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Well, we had the appointment today and all I can say is that there are some decent, understanding people in the world!!


It wasn't daunting in the slightest, she was very friendly and just asked us to explain our diet, what we eat, how we try to make sure Harriet has sufficient calcium, fat and energy for the day.  I would go so far as to say she was actually impressed.  She said that she has no interest in trying to make us change as she understands what we are trying to achieve and why.  Her only concern was calcium, especially as Harriet grows and goes through periods of rapid growth.  But she was more than happy to make us aware then let us be, with just a few suggestions about introducing things like coconut milk for calcium, protein and fat.  She EVEN went so far as to say that Harriet was the healthiest child she'd seen in a long time!!!!!!!


You do not know how happy I am right now :D

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