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  1. You were busy or distracted? Your schedule had changed from the norm? You had a lot of fat with lunch? Unless you're starting to regularly forget meals, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  2. @coconutty - no, it's not supposed to be Whole365. But you are meant to take the Whole30 foundation and then do reintroductions and see how foods affect you and then determine what you will and won't add back to your own life. Some people add back all the things and some people don't add anything back. They can if they want to but they have determined that the reaction/aftermath isn't worth it. Therefore it is no longer the rigid, rules-bound Whole30 anymore so much as it is that person's regular food choices. The thing with "making yourself intolerant" is that in fact you did the opposite. You healed the gut and that means that the thick, protective mucosal lining that your gut formed over the years of being inundated with irritating foods, has sloughed off. No longer needed. Now when you eat something that bothers you, your stomach doesn't have that protective lining anymore and so you feel the results of the irritation more intensely/more quickly. That said, you could probably inoculate yourself to the irritants. Eat enough of them over time and your gut will create a barrier to try and protect itself. But realistically is that what you want? Probably not.
  3. It's difficult for anyone to really troubleshoot with you in the absence of any specific info about what you've been eating, quantities, timing, fluids etc. We'd also want to know if you are doing any exercise and if so, are you eating pre and post workout food. Any underlying medical conditions would also impact this as would being pregnant/nursing. Generally being queasy and not hungry is a result of undereating.
  4. Hi Barbara, eggs can be inflammatory to some people. The only way to know if you are one of those people is to try eliminating them and see how you do. No one here can really say whether or not it'll help you, you just have to test it out.
  5. Damn, sorry you got nailed. The rules state to start over but because we are all adults with agency over ourselves, we refer people to the starting over article linked in my signature below. (Or if you're on mobile and can't see the signature, just Google "whole30 do I have to start over") Peanuts aren't great.....they can be very digestively distressing.
  6. Below is some clarification surrounding the issue of veggie, fruit and potato chips from Melissa Hartwig. The text below was originally posted on Melissa Hartwig's instagram account - March 16, 2017 #melissaexplainswhole30chips: There has been some confusion as to whether @Whole30 allows kale chips, plantain "chips," or other form of store-bought chips on the program. Part of that confusion is my fault. When I wrote the "Can I Have?" blog post back in 2013, commercially-prepared chips didn't really exist outside of potato chips and "Sweets 'n Beets," so it was easy to say, "Nothing store-bought" Now, you can find veggie and fruit "chips" at every grocery store, and (understandably), some of you aren't sure what's okay and what isn't. NO: Potato chips or tortilla chips, even if they're baked. This should not be surprising. Also NO: anything that is deep-fried. That means no plantain chips, pork rinds, or palm-oil-deep-fried green beans in bulk. YES: Baked or roasted (otherwise compliant) kale chips; dehydrated, dried, or baked unsweetened and sulfite-free fruit or veggie "chips;" or homemade pan-fried, baked, roasted, or raw fruit or veggie "chips." Please employ both critical thinking and brutal self-awareness here. Even if you found a baked taro chip in the grocery store, is that in the spirit and intention of the Whole30? Even if Trader Joe's plantain chips turn out to be ACTUALLY roasted (debatable, but I have an inquiry out to the company now), is that serving the goal of changing your habits and emotional relationship with food? (I don't think anyone should ever eat plantain chips on the Whole30, even if it turns out they are roasted.) Are the "cheesy" kale chips, which are technically compliant, a good idea when you miss cheese more than anything? I suspect you already know the answer to this. I work hard to make as many of the Whole30 rules as black and white as possible, but there will always be some grey area, especially as food manufacturers are coming up with new, creative ways to transform foods every day. I'll do the best I can to keep up and provide clear guidelines, but ultimately it's YOUR program. My rule of thumb: when in doubt, LEAVE IT OUT. After all, it's only 30 days. XO Melissa
  7. Our recommendation is to eat more cooked veggies. Raw veggies are harder to digest. No point torturing yourself. It's not so much inflammation that the raw causes as digestive upset. Eat cooked if it feels better!
  8. Who do you think would update this app? What if said almond milk was entered into the app and then 6 weeks later the ingredients changed? Manufacturers aren't required to alert people that they have changed their formula and it would be impossible for any group of people to stay on top of all the products in North America that you might want to purchase. It is possible, however, for each person to check their own ingredients on the product they are going to buy. And no, there's no comprehensive list of every ingredient in the world but if you do some looking, you'll find that most everything has been covered. That all said, it isn't up to anyone here to convince you to do the plan. Read the materials and decide for yourself if the science and general idea fits your life. If so, great. But if not, that's OK too.
  9. You know, I've never actually done this but I think I'm going to give it a try this week. I've been finding things languishing in the downstairs fridge because I forgot it was there or I don't feel like dealing with it.
  10. Just a thought about the comment that if you use the "rewards" of a nice hot soak or some tea and tv time throughout the rest of the time, then it stops becoming a reward. What about the fact that if you want a hot bath, you deserve it right then and there. You don't have to be good/pure/dedicated/perfect to deserve doing nice things for yourself. Consider eating protein, veggies and fats their own long term reward towards yourself and then do the things you want to do. Paint your nails, take a bath with epsom salt and lavender oil, light a candle, read a book, go to bed early, wear the cozy slippers and light a fire. You don't have to earn your life. *steps off of soap box.
  11. Whatcha makin'?
  12. Did you see Amy's response a week ago? She is/was right on the mark. You are and have been actively sick with a not insignificant illness. And you have autoimmune conditions & migraines that have been with you for a while. While we all love instant gratification, it is unreasonable to assume that your body is going to drop a shedload of weight in 30 days given all of these other factors. I know it's not what you want to hear. I'm sure you'd rather me tell you that yes, the cough drops were at fault and also here's the exact formula on how to exactly hack your Whole30 to get the exact results you want. I'm so sorry.............that doesn't exist. The way that you are eating when you are on Whole30 (protein, veg, fat & some fruit) is supportive of a healthy body. If your body isn't particularly healthy coming into it, there may be background healing going on that your body is prioritizing over weight loss. Would you rather reduce migraine severity and frequency or drop 15 pounds? Would you rather clear up your skin and improve your energy/sleep/mood/overall health or wear smaller jeans? Sometimes.......sorry..............we simply cannot have it all. And comparing yourself to others that you feel got the results you should have had is defeatist. It's up to you if you keep going, do another Whole30 on the heels of this one and see how it goes. Or reintroduce foods that you miss and see how that goes. Just know that for people with autoimmune conditions/longstanding health conditions (never mind an accute, significant respiratory illness), we often recommend 60 to 90 days of full compliance to try and guide the body back to a more healthful place before reintroductions are done. Let us know if you need further assistance. We're always here.
  13. I'm just on the run out the door but wanted to let you know how glad I was to read this. It hasn't been insignificant and sometimes it does help to write/say it all for others so that they can reflect back to you what you might have forgotten. In your case that this may be a hike up a mountain rather than a walk in the park. And yes, almond butter is approved if all the ingredients are compliant. That said it's not your best fat choice as nuts and their products have some challenges of their own. They are disruptive digestively, far too easy to overeat and are high in Omega 6. Have you tried making homemade mayo? Drizzle ghee?
  14. Nope, a quick google search of the ingredients notes that there is stevia in the product. Natural blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, açai and pomegranate flavors, citric acid, malic acid, red beet powder, stevia extract, silicon dioxide
  15. Hoo-boy. First the food. It's hard to tell how much you're actually eating. The only part that had an indicator of quantity was the "3-egg omelette". You do seem to be missing added fat at most meals though which would contribute to your hunger. If you want to list actual foods consumed with quantities as they relate to the meal template, we can review further. Or just try and get your meals to match. Template linked in my signature below. Now...........the more important part. And I'm sorry. But 17 days is not going to change your ongoing medical issues which are causing your ongoing side effects/symptoms. It's really not. For one thing this is a 30 day program and you are barely half way. For another, we often express to people with underlying health conditions that it is very possible that they could need well over 30 days on the program before they start to notice a change and/or come to a place where they feel "better" enough to start reintroducing and doing some personal investigative work. That all said, there is nothing wrong with eating protein, veggies and fats every day, 3 times a day. The fact that you have these unknown underlying health conditions means that your body is going to have some healing of some kind to do. Maybe it's not working and nothing is changing. Or a cellular level, your body is working on healing, assinging nutrients where they need to go and making small changes. Maybe it's not enough for you to see yet. But if you were miserable before, what would be the use of going off the plan/back to that?