as my other goals, I did stretch after exercising and did some meditation while my son was having acupuncture. I realize I need to be less rigid about when those two things happen, it's good that they happen, regardles of timing!

Speaking of acupuncture, I'm a big fan of Eastern and alternative medicines. I see a naturapath more than I see a doctor and when I do go for a check up it is to an amazing nurse practitioner who also sees my youngest. My 8 year old has severe seasonal allergies as well as food allergies, I started out GF because when paulo was 6 he was diagnosed as having a wheat allergy and it seemed mean to eat regular bread in front of him! As long as he avoids wheat he stays pretty healthy, his reaction to it has evolved over time from frantic running to the bathroom and instant mucus overdrive to developing cold sores, which is an equally large incentive to avoid it!

To try to manage his allergies this year I decided to take him to my acupuncturist. Yesterday was his first appt, he rocked it. Laid there quietly, calmly and actually fell asleep! There were three things I said we'd love help with, one his seasonal allergies I do not want him to be on OTC meds 3/4 of the year. His nightwaking, he is always up at least once a night. And his ankles, he's 8 but he has the noisiest, crackling, popping ankles in the world. Seriously he has the ankles of an 80 year old man, it's impossible for him to sneak up on anyone, his ankles give him away every time. Turns out, within Norah's medicine all three are related to liver chi. She asked me if he'd ever had any organ issues, kidney problems, heart murmur, liver issues and I said no. But then as I sat there watching him sleep with 17 little needles in him-total rock star-I remembered, he had severe jaundice when he was a babe, he had to spend time on a biliblanket, so the answer was actually yes. The other thing that blew my mind was the fact that the two things she was treating me for a few months ago, my lower back/hip pain and my wonky hormones that caused 15 day cycles, were also related to liver chi. She said he would have to avoid alcohol like the plague when he was an adult. I've finally (??) come to that same conclusion for myself. I really just cannot drink, it wrecks me emotionally, mentally and physically. I always knew he was a mini-me, bummer that he seems to have inherited this from me as well!

Now, on to day 3!

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Holy cooking marathon! I'm beat, but my week should be much easier. I just:

  • cooked 2 lbs beef
  • steam sauted kale and bok choy
  • made mayo
  • made sunshine sauce
  • made pesto
  • baked sweet potatos and brussels sprouts
  • cut up bell peppers, carrots, radishes and celery

I still need to

  • make tomatillo sauce for the pork roast I have planned later this week
  • make Well Fed's cinnamon beef stew
  • make bone broth

But I'm taking a break to finish the shopping.

Yesterday was another good day.

Coffee with coconut oil in the AM

M1 eggs with sausage and left over roasted veggies

I hit the gym for a short treadmill work out, walking at incline and running. Should have planned better for what to eat after because I was going grocery shopping. First had a pitstop at my friend's house to oogle her new baby, just a week old! Oooh so sweet and tiny! Successfully declined the pumpkin muffin but happily accepted the cup of tea. After that I hit my first of three stores and picked up my "lunch".

M2 hard boiled egg, olives and almonds with kombucha-not exactly meal plan gold star quality, but it was better than the rest of my options at the store!

M3 was pretty late, husband and youngest had eaten late and weren't hungry.

M3 coconut flour crusted swai with stir fry veggies and 1/4 avocado.

Lessons learned; plan ahead and bring food for after the gym!

Today was an early morning, little dude has a nasty cough still so he couldn't sleep, when little dude doesn't sleep momma doesn't sleep.

6:30 coffee with coconut oil, ghee and cinnamon, yum.

7:30 hard boiled egg and a few nuts

8:00-9 butt kicking full body conditioning class at the gym, yes tomorrow I will hurt!

Back home, whipped up pancakes for the little dude, wasn't even tempted...well maybe a little, they did look good.

M1 10:00 (or does this count at 2?!?!) ground beef with brussels sprouts and kale with two eggs and a cup of pureed sweet potato.

Not really hungry, I've taste tested my sauces and snacked on some raw veggies while I cook and prep. I think I'll grab some tuna before finishing the shopping with the hubby.

Dinner plan: chorizo & eggs with salad and avocado

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Hello, super nasty ugly strong cravings....bite me!

seriously resisting a drink was hard tonight! It's my pattern though, I abstain from alcohol, feel better, more positive, upbeat, etc., and the little voice starts whispering in my ear about how good I've been and how just one drink-or two-won't be a big deal....how I've earned it...I could hear the voice taunting me as soon as we were coming home from shopping. Telling me how it would be nice to have our "normal" sunday happy hour. You know the greatest buzz kill ever for that stupid voice? Having your child puke....yeah, total buzz kill, thanks Paulo, Momma needed the reality check!

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I'm right on time for kill....all....things....honestly, it's a good thing I have my own teeny tiny office with my own SHUT door, or there would probably be bloodshed today.

Little dude is still sick which means neither of us got much sleep. Kept him home from school one more day, yea for Grandma taking care when Momma has to work! Me, being a glutton for punishment, declared March to be Muffin Monday March at Paulo's school and volunteered to take the first Monday and bring in fresh baked goodies for the staff. I love the staff, they're amazing people who give so much for so little, it's one of the reasons I do all the things I do for the PTO. I know I could have bagged it because my kid was sick, but I didn't. I had planned on getting up at the unholy hour of 5 am to do the baking but since Paulo wasn't going to school I slept until 5:45. Actually I couldn't even sleep that long being squeezed into a tiny twin bed with a growing 8 year old snuggle bug. Got up, made breakfast for the hubby and oldest monster and shipped them off before making my own breakfast.

M1 7:30 ground beef with sauted brussels sprouts (I'm almost done with the package!!!), shredded sweet potato and steam sauted kale & two eggs, black coffee x two, water.

Made the muffins, one batch of gluten FULL muffins from a mix that was the best I could find and one batch of homemade gluten free scones-more like cookies really than scones. I was glad my stomach was full of food, I really wasn't tempted. Yes my house smelled good but I remember the gut bomb of gluten, no thank you...The saving grace of the GF scones? It's a small recipe and I wanted as many as possible for the staffers!

Snack 11:30 walnuts and almonds, yes I would have eaten fish and veggies, I was hungry early for some reason.

M2 1:00 large salad with pesto mayo, salmon with oil and vinegar and 1/4 avocado, more walnuts and almonds....hmmm, now I just want to crunch on something!

My day is crawling by, I'm getting crankier by the minute and there really is no good reason! Must....push.....through....I foresee a hot bath in my future and some quality time with my book!

The two shiny bright spots of the day? Cute new shoes and it looks like spring outside! I actually needed to wear my sunglasses today!!

M3 plan chicken thighs with sauted bok choy and sweet potato...lots and lots of sweet potato....

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Yesterday was a wonky, wonky day! I've been feeling very snacky-is that a word? Hmmm, regardless, describes me well.

M1 6:30 made a huge ground meat and veggie scramble with two eggs, ate 1/2 of it, saved the other half for after exercise.

Post work out 10:00 ish finished off my yummy breakfast

1:30 raw veggies with sunshine sauce....yummy, yummy sunshine sauce, where have you been all my life?!

4:00 M3 pressure cooker pork in tomatillo sauce, sweet potato with coconut butter, serving of walnuts and almonds

My timing was all screwy yesterday because i had an evening PTO meeting, I didn't want to buy dinner so I just tweaked when I ate what so that I was eating what would have been my lunch as an early dinner. Went to my meeting and snacked on some cut fruit, resisted the other snacky things that were there. Got home at 9:30, talked the little dude through his traumatic day-someone got in trouble at school! Took a shower and by 10:30 had to go to bed to prevent any further snacking! I realize I've increased my fruit consumption considerably over my January W30 and I think it's stoking the sugar dragon fires. Got to get a handle on that. I also realize I'm more active this time which would legitimately mean I am more hungry than before. Still though I like the feeling of not grazing all day, like I used to, and I'm not willing to go back to that. So for now I'll refocus on my meal size and make sure I'm eating enough to get me through the day.

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Well done with making it through the event!

Laughed at your post. Sunshine sauce discovery moment - essential part of WholeLife. Now dip some protein in it to support your muscles and keep your tummy happy. Try to sub fruits for berries?

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day 7...already?! :o

Much better day over all, the snacky monster is sleeping....shhh! ;)

M1: 6:30 ground beef and chorizo with kale, asparagus, mushrooms and 1/4 sweet potato, black coffee

9:00 short walk around the city in the drizzling, chilly rain

10:30 black coffee

M2: 1:00 yummy spicy tomatillo pork with brussels sprouts, raw veggies and sunshine sauce

M3: Well Fed's cinnamon stew, kale chips, steamed cauliflower, raw veggies with pesto/mayo sauce

Glass after glass of bubbly water and tea throughout the day.

The last few days have been....tense. I normally chart my cycles so I can report them when I go to my naturapath, my 15 day cycles were a thing we were trying to resolve through herbs, supplements and acupuncture. My Jan cycle was pretty normal and my February was unremarkable, so unremarkable I forgot to remark it at all so I was guessing that I was due soon, and my short fuse supported that hypothesis. Yup, I was right. But I'm on the upswing now and life can return to normal ;)

I think the other cause of my quick temper is just plain old stress. We have our biggest fundraiser of the year next Friday and I feel a great obligation to my school to deliver a good, and profitable, event. Next Friday will be an awesome party, it's a vintage vegas theme, I found a killer LBD from the 1950s and even scheduled for hair and make up the day of! The week or so leading up though is high stress. Lots of final details, I have speeches to write and prepare, a power point to design, the list goes on and on. I will say though that today I felt so clear headed and energized, I actually, outloud! said to myself, I'm on fire! :lol: Fortunately I have a private office and the door was shut ;)

Hoping tomorrow is equally flaming!

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Oh let's see, how was yesterday. Honestly not quite as hyper focused as the day before, but I guess I can't expect to be on fire everyday!

M1 Ground beef scramble with veg and two eggs, black coffee

M2 sweet potato and cauliflower with pesto may, cinnamon beef stew, raw veggies

M3 ground beef with shredded carrots and spices over baby spinach, topped with mayo and served with steamed brocolli

Now that I look back over the day I realize I didn't snack at all :o That's good! I was a little short on my water though, not so good. I'm getting more activity this time around, which feels great. Just finished a 45 minute walk with a friend after dropping off the kids at school. She was not the fastest walker so it felt pretty leisurely but it was a beautiful morning in Portland and I enjoyed it immensely. She's a friend I don't get to talk to much, we pass each other often, but she's busy, I'm busy, you know how it goes.

Mood yesterday was still a little on the snappish, most of my frustration though is directed at a single person and I know I will continue feeling it until things are resolved. I'm reading the cutest book ever, it's written by an adorable little old lady who was married for over 73 years before her husband passed. It's the story of their love and her love life advice for others, seriously I want this woman to be my Grandma! It's called Fall in Love for Life. very easy read, I started it yesterday and I'm almost 1/2 way done. The fact that I am reading this sweet little old lady's marriage advice should give you a pretty good idea who I'm frustrated with! :blink: Ah, life, why can't things just be simple?!

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Ooooh, yesterday was rough. Really, really rough. I am one big ball o'stress! I came soooo close to opening a bottle of wine. I knew it would be a disaster but I still mentioned it to the husband. I think in part because he had asked me thursday if I was "still on a break" from alcohol and also because I was really feeling very tense and had the entitlement thoughts going, I deserve it....I've been so good....blah, blah, blah. I had a war in my mind the whole car ride home and finally after he got home and we were in the kitchen I said, I'll take that glass of wine now. He jumped up...but then said ok, he'd already had a couple of beers.....and I could feel the air deflate....apparently he'd gotten some beer with our employees after closing the shop. I looked at him and said oh, well never mind. He tried to convince me it was ok, it "doesn't effect" him. I told him it might not effect his mind-like it does mine-but it certainly effects his body and I didn't think two beers and 1/2 bottle of wine was a great idea, and went back to making dinner. It was exactly the thing I needed for me to put the brakes on. He asked a couple more times if I wanted him to crack something open and I said no. I told him that the thing was I knew even though I wanted it, it would be a disaster....crisis averted, right? Then why did I feel so low yesterday? I was really disappointed that I came so close to drinking. Man, my brain was in overtime trying to rationalize and justify drinking. But this week has been particularly rough for me emotionally. It's not what I'm eating, I'm W30 compliant, it's not a lack of exercise, I'm getting some movement most days, it's not that I'm not sleeping, I'm going to bed on time...unless I'm dying to finish a book ;) But regardless of all the things I'm doing right I just feel crummy. I know I cannot expect sunshine and roses 24/7, there are stressors in life and some days/weeks/months will be better and worse than others. I think this second journey is waking up more emotional toxins than physical....gee, great.... :wacko: Deep cleansing breaths....this too shall pass.....

Yesterday's food:

M1 three egg scramble with veggies, black coffee

M2 Paleo bowl from a local restaruant called Laughing Planet, sauted veggies, chicken and romesco sauce. I called later to ask what was in the sauce, it is sugar free but had safflower oil which I'm fairly sure is non complaint.

The snacky monster attacked and I polished off the walnuts and almonds in my office, I will not be restocking those bad boys...food without brakes!!

M3 chicken thigh with broccoli, salad with pesto and a couple purple potatos-I know, not compliant and frankly not satisfying.

Well asleep with my little dude around 9 after stewing in my irritation all evening.

today I'm getting out of my house with my son and having some fun. We're off to the lego convention, going to hit a paleo foodcart, The Cultured Caveman, and then going to see a play by the local children's theater. I'm aiming for extra smiles and laughter today, he and I both need it after a week of momma being extra tense!

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Really busy weekend, lots of fun, not a lot of R&R! Saturday was the perfect antidote to my stress. Paulo and I stated the day with poached eggs and salad and then took off for the lego convention. Lettuce wrapped burger with steamed broccoli after-sadly we didnt make it to the cultured caveman, we were short on time and had some friends with us after the convention. After lunch we sped off downtown to look for vintage jewelry-found some! And then stopped for coffee before seeing the play, finished off our day with a trip to the greatest bookstore ever, Powell's. Seriously if you ever come to Portland you must go to Powell's it takes up an entire city block and is at least 4 floors of books. It's my mothership. Capped off a day of compliant eating with amazing salmon and scallops with a cucumber/blueberry salad.

Sunday passed in a blur of cooking and eating.

M1 fried egg and salad

then off to the grocery store, need a second mortgage on the house...ouch!

Back home to cook, cook and cook some more! Roasted some chicken thighs. Sauted some chicken breast. Cooked some ground pork. Steam sauted kale and collard greens. Roasted beets and sweet potato. Steamed broccoli and carrots and chopped raw veg. Whipped up a delicious pressure cooker beef stew.

M2 chicken thigh, breast, raw veg

M3 Johnny's best ever homestyle meatloaf (he's not kidding, it is the best ever) with cauli rice. I dont' know why I waited so long to make cauliflower rice! So easy and really good!

Monday dawned too early, and so did my son, darn time change it always messes with him!

M1 3 egg/sausage/veggie bake (muffin tin)

M2 yummy beef stew, 1/4 sweet potato, cauli rice, 1/4 avocado, raw veggies with sunshine sauce and mayo

M3 Cuban garlic lime steak with asparagus topped with avocado mayo and salad

i was completely satisfied between meals, had 0 desire to snack. I wasn't sure how filling the bakes would be but they carried me from 6:30 am to 1:00 pm, I will definately make them again-but I'll make them on the weekend they took longer than I anticipated this morning!

We're in the final countdown to the auction. Normally I'd fall face first into a bottle of wine around this time but I can honestly say that I haven't been tempted since Friday's fiasco. I actually feel in control of it and at peace. I even took the time tonight to do my yoga/stretching and a little meditation, I have not been consistent with that, still a work in progress! But I do feel that progress is being made!

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True, I am nearly complete, but am coming to terms that this is simply how I live. I know there will be occasions-some of them soon-where I have a glass of wine but I need to keep it out of my day to day. I do not need to consume sugar regularly, it really makes me feel crazy. I do not miss corn, beans or rice. I have zero desire to eat wheat-although if I'm out to a nice restaurant and the bagguette looks particularly appealing.... ;)

I'm taking my 8 year old off grains after he gets done with the birthday extravaganza that is this weekend. He'll be at a place that offers GF pasta and pizza, I want him to be able to eat without worry. Plus there will be GF cakes and other goodies. I think though for him, I will keep some SWYPO pancakes in the rotation. He loves almond flour pancakes and I'm going to experiment with coconut flour pancake recipes. He's an outstanding breakfast eater, that boy can put it away! Always wakes up hungry! But we're coming heavy into seasonal allergies and I want to give him a fighting chance to survive and flourish with his acupuncture and without his OTC meds. I would love for my husband and teenage step son to be willing to try this but that's a lost cause. Poor stepson made a typical teenager comment last night about buying groceries cheap when he's older by buying GMO everything cause modern technology is so great and all and got a 25 minute talk about the evils of GMO, pesticides and hormone disruption and how they're all contributing to the fattening of America. For added measure a mini lesson on addiction! He's skinny as a beanpole, I told him weight may not be what he has to worry about but being thin is not the same as being healthy! He's 17 though and he knows everything and I know nothing. I told him that as a parent I HOPE that the example I've set in terms of eating healthy, real food has sunk in but that soon he'll be an adult and can make his own choices. If he chooses to eat synthetic, cheap, nasty processed food that I'd would be really sad for him but the person who will suffer is him.

Oh my stomach aches, my back aches, why oh why do I have acne now? I never used to have it!

We shall see....he's one that will only do what he wants to do and has to learn all his lessons the hard way. I hope and pray that this is one he'll get quicker. I told him, pay it at the grocery store or pay it at the doctor's office buddy! Only time will tell!

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This post is very bitter :unsure: This is the worst, when you have to let other people do their damage share to themselves. I am glad that your little one is on board - strong and healthy.

I have a cousin around same age who is actually starting to put weight+acne, but keeps eating canned frankenfood etc. Saying he is not hungry but polishing a bag of chips before bed. He is super smart but too young to realize the truth. The worst is when I asked his Mom - "why do you buy this crap? You are in control what they eat?". She said "what can I do, they like it" and "I've tried to go sugar and grain-free for 2 weeks and nothing happened". I am sure that sugar free for her is just not putting it by spoonfuls into coffee and tea. I bought second copy of ISWF and try to make any of them read it.

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They have to come to the conclusion on their own, no one can ever change to please another or before they're ready. For years I suffered through depression and anxiety but continued to eat poorly, drink regularly and to excess. I wasn't ready to let it go. I wasn't willing to proclaim it the cause even though in my deep down secret heart I knew it was and I knew I was following my mother's path...shudder....I hate knowing that at least some of my son's ills are related to his diet, frequent back pain, headaches, general low grade apathy.... His diet at his other home is very SAD and he's a compete and total wheat addict. My husband could take or leave bread, although he enjoys his sandwiches, but is completely unwilling to consider life without corn or wheat in the form of beer. He was raised on a very traditional Mexican diet, so he's a great veggie eater, but corn and beans figure prominently in what he considers to be his personal best way of eating. What I do now is feed him W30 as much as possible and since I'm the sole chef it's somewhat easy to do. I could force him to go cold turkey at home but he'll only binge when he's out. He's one that thinks a "moderate" amount of fast food is acceptable...not in my body.

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Phew, last few days have been jam packed with auction business. Our event is tomorrow, I'm still putting the finishing touches on my presentations, haven't really finalized my speeches and....I'm getting a freaking cold! I've been downing tea today to try to combat as much of the virus as I can. It's mild, but it's there....definately there. Worst...timing....ever!!!

Last couple days of eats have remained compliant. Nothing too terribly exciting and I've been too tired in the evenings to come update. I've also been spending all my free time at night looking for 1950's hair and make up tips!

I think this is day 15 for me which was my goal. I took my little dude out for a coffee and treat today before his ortho appt-today we started phase two of his orthodontia...head gear :o A pre appt treat was in order to make up for the next six months of torture and discomfort. He got a GF yummy and offered me a bite, I had one, it made him happy to share with me. I had zero desire for a second bite. It was much too sweet. I'd rather just enjoy his company.

M1 beef breakfast sausage sliders from US Wellness meat (holy YUM!) two eggs and sauted collard greens, mushrooms and onion, black coffee

M2 compliant salami with 1/2 avocado, cherry tomatos, jicama, more coffee

M3 ??? Looking like leftover night! Probably cinnamon pork roast with a salad.

Looking back over the last couple weeks there have been a couple of days I wanted to throw in the towel, but I didn't. I still haven't ironed out a reliable consistent work out schedule, more free time will come after the auction is over. I'd love to get back to a yoga practice and I'd like to start running again. I'm still a meditation work in progress. Not drinking is becoming easier and easier. Not snacking is now second nature..as long as I eat enough at mealtime! I want to try some new veggie recipes in the next week. I'm going to try to sneak in a trip to the farmers market saturday morning to see what goodies they've got there. I'm so glad they're starting back up here!

Oh and I finally bought W30 compliant bacon...so excited to eat that tomorrow morning!!

now, back to my auction work!

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