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  1. Holy smokes! You and your mom take it easy, travel safely! How far do you have to go?
  2. Hi @Junebug2015 - this has been discussed extensively so I have merged your question with another recent thread so as to keep the forum clean. You can also google "Whole30 sore throat" and you'll get a tonne of results.
  3. therein, mostly, lies your problem. Sorry...........your aversion to breakfast is most likely a hormonal issue and THE way to correct that is eating within an hour of waking. Withhold the coffee too. Until you've eaten.
  4. Hi @Kwagg - no, I don't think you should drop it, it sounds like you're motivated to make a change ("it's bugging me") and you are probably just on the cusp of "getting there". First, make sure you (and you, @Georgina2) are not drinking your coffee before you've eaten your full meal. Coffee is an appetite suppressant and neither one of you need that right now. Second, it sounds like your breakfasts previously were very carb heavy. The fact you can eat that but not protein points to you dealing with a hormonal imbalance still. Are you trying to get your meal in within one hour of waking? If I were you I think I'd go back to what we recommend to people at the beginning. Make a template meal and eat from each portion of the plate (protein, veggies and fat) as evenly as you can and then take the remainder with you to eat again as soon as you are able. My guess is you're eating your veggies/fruit and fat and then because you're not really hungry anymore, the protein isn't as appealing. Try to eat more evenly and see if that helps. Make proteins that are sort of "hidden" rather than a big hunk of meat on a plate. If you likechicken salad, make that and put it over half a sweet potato or some roasted squash. Do you like salmon? Try the Well Fed salmon cakes. Or the nomnompaleo tuna cakes. Can you try mini egg quiches? How about the well fed spinach . This instagram has lots of ideas for "cold-plate" breakfasts that aren't protein focussed but do meet the template.
  5. PS: in answer to your question: in light of an abundance of non-scale victories and successes, why am I feeling so underwhelmed now that I know I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted to. Because the scale is a terrible measure of success and those numbers and the diet and weight loss industries have poisoned our minds and caused us to believe that whatever number appears on the scale is a determination of our self worth and success. If your clothes continue to fit better as you go on and you continue to have stable moods and high energy and clear skin and a calm digestive system, why does it matter what the number on the scale says? Throw that bloody thing in the GARBAGE! Throw it out. Smash it with a hammer, back over it with your car, light it on fire, drop it off a cliff, throw it in a trash compactor. Seriously. You can see exactly, in your comments above, just how terrible it is for us. We are not cattle, we don't need to be weighed.
  6. Hi @MicMD2503 - unfortunately we won't give recommendations on how to "continue to lose by doing the Whole30" since the Whole30 is not a weight loss program. It's a food elimination protocol so that you can figure out how food interacts with your body. Some people do lose weight because they are replacing sugar, wheat and bad fats with veggies, protein and good fats. It's a side effect of the program though, not the purpose. Some reasons that people do not lose any/a lot of weight on the program: underlying health issues - the body will prioritize healing over weight loss the person already eats fairly well before coming to Whole30 so the change is less dramatic person came to Whole30 with hormones upside down and backwards - the body will prioritize balance over weight loss the person came to Whole30 already at a reasonable weight but with a desire to lose "vanity pounds". The body may not wish to do that the person ate far too little over the course of 30 days and the body didn't feel safe to lose weight the person focussed on fruits, nuts and nut butters which are calorically very dense and sugar-high the person came from a background of restriction and binging and the body doesn't feel safe to lose weight.....yet. Basically you can continue to eat healthy proteins, lots of veggies and good fats and your body will eventually settle out. Will you gain weight when you reintroduce? That really depends on what you'll keep in your plan, how it interacts with your body and the quantities you're planning on eating it in. You can give us a rundown on your basic eating habits and meal composition during your Whole30 and we can see if anything stands out. But we're not going to help you hack the Whole30 for weight loss.
  7. Hi @TBD - dry mouth can be a result of going too low-carb. Are you eating starchy veggies (yams, potatoes, winter squash etc) with at least one meal each day? Give us a rundown on your eating habits and meal composition over the past few days and we can see if anything stands out. PS. Our water recommendation is half an ounce of water per pound of 8 glasses is enough if you weigh approximately 120#.
  8. Were you regularly eating any starchy vegetables? Yams, potatoes, winter squash etc? It does sound like you inadvertently went too low carb which can happen when you replace all your previous carbs with veggies and don't prioritise the starchier ones.
  9. We don't keep lists of anything that is approved besides the "Whole30 Approved" branded products. You'd have to take a look at the salad dressings you were interested in buying and see if any of them are compliant. Even if I happen to buy one at my grocery store that is alright, that's no guarantee that the one on the other end of the country is also compliant. Just read those labels when you're at the store!
  10. Haha, ya, the fat part of the meal template has long bugged the moderators of this forum and confused many members. LOL. Note, the protein serving is palm sized though, not fist sized. So the length, width and thickness of your own palm. We recommend nuts to be limited to one closed handful every other day or so and even less for the nut butters etc. Nut products can be a slippery slope of hard to stop, digestive distress and unbalanced fat ratios. They're not against the law, but they are meant to be limited. Eat your fruits with a meal and only after the rest of the meal template has been satisfied (ie, don't let fruit push away veggies). Finally, if you do need to eat between meals, go for a mini meal of protein, fat and veggies. If you can't manage all of that, try for protein and fat (eg, hard boiled egg & mayo) or protein and veggie (eg. carrot sticks and a chicken thigh).
  11. One more thing, @Namaste2017 - if you have a history of bumpy mental health including depression or anxiety, make sure that you are eating at least one fist sized serving of a starchy veggie every day. Maybe more. Judge based on your mood, sleep, mental wellness and energy.
  12. I've edited this title to be more clear and moved this post to Troubleshooting section.
  13. The meal template is a range, @tulane_nola. Are you saying you can't eat a palm of protein, a cup of veggies and some fat? Can you give us some examples of what you are eating/trying to eat and how this is different from your previous eating habits? If you are hungry between meals sooner than 4-5 hours, it's because you either aren't eating enough or your meals aren't properly composed. As a blind guess and in my experience, probably not enough fat, too much fruits? Maybe not eating breakfast within an hour of waking? Does any of that sound familiar? Are you exercising and if so at what intensity? Are you including pre and post workout foods? How are your "snacks" composed?
  14. Hi @Namaste2017 - Unfortunately if you are taking a dairy protein powder you wouldn't be doing a Whole30. Which is fine, of course, not everyone has to do so. We do say "doctor's orders trump Whole30 rules" however that generally doesn't apply to "my doctor told me that I have to eat 3 servings of whole grains a day" or "my doctor told me to have whey protein powder". That all said, we're not you. You live in your body, you know what your situation is and if you personally feel that you require that item in order to maintain overall mental wellness then we are not going to say you don't. Do understand though that you will not get to discover if dairy negatively affects you if you do not completely remove it from your diet. It's up to you really. If you do decide to continue this protein powder during your whole30, we would ask you not to post about it in the open forums as we do moderate/censor non-compliant food discussions so as not to confuse people. The "Post Whole30 Log" portion of the forum would be a great place to post though and if you did want some feedback, you could request that from a moderator as those log sections aren't supervised.
  15. @LisaS - You might not know. But if I were you, I would do a Whole30 at least as long as it may take to see an improvement in your PF. (Also, as a sufferer myself, ice aggressively!) You may never experience the hand pain again but it's possible that other inflammatory conditions are cropping up. Try Whole30'ing until you see an improvement in your pain and then try reintroducing? The trouble with some reintroductions is that it takes a considerable period of time before you start to experience negative side effects and to be honest, the discovering of those particular issues can sometimes take months or years of sleuthing. Whole30 is a good start but ya, you might not figure it out in 30 days.