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  1. You are free to reintroduce as generally or specifically as you want. Obviously the more specific you go, the longer it will take but theoretically the better data you'll get. There's no actual reintro recommendation for sugar, additives or alcohol so the four that she notes are really the big ones. We do recommend doing soy and peanut butter separately from other legumes and if you think dairy is an issue, doing whey and casein separately also.
  2. Prunes are a dried fruit and would suggest to be limited similar to all other dried fruits. Just check the label and make sure there are no non-compliant ingredients added.
  3. I'm not completely sure that 4 days of nutlessness is enough to completely reduce the bloat and water retention that you might've had from your nut consumption. Do you have any other health issues? Auto-immune? Digestive? How's your sleep? Your stress? How much water are you drinking? Based on your weight you should be looking at around 80 ounces a day. I see that Shannon pointed out the meal template to you. Again, I'm not sure that 4 days is enough time to notice a difference if you hadn't been following it previously. Are you eating within an hour of waking? Do you exercise and if so, are you including pre and/or post workout food? Do you have a history of caloric restriction/dieting? If so, has it been chronic through your life? Often when folks come from a history of being on and off of restrictive diets, their bodies will hold on to nutrition because they don't quite know what's up. At your height and weight, I suspect that although you may have weight you wish to lose, it's not as dire as we're always told it is. The "guidelines" for what is an acceptable weight for women has been reduced and reduced and reduced by insurance companies and mainstream media. Ask yourself if you feel good. If you're happy. If you can do all the things you want to do. If you eat well and get movement. If you're sleeping well. If your mood is stable. If your periods are normal/regular. If you're pooping well. Ask yourself all of these questions before demanding of yourself that you become smaller. Finally, bodies will only healthfully release weight when they have the agreement of balanced hormones. Sometimes and for some people, that just takes longer.
  4. Sorry for the delay, we are all volunteers and sometimes it takes some time to get to all the posts. As with anything, you would want to read the ingredients on the item you wish to consume. If all the ingredients are alright, you can use. And of course, doctor's orders trump Whole30 rules.
  5. Nope. Although it may have lactose and casein removed it still contains.....whey.
  6. Dairy is a definite no. Check out the rules linked below, just to refresh yourself so you are prepared going in. You might also like to check out the meal template linked below so that you can see how it is recommended that you formulate your meals.
  7. No ghee required. There's no list of things you must use.....just a list of things you must avoid.
  8. We are so conditioned that by society that we can't possibly understand our own bodies and that instead of relying on our connection with ourselves, we need to buy, use, download this app or that tracker or this philosophy or that "plan". Go back to Gramma's day. When there were no apps or food calculators or smart phones and they just ate food that came from animals and plants at regular intervals. Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Emotions? Physically? Mood? Write it all in a daily diary if you like that sort of daily tracking. But become aware of how food makes you feel. And know that every time you count a calorie or track a macro, you're telling your body that you're not going to bother listening to it. That the tracker/calorie/macro is more important than how you're feeling. Will you binge eat dates and almond butter or eat huge servings of chicken salad because it's just so darned tasty? Maybe. Probably at least once. But then you'll check in with yourself and assess why, how it felt, what effect it had. And you learn to be in partnership with your body instead of warring against it all the time. You can do this.
  9. Is there any chance you're pregnant?
  10. 1. Yes, it is quite common for peopel to not prefer eating within an hour of waking. This is a result of your hormones not quite being at their optimal balance. Keep trying. 2. The time between your breakfast and your lunch is over 7 hours. No wonder you're hungry. 3. Swap out that pre-workout larabar for some protein and fat. Probably at least a serving of each since you are going to use it to workout AND as a go-between since you have a long time between first and second meal. We do not recommend fruit as a pre-workout. It's fast fuel and doesn't teach your body to access fat as fuel. 4. Depending on the intesity of your workout, you need post workout lean protein and starchy veggie, otherwise you are short changing yourself. If you can tweak these meals out, you'll likely be less hungry before bedtime.
  11. See if you can find unflavoured egg white protein; it does exist. It's disgusting but it should do the trick.
  12. If you can't handle that many eggs, try combining the eggs with another cooked protein source. I always liked leftover roast beef sauteed with veggies and then topped with a couple eggs.
  13. What time are you going to bed? Are you too cold or too hot when you wake up? If you ate something do you think you'd be able to go back to sleep quicker? I wonder what you are eating as a typical day. Could be that if you are undereating for your needs, your body is waking up early because it's hungry?
  14. People who are extremely sensitive to even the tiniest amount of dairy would do well to turn away from ghee. Depends on just how sensitive you are. I would venture a guess that loose stool after a few days of constipation is maybe your body adjusting and getting into a rhythm. Note that there is actually a difference between loose stools and diarrhea. Diarrhea is a frequent releasing of waste in liquid form. Loose stools are just.......loose. I'd probably say not to worry about it unless you continue to experience this. My other suggestion would be that the ghee + coconut oil + coconut milk + more ghee is probably pretty fat heavy and that could account for the looseness. Coconut products can have a laxative effect.
  15. Had leftover taco meat that needed using. Sauteed an onion, 2 bell peppers and two shredded potatoes in ghee. Added the leftover taco meat to heat through, put it all in ghee-greased 9 x 13 glass pan and then poured a dozen eggs over top and baked for an hour. Served with salsa and guacamole smothering each piece. Taco-egg-bake.