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Older women following Whole30


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I haven't posted in a long time but read all the posts that come through and I'm thinking I need to do another round.

I haven't done a W30 in quite a while now and I'm feeling like it is time. Pants are feeling tight and my diet has been less than stellar.  I'm 50 with 6 kids, 2 girls in college and 4 boys at home ages 6-15.  Life is a tad chaotic as I am working, starting a business, and home educating my boys - I have let everything else come before taking care of myself. Time to get back to healthy food, more yoga, and making time for ME.

I do have food sensitivities to dairy, wheat, onion, and garlic. All those give me an awful stomach ache and bloating; wheat also causes eczema on my hands and feet.  It's difficult to eat out so I usually fix my own food - and usually paleo.

I'm on board with whoever else is starting soon!  I need to figure out when to begin, shop, and get my head ready.  I said I will so I have to do it now! Who else is with me?!?


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I am thinking about going back on it as well, as the snacking has gotten out of control again. I am 56 and run two small businesses. 


During my Whole30 I realized I am sensitive to dairy, gluten (which I knew gave me migraines) and surprisingly Nightshade Vegetables, but I have all of these lately and I've been suffering & know better :-(


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Since Monday when I posted, I just switched back over to Paleo.  Not Whole30 necessarily though.  I can tell you that in less than 3 days some of the issues I had are gone or on the wane.  This is the first time the difference has been so noticeable so quickly.

Though I notice that today, though I slept great last night, I'm a little confused.  It's the low-carb-dizzies.  I figured I'd go through Friday and assess where I am before I plan the future.

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I know there are lots of older women on Whole 30. I'ld like to bump this list up.

I turn 65 in October. I'm unhealthy and not living my best life.  I am changing that Whole 30 is one of the ways I am doing it (day 3) as well as meditation and working towards a life of intention.

I work full time in healthcare, have a 16 1/2 yr old daughter. Teaching myself to sew.

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@LydiaJo did you see this thread: 

I'm not sure it's only women, but it might be another option, and has been active more recently than this thread. Or people may come along and make this one active again, and that's also fine, I just had noticed the other and thought I'd mention it in case you hadn't seen it.

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