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Hi there :)

First of all, sorry for my English. I'm not native speaker, I'm from Czech Republic, 28 years old female.

I have eaten pretty clean Paleo for 6 months now, with occasional slip to Primal (milk in my cappuccino). I'm starting Whole30 after reading It Starts with Food and I hope that it will help me with few struggles:

first months of eating Paleo I have lost weight well (I don't weight myself, I measure it with my clothes), but I hit the plateau approx. two months ago. I think it corresponds with my snack addiction (mostly nuts, dried fruits or regular fruits, 85% dark chocolate). I wasn't hungry at the beginning of my Paleo journey, but my appetit slowly returned and recently the snacking got out of my hands.

I like nuts and fruits and I don't think it is necessary to avoid them completely, so I enjoy the idea to include them into my regular meal and stick with 3 meals a day. Let's see how it works.

Day 1 so far:

Meal 1: 3 eggs on 1 tablespoon of ghee, lettuce and small handfull of grapes


Meal 2: homemade meat loaf (organic ground beef and liver, onion, garlic, egg, spices), sweet potato, radishes, grapes and macadamia nuts


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Thank you :)

Meal 3: large bowl of salad (lettuce, baby spinach, radishes, cucumber, raw salmon, sundried tomatoes in olive oil, lime juice)


I'm not hungry and really enjoyed these meals. But I have huuuge problem to not doing anything else during eating (I mean reading, surfing on the web etc.). I eat much faster if I just eat. I must work on it, it's a challenge!

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Today, it was much harder to stay with three meals, I was thinking of food all day.

Meal 1: homemade meat loaf (ground beef and liver, onion, garlic, egg, spices), sweet potato, macadamia nuts, two slices of watermelon, salad (radishes, lettuce, cucumber, avocado oil)


Meal 2: some kind of goulash from beef shin (very collagen rich meat, I love it) and zucchini on 1 tablespoon pork lard, two slices of watermelon


Meal 3: soup (chicken broth, chicken meat, cauliflower, carrot), leftovers of morning salad, kohlrabi, macadamia nuts


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Meal 1: homemade meat loaf on lard, sauerkraut, grapes


Meal 2: dorade baked in papillote with lemon, basil and ghee, kohlrabi, spinach, macadamia and cashew nuts


Meal 3: goulash with zucchini, lettuce, sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon and cashew butter


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Meal 1: chicken breast and mushrooms on lard with 1 egg, lettuce, macadamia nuts


Meal 2: roasted pork belly, sauerkraut, apple


Emergency snack (I had too long pause between meals): closed handfull of macadamia nuts

Meal 3: steak Tartar (beef, onion, garlic, egg yolk, spices), cucumber, two apricots


After 3 days spent in bed because of my lower back block, I visited to my friend who has a little kitty. I'm melted, it is so cute! Very refreshing and recovering.

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Wow. Just wow. Today is Day 5, for the first time I'm at work during Whole30 and I haven't any cravings between Meal 1 and Meal 2 (5 hours). I ALWAYS have cravings when I'm at work (maybe first week on paleo diet I hadn't, but before and after then I always need one or more snacks).

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Meal 1: two eggs on ghee, chicken breast, cucumber, 3 apricots


Meal 2: soup (beef ribs, carrot), cucumber, chicken breast)


Meal 3: roasted pork belly, handfull of macadamia and cashew nuts, salad (lettuce, cucumber, radishes, sundried tomatoes in olive oil, lemon juice, spices)


I feel good, despite the fact that I was at work for the first time after 5 days, I'm not tired, not even little.

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B) Yes, I just figured out how to insert picture from Picassa album

Meal 1: two eggs baked in avocado (wow, delicious! next time just make bigger hole, most of the whites ended outside of avocado) on ghee, lettuce, small banana


Meal 2: soup (beef ribs, carrot), one hardboiled egg, leftover salad from yesterday


Meal 3: three patties (beef and lamb meat together), zucchini and mushrooms cooked on lard, handfull of macadamia and cashew nuts


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Thanks, Laura :)

Today, I had very stresfull day, I had to work even during lunch :(

Meal 1: flank steak, spinach on ghee, pepper (finally local)


Meal 2: goulash with zucchini and mushrooms, banana, lettuce


Snack: my mom bought sugar peas so I took some on my way to my doctor.


Meal 3: spread (canned tunna in olive oil, hardboiled egg, onion), cucumber, pepper, radishes, carrot (very sweet), tiny amount of macadamia nuts


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Meal 1: homemade meatloaf, pepper, carrot, nectarine


Meal 2: roasted pork belly, sauerkraut, carrot, radishes, grapes


Meal 3: very busy, so I had two eggs in my favourite coffeehouse, and then I ate my emergency pack (carrots, radishes, hardboiled egg), one teaspoon of coconut oil


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I'm tired, but I think that it's due to weather change, it's really cold here today.

Meal 1: salmon, zucchini on lard, grapes


Meal 2: soup (beef ribs, carrot), radishes, nectarine, handfull of cashew nuts


1 teaspoon of coconut oil (I was really hungry, but I didn't want eat something bigger before dinner)

Meal 3: chicken wings on sauerkraut, carrot


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Weird day today! I'm tired and hungry all day long. Had to have a snack afternoon! And hunger seems to be endless, aargh! Carb flu? I don't think so, as I haven't eaten too much carbs before (just fruit and occasionally honey and agave).

Meal 1: leftover chicken wings, zucchini, apple, carrot


Meal 2: top blade steak, ghee, salad (radishes, cucumber, lettuce and finally local tomatoes, lime juice, avocado oil) and bowl of raspberries and blackberries (OMG, fresh from farmers market, so delicious!)


Snack: four carrots, teaspoon of cashew butter


Meal 3: I roasted pork knee with onion, so I had meat and bone (as a true cavewoman :) ), salad


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Meal 1: pork sausages (fresh and compliant - just meat and spices), baked hokkaido squash sauted in lard (wow, overbaked squash tastes like potato! :wub: ), carrots, tomato


Meal 2: roasted pork knee, squash, salad - I gave myself bigger portion due to yesterday hunger and it helped a lot


Meal 3: top blade steak, cauliflower puree with ghee, salad


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Thank you, Adagio :)

Meal 1: top blade steak, cauliflower puree with ghee, small handfull of cashew nuts


Meal 2: goulash, baked hokkaido squash, salad (just veggies, no spices nor oil - I forgot)


I had long pause between Meal 2 and 3 (7 hours), so I took 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to avoid cravings

Meal 3: homemade meatloaf (beef meat and liver - great way to eat organ meat even if you don't like it), mashed sweet potato with lard, radishes


Note: I had accidentaly more starchy veggies than usually (squash, sweet potato) these two days and result: I was very satisfied with meals and I didn't think about fruit! I like fruit, so I want to eat some, but good to know :)

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Derval - I needed to see some smile that morning :)

Today: It was long day, so I had 4 meals

Meal 1: 3 eggs, zucchini on lard, peach


Meal 2: homemade meatloaf, cauliflower puree, grapes (it was not enough, I was hungry very soon after that meal)


Meal 3: unprepared and hungry, ts ts ts...

I grab organic coconut flakes (ate only half of the bag, what a victory for me!) on my way to coffeehouse and there I had gazpacho (delish!), crutons carefully put aside. Then I had espresso (without milk, blah, never more) and cascara (tea from coffee bean coats, really good, it tastes as something between coffee and tea).


Meal 4: salmon, carrot


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I love all of your pictures. I may start doing that, if I can figure out how. I have a degree in English and I grew up in this country, and I think your English is just fine. :D

Is canned coconut milk available in your country? If it is, you might try adding that to your coffee. That is how I drink mine now and I LOVE it. It's so thick and creamy. I used to drink very sweet coffee drinks, but for some reason, I can drink coffee with coconut milk and I don't miss the sweetness of the sugar at all.

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Thank you very much, Hobbitgirl :)

I don't drink much coffee and I always drink my coffee in coffeehouse (cappuccino with milk, without sugar), so it is little inconvenient to take coconut milk with me :) But I don't miss it, just wanted to try good quality black coffee - and maybe I'm not enough advanced for it :D

Taking pictures? If you have a smartphone, it's pretty easy, I take a picture, process in Instagram - it makes that nice square form (but I don't publish them there, I don't want to bore my non-paleo followers) and then upload to Picassa album (or any other online album). And then I post them here. It sounds complicated, but it takes just few seconds.

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