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I wasnt ready for Round 2, so here I am...


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My first Whole30 was great.  I made it successfully with my husband by my side for 30 days.  You can see my success story here.


I then did horrible when it came to reintroduction - i pretty much ate whatever I wanted on Day 31.  I had told myself I would start another Whole30 in 3 days - so it was kind of like a free for all, eat everything in sight before you cant have it again.


I tried another Whole30, Round 2.  I failed miserably on Day 4.  Here is my log of how far I got. 


Mentally, I'm not ready.  Its so much harder to do another round, and sticking to compliant meals.  I feel as if I already succeeded, so I need to reward myself with foods I had missed for 30 days.  And im not referring to cake or cookies, but something as simple as putting milk in my coffee, or parmesean cheese on my broccoli.


Anyways, I am going to stick to the Whole30 meal plan as best as I know how. 


My goals will remain the same:


-log here daily.  not only food, but thoughts, cravings, mood, etc.

-stick to 3 meals (with pre/post-WO if necessary).

-form of exercise every day.

-stay away from the scale.

-coffee/nuts keep limited.

-continue to get my kids away from morning cereal.

-don't allow family/friends to interfere with what im doing, and dont pay attention to their comments.


When I'm ready, I will start another Whole30.  For now, I will enjoy life.

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Hmm ... makes me sad when I read things like enjoying life and Whole30 can't coexist. It sounds like you have family/friends that aren't completely supportive of your choice. That's mind-blowing to me, especially where you were so happy with the many positive results you attained. Hope you can find the support you need here on this forum.

I wonder if, when you're ready, you can develop a non-food reward for your future success?  To me, part of succeeding in Whole30 is having a better relationship with food, for the long haul.


Wishing you the best, in health.

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Thanks Chris.  You're right,  I dont have 100% support from my family, not even my husband.  He and I were both raised on the SAD diet.  His family still eats this way, and they are overweight (most obese).  They love the way they eat, feel, look, etc, even though they know they are unhealthy.  But hey, more power to them for loving the body they are in.


My husband feels that we shouldnt take certain foods away from our kids - grains, sugar, etc.  He wants them to 'live life' and enjoy all foods.  I have read the book and he hasnt, and he wont.  He doesnt care what some doctor or some research says, he still wants to eat the chemically processed foods.  Yes, he completed the whole30, and yes, he got great results.  But he has gone back to eating grains and I can tell.  He is very moody and sleepy in the evening.  He has gone back to taking afternoon naps.


My mom also feels the same way.  I have been trying to get heron board with Whole30, and she agrees she wants to do it, but defends giving up her protein shakes and Splenda.


Its definitely hard.  I always have my guard up and I'm tired of explaining my reasons.  It also makes me look like the nazi food bitch.

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Yuck, what a rotten situation. Food isn't love yet that's such a common misplaced mindset in society today. When they're older, are your kids going to remember the food treats they had with you, or the quality time you and your husband were able to spend with them?

Perhaps, for the sake of peace, you all agree to respect (and not condemn) each other's personal food choices. Although what you and your husband collectively decide on for your kids is a tough one ... maybe you can get specific advice on that issue in the Friends and Family subsection?

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I can totally relate to your situation!  I too recently completed a W30, had great results, off-roaded badly for a few days, and then tried to do another W30 but couldn't maintain.  I am struggling with being compliant as much as possible while finding a balance of enjoying sugary food once in awhile.


It is so frustrating because the results of eating compliant are wonderful.  For me, I think the issue is very much a mental challenge and creating new habits after years and years of eating badly.  I also have to remember that even though my first W30 was great, I definitely struggled some days.  It was not a walk in the park.  We have to be a little easy on ourselves and be proud of the progress we have made.


I don't have a good answer, but you are not alone in your struggles!

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thank you both for the positive words.  I post here looking for support because its hard to find it in real life.  its funny, I've look through the Freinds & family section, and the Whole30 for kids and it looks like I am not alone.  Not the answer I was looking for, but relieved knowing I am not the only one going through it.


Anyways.  I am not sure if I should number my days now (day 1, day 2, etc).  I have been doing well since I had my slip up on Monday.  I have been having cravings like crazy, but I havent gave in.  Yesterday I went overboard with apples and sunflower butter.  But it was a lot better than going out for a big cone of ice cream.


Yesterdays meals:


Meal 1: 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, leftover roasted broccoli mixed with sauteed broccoli slaw.


Meal 2: leftover pork chop, sweet potato, and 2 cups of salad.


snack : apple and too much sunflower butter.


Meal 3: seared salmon and asparagus.


no workout .. watched netflix instead.  -oops.  I really need to start working out.  I just borrowed P90X2 from a friend and i havent got the motivation yet.  I have finished 2 rounds of P90X and i love tony horton.  I have even met him in person and did a work out with him.  So tonight I will come home and workout. damnit.

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Get that workout in tonight, the exercise endorphins will do wonders!


I struggle with my family as well, and I posted about it in the Friends & Family section. Kind of like what you said - there's a lot of people in a similar boat, but no real good solution on how to make it better. I've decided to just put on my blinders and plug away at what I think is best for me, while the family does what they think is best for them. At least DH is cool with whatever I eat as long as I'm not paying $16 for a jar of coconut oil!

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I'm really struggling with round 2. I made it to Day 6, drank wine at a party, went to my in-laws, been fumbling ever since. Today I'm back to Day 1. Someone, I think Susan, wrote elsewhere that there's a reason in AA you don't think "rest of my life," you think "one day at a time." Once you off-road having those bites of forbidden food--even if they make you feel crappy--can make it hard to get back on the wagon. But, one meal at a time.

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Sometimes one hour at a time.  When I'm ready to throw in the towel, I make a deal with myself.  Not THIS meal (day, event, whatever)-but if I still feel this way for my next meal, I'll do it.  It's how I make sure I am making the decision to ditch my W30, and am not just reacting to a craving or situation that I will regret.  It has gotten me to today, which is day #14 of my 3rd W30.


Ideally, I won't feel like I need to do any more of these.  I don't really like doing them.  But until I can prove to myself that I have learned the things I need to learn, I will keep doing them.  I thought I had it last time.  I was "riding my own bike" for 6 weeks before the wheels came off.  So here I am-fighting my way through, and hoping that this time it sticks.


Jenna-I hate that you're not getting support in the outside world!  But honestly, I believe that once our lessons are really learned, we won't need it.  I think we have to adopt the philosophy of doing for ourselves.  We eat what we eat because it's good for us.  We don't make a big deal about it, and it's nobody's business.  Once we have total confidence in how we care for our bodies, the things people say will roll right off our backs!

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This weekend was a blast.  I defenitely off-roaded and now remember what a wheat belly feels/looks like.


Saturday I enjoy bacon with my breakfast, and had a slic of cake at a birthday party.  Saturday night my husband and I went out on a date and I had 2 vodkas on ice.  I stayed away from the mixtures and drank the alcohol straight.  It went right through my blood stream ;)


Sunday was fathers day, i made a compliant breakfast, went to my brothers for lunch - stayed compliant there.  Dinner was leftovers from lunch, and then I indulged in some wine after the kids went to bed.  All in all I have found it easier to stick to a Whole30 lifestyle - I know what I can have and know what I cant - not too many times I have to really *think* about it.  If i want cake, fine, but  I will have to face the consequences of a bloated belly and moodiness. 


Still having a hard time getting a workout in.  I want to change the composition of my body, but I just can't find the time in the day to work out.  But just like I make time to prep my food and cook, I need to set aside at least 30 minutes to go for a run, hit the weights, something productive.

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I'm getting better, all because my son sneezed.


Yesterday took the kids to old country buffet - by myself.  Not the best decision, since it is buffet style and I have to help them get their plates while holding my youngest on my hip, but kids eat for only .99 on Thursdays and I couldnt resist.  So after getting them through the meals while shoveling (complaint) food in my mouth, I had to take them to the restroom, which is right next to the dessert station.  Coming out of the bathroom, I glanced through the dessert station and saw my favorite - pecan pie.  I was opening up the cake stand to grab a piece, and my son sneezed, which made me close it and find a napkin to wipe his nose.


This made me realize I did not need the pecan pie even though I was under a little stress.


Crazy how the world works sometimes.


Taking the kids on vacation this weekend to great wolf lodge.  My plans tonight are to bake some chcken thighs and sweet potatos, as we will be eating breakfast/lunch in our room which has a fridge and microwave.  Making grain free muffins for the boys, and bringing fruit and veggies.  We will be going out to eat and it is an annual thing that all the adults drink out of a big fish bowl full of liquor.  Guess I will be the one taking pictures, as I say no thank you to alcohol.

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Things have been going okay.  I feel that I am getting a bit puffier and I dont like that.  I have been indulging in bad things like candy, chocolate, and alcohol.  My meals have been great - I am actually 100% compliant when it comes to meal time - I dont eat grains, legumes, any of that.  But I have a terrible sugar dragon and let it get the best of me.  The other night I was at night neighbors and had way too much to drink - but I enjoyed myself - it was great to spend time with them.


I have been putting heavy cream in my coffee in the mornings.  Pure heaven.  I havent had Splenda in months - and I dont miss it.


We are taking another vacation next week to Philly and I am super excited.  I am trying to think now what to make ahead to bring with us.  Our hotel will have a fridge and microwave, so definitely going to cook up a batch of chicken thighs/sweet potatoes/roasted broccoli.  Need to think of things for the kids as well - I'd rather not eat out and spend more $$ then we should.


Here are some recent pics of food, and muscle.  Love that armpit definition.  :wub:







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