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  1. @Amanda M - I had a feeling that's what it was. The ingredients are broken out into two sections on their website and all the flavours that I checked also contain: Other Ingredients:Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Maltodextrin, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium These would be out for your Whole30. Sorry. Fruit juice or fruit infusion it is!
  2. I would highly suspect that there is some type of sweetener in the flavour packet which is what makes it palatable. Can you mention what the brand is or what the ingredients are listed as? Honestly, it's probably not your best choice on a plan that wants you eating whole foods. You can put a splash of 100% fruit juice in your water or try infusing water with real fruits.
  3. Each reintroduction should be done on a canvas of complete compliance except for whatever item you're testing.
  4. Hi @RevCKay - this falls under the "no recreating non-compliant foods with compliant ingredients". Oatmeal is a standard breakfast item that would not be permitted on Whole30. Recreating it with compliant ingredients is a last clinging to old habits for a lot of people and thus, it is ruled out. The recommendation is to eat protein, veggies and some fat at every meal. Fake oatmeal isn't compatible with the template. We really encourage people to embrace the new and step away from old habits and fallbacks and really get into going a different way. Steak, brocoli and avocado is a great breakfast. Chicken salad over spinach. Soups with shredded beef or chicken. Pulled pork and coleslaw. Try something new?
  5. No, please don't do that. There's only so much advice that we can give people and especially if you don't generally fall into the "usual" categories, it makes it tougher because none of us are dieticians or nutritionists. We know the program and most of the ins and outs and that's what we can work with. Anything outside of that and we are giving advice outside of our training and knowledge and that can be dangerous. That said, I would not let yourself get anywhere near starvation, friend. No. Fat adaptation generally happens if you are following the meal template, timing your meals 4-5 hours apart starting within an hour of waking and not relying on fruits or carbs as stand alones to get by. That said, based on your description of yourself and your Whole30, it sounds like you don't really fall into any of our "generally" areas. If you did want to try and continue on without losing any weight or suffering during exercise, I would think it would be beneficial for you to seek out someone in person who is a functional medicine doctor that agrees with/abides by paleo and/or Whole30.
  6. I'd be curious to see a few typical days of what you'd been eating once you did bump up your consumption. It sounds to me like you didn't ever reach fat adaptation which is why adding more fats didn't help with your energy. If you're interested, give a run down of portions and composition for a few typical days and we can take a look. For certain we would recommend that people with no weight to lose would eat more, including high calorie smoothies. The only thing with that is that if you aren't fat adapted yet, the smoothies could likely inhibit that. As far as your poos go, my husband is the same way. He does great with some grains (buns/bread mostly) and feels much better than when he doesn't have it. He also is quite sensitive to resistant starches so we no longer serve leftover potatoes or rice because his digestive system cannot handle it and gives his the runs. Did you tend to eat quite a bit of cooked and then cooled/reheated potato during your Whole30? As I said, I'm a bit curious so feel free to respond if you want.
  7. Nope. Tapioca syrup would be a sweetener.
  8. OK, yep. What are you regularly eating as breakfast and lunch? If you can give portion sizes as it relates to the template, that would be great. It's possible that you may need to bump up the size of your first and second meals. If you're too light on food it'll be that much harder to get a good 4-5-6 hour run between meals. As an example, I eat at 530am, noon and 530am with little to no trouble. We are all different and no one exact schedule works for everyone. But most of the "veterans" here can usually go 5-6 hours between meals with no real trouble. If that's something you would like to work on, we can take a look at your meals. If you don't want to do that, it is reasonable to have a mini-meal (as described in my last response) to tide you over and then have a proper dinner. If that mini-meal is consistently happening 3 hours after a regular meal though, you have some tweaking to do to lengthen the time you can go between meals.
  9. There is such thing as a mini meal but if you are getting that hungry 3.5 hours after lunch, try making your lunch bigger. I'm confused because your first post about this said that you were not hungry at 3 but wanted to eat out of habit? Also, what do you mean by eating protein at 345 and then only having tea at dinner? If you are needing to eat mid afternoon and you have protein and fat or protein and veggie to tide you over, it doesn't mean you are to then skip your next meal.
  10. Yes, go ahead.
  11. This is the "relationship changing" part of Whole30 and in my opinion, it is far more difficult than any yes/no food compliance list. The trick here is to stop viewing food as "something to do" and more as fuel taken in during regular mealtimes in adequate portions. The rest of your day, honestly, should be food-free. We don't need to graze and no matter what you might be snacking on, it's not in the spirit of Whole30 if you're doing it just for the sake of putting something in your mouth.
  12. Ohhhh....that's a tough one, you're asking me to give up my secrets! LOL! It's a gray area, I think. After multiple Whole30's, when one is using them for a psychological reset rather than a physiological one, the effects of a non-compliant item may be less impactful if you have already done thorough reintroductions. Is that vague enough for you? LOL!
  13. Have you read the starting over article linked below? Take a peek and let us know what you think.
  14. I think you're fine. I would just keep going. I equate this to using a lip gloss that has non compliant ingredients. You get those in your mouth too but they are not considered ingested.
  15. Welcome! My husband won't give up alcohol either. LOL Just to be clear, you are on medication for pain and when you forgot to take the pills you were in more pain so you're going to stop taking the pills because they are making it worse? I'm not sure I understand.............I think something probably got lost in the text?