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Second W30, check!


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So I finished my second W30 yesterday and weighed myself today and have lost 8.5 lbs and add that to my first W30 in January which was a 10 lb loss and that equals 18.5 lbs….still with me? Well, I still have 21.5 lbs to get to my goal weight so I am starting all over again today….

Secrets to my success….

  • ISWF, began reading it as soon as I got it mid W30
  • Making my own condiments
  • Joining an organic CSA
  • Cleaning garbage out of my pantry
  • Taking it easy on the workouts till the end….I was a bit tired
  • Not getting on the scale
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY….Casey, Jen, Katie, Katherine, Ellie and everybody else who jumped in our Food Log thread. We kept each other going every moment of the day with ideas, cheers and chastising….We will continue forward and it's been UNBELIEVABLE in the way of support. We have become tight and really are walking the walk with each other…..


  • Sabotaged myself the first weekend by going to movies with hubby with no snack….collapsed mid movie and ate his popcorn! Had to restart on Monday to day 1…..lesson was carry a piece of fruit and a few nuts into movie theater next time
  • Eating a Larabar was a huge carb trigger….had to give those little suckers up even for emergencies
  • Weighed myself once and freaked out and almost was like….Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot! I give up….Took toward the end of my W30 for the magic to happen and the hormones to heal….

Okay so what feels great?

  • Down a pants size!
  • Have tons more energy
  • Rosacea going bye bye!!!!
  • Post nasal drip and GERD disappeared
  • No more whirring, gurgling and gassy GI system
  • Sleeping like a baby
  • More exercise stamina toward the end of the W30
  • Skin is soft and supple, hair is shiny
  • No breathing (asthma) issues during my run
  • Rings come off and on without finger swelling
  • Nails are growing like wildfire
  • Overall sense of general well being
  • Lowered stress response

So, it goes without saying that I will continue this lifestyle. Cracking open my Well Fed to mix up some recipes. Happy to report another W30 success and will continue my journey in this new lifestyle. When I tell you nothing else has worked in years I mean it. Even Weight Watchers….everyone loses weight on WW but ME!!!! Enter W30 and hope returns…..Thanks to one and all…..

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This is wonderful! I'm really impressed with you continuing on right away, AND with your list of successes. The positives and negatives list of how things affected your success are really helpful. You RULE!

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One week later and back to report some other items....

  • lost another 2lbs for a total of 10.5 lbs and 10lbs from my first W30 so that's 20.5 lbs since January :D
  • BP went from 130/70 to 110/70
  • lost 1.2% body fat
  • lost 3.5 inches from chest girth
  • lost 1 inch from waist
  • lost 1.5 inches from abdominal girth
  • total of 5 inches in mid section lost during W30 second go round

This data was provided by my nurse who checks me every 12 weeks at my Health Club. She was impressed by my stats but said I need to increase lean body mass so she is highly recommending weight training at least 3 times per week which I will incorporate with my running of 20 miles a week. I am in my fifties so apparently that is very important to build muscle and I am working on that and dropping down on cardio......Continuing on in my lifestyle. Staying W30 compliant because, afterall, it works! ;)

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W30 number 1 was January 1 through February 3....I tried to stay 80% compliant through April but then went on a cruise end of March through first week of April in Greece and everything went back to SAD.....very bad. Memorial Day I got back on serious track with another W30 and I have been sticking to Paleo/W30 ever since with a few off roading adventures.....

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Thank you so much for posting your success, Donna. I am finishing my first Whole30 tomorrow and am so excited by the way I feel that I want to continue towards a second Whole30. Day 29 asks for us to write our story and I wasn't sure how to go about it. Now, looking at the wonderful way you itemized your story - I feel I know what to do. Congratulations on your accomplishments and please keep us posted as you continue on your road to a healthy living.

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