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  1. Hard to say, how many bananas and starchy veggies are you eating? What else are you eating and in what quantities? Have you had constipation issues in the past? We actually do recommend that people use magnesium as a bowel movement aid. You might just've used too much? I don't think I probably would have chased a day of the runs following days of constipation with a known binding item but bananas themselves aren't specifically constipating in my experience. Depends on how many you actually ate? Never heard about the mosquitos before.
  2. Sorry you aren't well, @K_L, but unfortunately no one here can give you medical advice on how to treat an illness. There is not an enormous amount of fat on the Whole30 and since you got the pancreatitis 3 weeks later, I wouldn't think the two are related? In 3 years I have not heard of someone getting pancreatitis after a round of Whole30. You should work with your doctor to heal.
  3. Gatorade is just an electrolyte beverage loaded with sugar. You can do it yourself by upping your salt, taking a potassium and magnesium supplement and eating starchy veggies. It's not instant. NOTE though, that no one here is a doctor and we can't actually give you medical advice on how to handle heat exhaustion. You are, of course, free to do what you need to do to ensure that you are well.
  4. Excellent attitude! We are absolutely here for you! If you're worried about sugar cravings and entered into this really wanting to destroy that sugar dragon, here are some tips: Eat within an hour of waking, a full template breakfast including protein, veggies and fats. Ensure that your meals are large enough that you are getting 4-5 hours comfortably. If not, bump up. Do not eat fruit on its own between meals Do not use fruit or nuts to combat cravings. The only way to kill that dragon is to starve it to death. Either power through the cravings with some water and/or distraction or eat fat or protein if you absolutely have to have something. You can do this! Best of Whole30'ing to you!
  5. Oh my gosh, I just tried this myself this week. I drink one cup of coffee a day and half the time I don't finish it. I stopped Monday and by Wednesday my brain was exploding and all the symptoms of a systemic issue flared up big time! It's absolutely nuts! Considering how bad the withdrawal was (and I am NOT a heavy user), I am now completely convinced I have to get off coffee and will do so a little more slowly (mixing decaf with caff and slowly bringing down the caffeine amount) to avoid angering some underlying issues.
  6. Is the purpose of the ensure to get adequate additional protein? Couldn't you just have an extra serving of protein? Doctor's orders trump Whole30 but I would be inclined to say on this one that no one can MAKE you drink a canned meal replacement. I would ask him if the only purpose is the easy protein and if so, just go the less "easy" route and eat more food.
  7. The LaCroix NiCola flavours are not keeping with the spirit of the program, especially for someone with a strong soda association.
  8. Have you tried searching the forum? This topic has been discussed endlessly.
  9. I definitely remember you! Congrats! When I read your cravings it sounded to me like carbs, carbs, carbs topped with fat. Are you eating a good amount of potatoes, squash etc and getting dense fat sources? I have no real information to give you around how to structure your eating except to encourage you to go for the meal template as best you can and then take the between meal "snacks" as whole-foods as you can. Have you read Melissa's article on eating while pregnant/aversions?
  10. You're in a unique situation that the general 3-meals recommendation wouldn't account for. If I were you I would just consider my work-day very active and not a "workout" perse. Then I would probably try to eat 4 template sized meals each day. Try to create them so that they get you around 4-5 hours in between before needing to eat again. If you are finding that it is just way too much volume, really bump up the fat content as that is what is going to keep you satisfied without adding insane volume. If you do need to eat between meals, stick with a protein & fat combo as that will do you the most good.
  11. I saw that post too but it didn't read to me like "drinking salt water" as the OP described above (ie, stranded in a raft and drinking ocean water). It's pretty common for endurance athletes or extremely active people, especially during heat, to make their own electrolyte beverage or take salt tablets. It's because they are sweating their sodium out faster than they can replace it and it helps prevent cramping. The average person does not need to do this and, again, I wouldn't consider it "drinking salt water". Note, any time anyone mentions drinking salt water, I'm reminded of one of the steps of that CRAZY master cleanse which requires you to drink a litre of water with 2 heaping tsp of salt in it every morning on an empty stomach. This creates a nearly immediate and explosive, forced bowel movement and they call it a colon cleanse. Don't do this.
  12. Where in the world have you seen anyone talking about drinking salt water?! I'm pretty familiar with all the nooks and crannies of the forum and I can't say I have ever seen that. (Not saying it's not there, but link me because I've never seen it). We do recommend that people salt their food. When you eliminate all processed foods, you eliminate almost the entire intake of sodium. Sodium is an electrolyte needed for human function so we do remind people to salt their foods.
  13. Often we put our own insecurities and lack of confidence on other people. I'm not saying that this is you, but it is extremely common to project ahead on how a person might react. My naturopath always tells me to remind myself that when you are advance predicting another person's response you will often end up projecting their response on to them. What I mean is, when you assume that she is going to be passive aggressive, your brain already assumes that is true so you may answer questions or embody an attitude that actually does bring that result about. Or you read into whatever she does say or do as passive aggressive because that's the result you're expecting/looking for. Sure, your mom might be weird about it. But she might not be.
  14. I would really, really discourage you from doing this. For a number of reasons. First, you're basically lying which doesn't feel good right from the start. And is it really worth lying over? Second, although we are used to a nameless/faceless culture with all of our electronic interventions, what you're actually doing is making an enormous amount of unnecessary work for people that are probably being paid minimum wage. Serious food allergies can be extremely serious. Hours and days of gut-wrenching pain, hospitalization, compromised immune systems, flare ups of autoimmune conditions etc, not to mention anyaphylaxis and potential death. In the case of these situations, the patron absolutely should discuss this with the restaurant and they already know this sort of thing happens to them. Chances are that there are major protocols in place within the staff to ensure that the person doesn't get basically poisoned. You are doing a voluntary food elimination protocol to assess food sensitivities. Yes, it would suck a lot if you accidentally ate a non-compliant item. But unless you already know you'll be in days of pain or on the toilet so many days that you risk dehydration, lying to a minimum wage food server/cook is really just disrespectful. Edited to add: I don't mean to say at all that you should not be diligent about asking preparation questions, calling ahead, getting the answers you want. You should definitely do these things because your personal choice not to consume certain items is completely valid and should be respected. Many times I have asked for gluten free bun (not Whole30, obv) or "no toast" or "omelette no cheese" and the wait staff asks "is it an allergy or a preference" and I always answer that it's a preference. 100% of the time the waitresses have commented on appreciation for transparency because while the kitchen staff will respect the request, they are so glad not to have to shut down operations in order to not kill me. You and your needs are important and they should be respected. You should not lie about serious health conditions in order to make those requests.
  15. Not really, it wouldn't count for the fat. Coconut as a fat serving would be 1-2 heaping handfuls. My guess is you didn't get that much per crusted chicken piece. Go ahead and add another fat. Even just a mayo with extra lime juice stirred probably would have been nice.