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Adagio's Whole30 Dance


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Day 1 of Whole30, Sunday, July 1.

B Breakfast Casserole: Homemade Breakfast Sausage (made with ground local pork and spices) cooked in coconut oil. Eggs, spinach, and sundried tomatoes (packed in olive oil.) Baked in oven the night before and heated up a slice.

L Salad with: Romaine, Chicken, US Wellness SF bacon, olives, tomatoes, celery, fennel, and thinned out homemade mayo. I topped it with some kale chips and had a handful of organic cherries for dessert.

D I plan to make the Czech meatballs (with beef) from the Well Fed Cookbook, served on a bed of roasted cabbage - which will be topped with spices and coconut oil before roasting. I will also have some canteloupe and coconut "chips" (flaked organic coconut) for dessert.


This is a lot more food than I am used to eating.

It was strange eating within an hour of waking. I get up early, but I usually don't eat my first meal of the day until 11:30 am. I think that when I run out of my breakfast casserole, I'll make another casserole with a bit less spinach, or try another veggie. The spinach seemed to overpower everything else.

Drinking black coffee this morning was meh. I just have to get used to it.

I'm glad to be doing this, and feel very optimistic!

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Day 2, July 2 Whole30

B: Black coffee and egg casserole. 1 very small plum

L: Leftovers from dinner (Czech meatballs and cabbage) Organic cherries

D: Spaghetti Sqash with Sunshine Sauce (the sauce is from the Well Fed Cookbook.) Hard-boiled eggs. Raspberries


I'm still not enjoying drinking my coffee black. I tried an extra half-cup with coconut cream in the afternoon. It was okay, but I really want to convert to drinking it black.

I had a little bit more fruit than I'd like. My rationalization (rationalize = rational lies) is that the fruit was almost overripe and if I didn't eat it, I'd have to toss it. :rolleyes:

I am on day two of feeling a tad queasy. It may be related to changes in blood sugar levels. I really didn't have an appetite at all today, but when I sat down to eat lunch, I enjoyed my meal.

I am also experiencing brain fog. Dinner was a complete fail. I had planned to make Pad Thai from the Well Fed cookbook but I forgot to defrost the chicken thighs. I also overcooked the spaghetti squash, so it was more like squash mush than spaghetti. I opened a new bottle of coconut aminos that had been sitting on the shelf for a while to add to the Sunshine Sauce. I immediately knew that the aminos had turned. I checked the "use by" date, and sure enough, it was way past the expiration date. I thought about throwing all of my dinner preps away, and going to Chipotle, but it's terribly hot outside and I didn't want to deal with rush hour. So I just ate the squash topped with an almost Sunshine Sauce (it's mostly almond or sunflower butter, garlic and coconut milk) and a couple of hard-boiled eggs.

I'm hoping that brain fog and the nausea dissapate. I'm not diabetic, but I do have some strong blood sugar swings at times. Tomorrow I am keeping my meals very simple. ;)

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Whole30 July 3

B: Egg casserole with sausage and spinach. Black coffee.

L: Applegate Roast Beef, homemade mayo, lettuce, tomatoes in a Pure Wrap. Various raw veggies. Kale chips. Rasperries with a dollop of coconut cream

D: Burger topped with avocado. Japanese yam with a bit of coconut oil and lime. Veggie (not sure which one yet) Cherries for dessert.


I felt much better today. No brain fog, and the queasiness seems to have subsided. Black coffee tasted okay today. I'm going to try some other types - ordered a couple of samples recommended to me by my favorite coffee roasters.

Since I've already done Primal off and on for a while, I don't think I'll have much of a carb flu.

It's much easier for me to give up cheese than to give up that heavy cream in my coffee. I'd like to continue to drink black coffee for convenience, but there's another part of me that wouldn't mind that splash of heavy cream someday. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll hate the way coffee with cream tastes after this! I hope so!

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Hey Adagio,

Good luck with your whole30, i started mine on 2nd July. And my day was spent feeling uber exhausted.... It great to see others finding similar symptons.

Keep up with the good work :)

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Whole30 July 4

B: hardboiled eggs, bacon, black coffee

L: Applegate roast beef, pure wrap, mayo, raw veggies, raspberries

Snack: Coffee blended with Ghee. Yummy! Tasted like a heavy cream latte, but even richer.

D: chicken thighs with Sunshine Sauce. (blend of coconut milk and almond butter, plus seasonings.) Sauteed cabbage. Portabella mushrooms. Watermelon.


This morning I drank my coffee black and I didn't like it. I thought about giving up coffee entirely. Then I learned from Johnny M about putting ghee in coffee. I'd heard about that before from the Paleo folks, but dismissed it as gross. Well, I tried it this afternoon, and it was delicious! So I think having ghee in my coffee will make it taste better, and also add in some good fat. I only use Pure Indian Foods ghee, which I've heard is the best. Hope so.

I seem to have gotten over the brain fog and nausea. Feeling pretty good.

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Whole30 July 5

B: Eggs, sausage, tomatoes. Coffee with ghee.

L: Shredded chicken, lettuce, topped with leftover sunshine sauce, in a pure wrap. Chai with coconut milk

D: Beef sliders, broccoli, salad. Cherries


I like coffee with ghee, but it's too expensive for me to have every day, and I don't like substituting anything for cream, because I really want to break the dairy addiction. So I think I'll just continue to try and get used to drinking it black. I ordered some samples from Specialty Java to see if there are other types that might taste better when drunk black.

This morning I felt grumpy and exhausted. I started to feel better in the afternoon, but I still feel like I could fall asleep at any time.

I still don't have a huge appetite, except today I'm craving sugar like crazy. I was going to roast some carrots for dinner, but since they're so sweet, I switched to broccoli. I just don't want to go down that road right now.

I've wanted to go strict Paleo ever since I got off gluten, but I was never able to stick with it. I'm determined this time.

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I agree with Michele, it sounds like you're doing very well!

I've struggled with the coffee thing, too--I always drink my coffee with stevia and half-and-half, both of which are of course a no-go on the Whole30. In my first Whole30 in January, I ended up cutting out coffee entirely for the month, and actually felt really good and didn't miss the caffeine rush. What I DID miss was the comfort of the ritual, especially on weekends. This time around, I've found coconut milk to be an acceptable replacement for half-and-half, so now I just need to get rid of my sweet tooth. Ha! Easier said than done.

Anyway--keep up the good work! :D

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I like coffee with coconut milk, but it's hard to actually taste the coffee. We travel a lot, so black coffee would be a lot easier.

Chai tea with coconut milk is great.

I should probably cut out coffee completely, but I'm not there yet.

Thanks, all, for the encouragement. :D

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You are doing great! If nothing else, you are learning how much coffee with something in it means to you. I'm working on giving up coffee this Whole30 and it has been much harder than I expected.

I've made squash mush before too! There must be something up with food this month... on day one my boyfriend literally caught our dinner on fire (and he is a really good cook! That never happens!).

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Whole30 July 6

All foods local and organic whenever possible, and cooked in either ghee, coconut oil, or mac nut oil.

B: Egg Casserole with sausage and tomatoes. Black coffee. Small plum

L: Leftover sliders with leftover Sunshine Sauce. Green salad. No dressing. (Didn't feel like making one.) Chai tea with coconut milk.

D: Thai sausages (Nieman Ranch) small garnet yam topped with cinnamon and coconut oil, green salad, no dressing. Cherries


I ran out of veggies today. Good thing the Farmer's Market is tomorrow! I feel pretty good, but tired.

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Whole30 July 7

All food locally sourced and/or organic, whenever possible.

B: Eggs scrambled with local ground pork and blueberries

L: 3 slices bacon, apple, almond butter

D: Czech meatballs from Well-Fed, cabbage noodle sauteed in ghee, spiced with Penzey's "Tsardust Memories." Dessert: Cherries and a plum


I didn't find any great stuff at the Farmer's Market this morning. I really like a particular farmer's hydroponic lettuce, so it wasn't a total waste of time. Whole Foods was having a sale on Orondo Ruby cherries. I'd never had them, so I picked up a container. They didn't have much taste, unfortunately.

Because I wasn't hungry and feeling a bit out of sorts physically, I opted for something easy for lunch. I rarely eat nuts or nut butters for lunch as it's easy for me to overindulge. Today, I didn't overdo it.

I've nearly decided that if I lose weight or inches after this Whole30 is done, I will stay on it. I'm not going to project for how long, I'm taking it a month at a time. :D

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Whole30 July 8

B: Two hard-boiled eggs, Two slices of bacon. Small plum. Black coffee.

L: Roast beef, mayo, lettuce, tomato, on a Pure Wrap. Handful of cherries

D: Leftover dinner from last night, plus broccoli. Handful of cherries.


I never mentioned earlier that I rarely snack in between meals. Since going Primal in '09, I've been eating two meals a day with no snacks. Earlier in the week, I had a huge brain fog day and thought I'd have to snack in between lunch and dinner, but that seems to have passed.

Very tired today. Took a long afternoon nap. I have a puppy who hasn't gotten used to sleeping 8 straight hours yet, so I've been a bit sleep deprived for a couple of months, but it's only temporary, as she's been improving. ;)

Not craving sugar today, but craving cream in my coffee in a huge way. Did not repeat drinking coffee with ghee, as I think I tend to use too much of it, and it's not cheap.

Well, the first week is down, three more to go! I'm feeling good about my eating thus far. It's only been a week, and my only over-the-top craving has been the coffee with cream.

I haven't thought about cheese, or sugary foods, or alchohol. (Except for my missing 85% dark chocolate every once in a while.)

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Whole30 July 9

B: eggs/sausage scramble. Coffee. Small plum

L: roast beef with mayo and mustard, lettuce, tomato, on a pure wrap. Kalamata olives. Small peach

D: Baked chicken breast with basil/sundried tomato pesto, green salad, steamed broccoli. Handful of raspberries


Today was just a routine day. Nothing exciting to report. Still feeling a bit tired, but otherwise okay.

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Whole30 July 10

B: 2 Egg muffins (eggs, broccoli, and sundried tomatoes.) Coffee. Plum

L: Chicken salad made with homemade mayo, lettuce, in a Pure Wrap. Bubbie's pickle. Plum.

D: Pork tenderloin with Coconut Asian sauce. (My own concoction.) Roasted Carrots. Green salad, no dressing. Canteloupe.


Things are going along in a routine now. Still craving my dark chocolate square, but have not relented. The plums I am eating are tiny. They are actually plucots - a cross between apricot and plum. They are delicious.

I find that I am getting hungry about an hour before dinner, so I may incorporate a protein/fat snack at that time. I still have no energy, but that's nothing new for me. ;)

I have to start incorporating more greens in my diet for variety, so tomorrow I'll go to the market and see what they have.

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Additional thoughts:

I have decided to follow Whole30 indefinitely. My husband is on board with it, even though he will still eat his rice, and his gluten-free rice crackers and pretzels. (When he gives up rice, he loses weight like crazy, and he cannot afford to lose an ounce.)

I see no reason why I cannot eat this way for good, as there are many delicious foods to choose from daily.

I have a lot of weight to lose. I know I've already lost weight (I can tell from my jeans) in the last ten days.

The only thing I will add back in after 30 days is a tablespoon of heavy cream to coffee. I have come to detest black coffee, and coconut milk or ghee doesn't do it for me. I am not ready to give up my one large mug of morning coffee. 40 years of a morning ritual is a hard habit to break, and I am not sure I want to break that habit, after having eliminated so may other things from my diet over the years.

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This morning I drank my coffee black and I didn't like it. I thought about giving up coffee entirely. Then I learned from Johnny M about putting ghee in coffee. I'd heard about that before from the Paleo folks, but dismissed it as gross. Well, I tried it this afternoon, and it was delicious!

Ok. You have convinced me. :)

I'm not loving the coconut cream in my coffee and like you, giving up the dairy in my coffee is probably what I'm missing most. I tried butter in my coffee a few years ago and it was yuck. But I have not tried ghee. I think I will experiment tomorrow.

One thing that could be interesting, I make my own ghee and tend to forget about it so that it gets a bit caramelly. This could be a good thing. Or it might be not good at all. It's definitely tastier when cooking with it or when putting it on things (like toast - ha! Not anymore with the toast.)

ETA: Ok - caught up with the rest of your posts. I'm headed in the same direction as you. I think I could do this whole30 thing indefinitely. And the only thing I can see adding is a dollop of heavy cream in my morning coffee (which is actually espresso - so I think that would be a (true) machiatto.) I think I could live with that. ;)

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Whole30 July 11

B: 2 egg muffins, coffee

L: chicken salad made with homemade mayo, lettuce, tomato, in a pure wrap. Kale chips. Plum.

Snack: 1 tablespoon of almond butter

Dinner: burger, garnet yam, broccoli.


Today was a busy day, but I managed to finally get dinner on the table. I was hungry about an hour before dinner, so I ate a tablespoon of almond butter. When I sat down to eat, I had no appetite and couldn't finish dinner. So I am not sure having a snack is such a good idea. Maybe I'll try and move dinner up a bit, but it's hard when hubby is working locally because he works late and still has to fight traffic.

If you have any feedback on my food log, suggestions are always welcome!

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Whole30 July 12

B: 1 egg muffin, coffee

L: Chicken salad in a pure wrap. Pumpkin seeds - 2T. One plum

D: leftover pork tenderloin with pesto sauce, sauteed cabbage. Raspberries.


Posting my food log early today before dinner, because it's a busy day.

I have no appetite today at all. Something I am eating has not been agreeing with me for the last couple of days, so I plan to pay very close attention to my food choices and see how it goes.

The pumpkin seeds at lunch weren't very appealing. I think I may have gotten an old batch or something.

Anyway, I have no food cravings, and no desire to overdo anything, which is good! :-)

I hope everyone has a great day!

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I'm with you on the cream in coffee thing. Black coffee is just yeccch. I would give it up too but I love the routine of it, the smell of it. It's just the acidy taste. And coconut milk just doesn't do it for me, either. We shall see. Maybe I'll give it up for the month cuz it's so bad... :(

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Today I will just post what I ate/plan to eat instead of breaking down my meals. Either I have come down with an intestinal virus, or I ate something that made me sick. I rarely catch illness from people, so I think it may have been something I ate. Anyway, I ate very little today.


Roast Beef

I plan to eat a portion of WF naked rotisserie chicken for dinner. I'm not sure if I can keep anything else down, but I may try to eat a roasted sweet potato with the chicken.

I've been battling this thing all week, and it got much worse today. Hoping tomorrow will be better! :)

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I still have an intestinal bug. I'm taking some herbal products, plus probiotics. I am hungry, but everything I eat is going right through me, so I am avoiding food, but I will eventually try to eat today. I'm out of digestive enzymes and I ordered some today. Should be here Monday.

I will post my food log later. I am really hoping it will go away soon!

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