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  1. Ya, the Whole7, Whole10, Whole14 are more for people who have done several Whole30s and stick pretty close the rest of the time. The point of Whole30 to begin with is to do a 30 day elimination and then add foods back. You won't have done that, unfortunately. So while any amount of Whole30 eating is great, no, we wouldn't recommend this course for someone just starting out.
  2. When I started closing my kitchen I would clean up dinner, make my lunch, prep breakfast and get a drink of water or make a tea. Then I take a counter cleaner (I like Mrs. Meyer Clean Day) and wipe down all the surfaces including sink and fridge door handles. Then put it away, turn out the light and move on. It worked for me to do a wipe down first because then I mentally didn't want to get anything dirty or get fingerprints. And the kitchen was nice and clean for the next day. There is some degree of personal accountability and you might have to muscle through a couple times but it'll catch on.
  3. Sorry this got missed. It's really up to you. You won't get the full effects of Whole30 if you shorten it. But you'll have time to figure yourself out and see if anything is enormously distressing. On the other hand you could finish the Whole30 and then try to do reintro in Mexico, of course not knowing how foods affect you. It's a bit of a catch, you just have to figure out how you want to proceed. Whichever you choose, know that you are not going to get the full benefits of the program. Either you shorten your W30 or you "skip" your reintro. So whatever you decide, I would recommend that you do another W30 + reintroduction when you have a calmer schedule.
  4. That's some pretty impressive research, @Betty7 I always try to be cognizant of arginine/lysine as well because of cold sores, I had no idea that it was for shingles also but now that I think about it, that makes sense. I know that if I'm going to get a cold sore outbreak that it also is most likely to happen a few days before my period. Strange but maybe your cycle also has some impact?
  5. Hi!!!!!!! Welcome back! How are you, nice to see you back here! These yogurt replacements really aren't recommended/permitted. They are using compliant ingredients to recreate something non compliant. If you were wanting to use it for a sauce or a curry, then sure. But just to eat as an old breakfast/snack standby? Nope.
  6. Yep! ^^
  7. Yes.
  8. Maybe try roasting some veggies (starchy and non starvhy) and eat them in the car also. They are decent cold or room temperature. The bulk/fibre will help you with pooping.
  9. Hunh. Your meals sound alright but hard to tell quantities. How many veggies per meal? I'd try laying off all nuts and nut butters as they are gut disruptive. Add 2-3 cups veggies to break far andeave off the banana. Bananas are what people eat after they have stomach flu or diarrhea so you probably don't need their firming effects. If you get my meaning. You can try supplementing with magnesium which helps with pooping and which most North Americans are deficient in.
  10. You'll k own you're eating enough when you can easily go 4-5 hours between meals. When you aren't prowling the kitchen after dinner. When you are hungry on waking. When you are sleeping well. When you have good poops. Any or all of these!
  11. Hmmm...... I'm sorry to say that you are not eating enough. Breakfast of just an avocado the day after a breakfast of just 2 eggs chased up by an OTF workout with no post workout meal (dinner doesn't count) is really, really short changing yourself. You should be eating within an hour of waking and that meal should include 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of vegetables and 1-2 fat servings. Repeat this in 4-5 hours. Making each meal large enough to keep you going for 4-5 hours negates the need for any snacking. If you do have to eat between your meals, make it a complete "mini" meal or at least protein and fat or protein and veggie. Pre workout recommendation is protein and fat and post workout (especially following something intense like OTF) is lean protein and starchy veggie. This is in addition to your next meal. You could also probably afford to drink more water. Our recommendation is half an ounce per pound of bodyweight and that is before the water required for exercise. Your 60 ounces is great if you weigh 120#. Are you salting your food? How's your sleep been? Any headaches?
  12. Hunh. Strange! You'll have to give us a bit more detail on what you've been eating, portions and timing. Fluids? Salt? Starchy veg? Exercise? There might be something that stands out. I wouldn't say that this is common/normal but I have heard similar before (of course if you're nervous, hit up your doctor). Could be a flu you're coming down with?
  13. LOL, this is awesome!
  14. Hi @mdjess86 - sorry you aren't feeling well. I just looked back at some of your posts and note that in addition to feeling crappy, sad etc, you are also rapidly losing a lot of weight that you state you don't really have to lose. So my question is: are you eating enough food? What are your meals composed of? Are you getting adequate fat? Including starchy veggies?
  15. It's still good to use even if it doesn't gel. Usually a broth that doesn't gel can be attributed to cooking at too high a heat (ie, you don't want it to boil for a long period) or using a high water to bone ratio. It'll still have all the good stuff in there, just not in a quantity sufficient for gelling. Drink up! (When I make chicken broth, the fat rarely hardens) If you want more of a "guarantee" of a good gel, find and throw in some chicken feet!