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Sara's Post W30


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Hrm, have you considered eliminating nightshades for a week or two? The other thought which would be less annoying is that the curry had MSG in it. You could call the restaurant and inquire but I'm guessing most aren't that forth coming with it.

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Physibeth - Nightshades, hmmm...  I think I'm going to wait on eliminating things until the new year.  But I'll have to add that to the list.


I thought I would get on here this weekend, but ended up being super busy.


The good news is that I didn't seem to have any negative effects from sushi on Friday - I did have some white rice, soy sauce, and a glass of wine.  I did manage to avoid the delicious looking pizza.  Saturday was a mostly compliant day with a glass of wine, and no ill effects on Sunday.  I managed to get in a nice 7 mile run before the snow started yesterday.  And my treadmill finally arrived.  It is partially inside at this point.  I couldn't quite convince my husband to get it completely together last night.


We had a lot of fun getting our Christmas tree in the snow with my ILs and my Dad.  Tree is up and settling, I'm guessing at least the lights will go on tonight.


I was back on track yesterday and that should continue all this week.  I'm glad I was able to have a glass of wine two nights in a row with no issues.  I thought I would have a second glass of wine on Saturday, but one felt like enough. :o   I can't believe I just typed that!  And no sleeping issues either.


M1: 1/4 frittata, zucchini soup; coffee with CM (I'm going to try no dairy all week)

M2: tuna and mushroom salad with avo over mixed greens with O&V (6 macadamia nuts)

M3: venison steak, mixed greens with O&V, maybe roasted cauli if I have time to make it (5 almonds, 5 cashews)

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Good job getting that run in! I need to run. I miss it. Hopefully in a few more months I'll have a good collection of WIM releases memorized and I won't have to be learning and practicing new ones every week and can refocus on the running more. Winter running is the worst because when it isn't raining here it is freezing and I'm a baby about both.  :rolleyes:


Good job on finding moderation in your wine. I think letting go of "I can't" frees us up to have a much healthier attitude.


Keep up the good work!

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So my treadmill is completely inside now.  Unfortunately, it was welded incorrectly and one of the "arms" can only be attached backwards.  Ugh!  So starting the whole process over again.  I'm not too happy, especially as we are getting 2-4 inches today and I was really hoping to break in the new treadmill tonight.


And that was after I was scrooge and said my husband should put the treadmill together, rather than put up the Christmas tree lights.  :rolleyes:   Bad Mommy.


Hopefully my husband and son will get the lights on today, since my son is off from school due to the weather.


M1: 1/4 frittata, zucchini soup; coffee with CM

M2: Tuna and mushroom salad with avo over mixed greens with O&V, raw cauli (didn't have time to cook it last night), 6 macadamias

M3: Chicken with roasted cauliflower and mixed greens with O&V, 5 cashews

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Bad dreadmill! What a nightmare! I hope they give you some of your money back for the hassle. Do you have to send the whole thing back or can they just send you a replacement for the faulty part. Perhaps today's exercise will have to be snow shoveling instead of running.

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Jen - Thanks, you know how it is when you do something for yourself, mommy guilt.  ;)


Bethany - Unfortunately the part that is welded incorrectly is on the base of the treadmill, so the main part (the heavy part) is what would need to be replaced.


Some good news on the dreadmill!  DH figured out a way to get the arm on in the right direction.  It is missing a bolt, but feels pretty secure (DH ran on it at speed 10, so I think I'm okay).  He took pictures and sent them to the company and we'll see what they say.  He thinks (he's an engineer) that it is fine, but I think my preference would be for them to replace it.  In the meantime, I'll use it.  So tonight I'll get to run, wihoo!


In other good news, I have a batch of bone broth in the slow cooker.  I started it last night, so I brought a small bowl in for lunch.  I'm not sure if I should let it cook for 24 or 48 hours.  I guess I should go look at all those links Emily posted for me.  I have also been having gelatin with two cups of tea a day.


We still did not get Christmas lights up on the tree, so we need to do that tonight.  We also need to get out our evites for our annual NYE party.  Oh, and I have to get my Christmas cards labeled and stamped.  Let's not talk about the present wrapping and cooking I need to be doing.


We also have a really busy weekend coming up.  Saturday I have a 5 mile race in the  morning, then my son has a birthday party, and then we have a 50th birthday party for a close friend that evening.  Sunday we have the Baptism for the daughter of the friend from the night before and we are the Godparents.  Then a luncheon after that.  Somewhere in there I also need to cook!


So because I have been getting really stressed about the to do list, I decided to take off next Tuesday.  Since I started my job in July, I haven't taken a day off, so I think I am due.


Hopefully my run on the dreadmill tonight will produce some anxiety relief!   :o   


In regularity news, things are still up down and all over the place.  I am still trying to be strategic with what I am doing, instead of trying too many different things at once.  I am trying to be patient...


I need to get back off the nuts.  I'm doing fine without dairy, but it seems like if I have some nuts at lunch, then I have them in the evening.  Yesterday I was hungry, so I had a few nuts at lunchtime.  So there they were with my cup of tea in the evening.  I really need to work on this - even though the portions aren't bad, it just feels unnecessary, like I'm treating myself.  Last night was also not my best night for sleeping.  I only ended up with less than 7 hours because of getting to bed late.  When I was sleeping, I was out like a rock.  My son too!  He usually comes in our room when my husband leaves for work, but today I had to wake him up in his room and he was so out of it.  Super cute, but it didn't help with the morning rush.


M1: 1/4 Frittata, zucchini soup; coffee with CM

M2: bone broth, chocolate chili with avo, mixed greens with O&V, roasted cauliflower, small cup of bone broth (4 macadamias); later tea with gelatin

M3: bone broth, 3 sausages, spinach with O&V (mixed greens went bad, gross), (5 cashews)


I wrote a book today!

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LOL about the helmet!  My kids like to use my TM and elliptical, but I make them wear the safety clip, wear shoes, only go as fast as they can run/walk without holding on.  They get bored pretty quickly.  And, they know they are not allowed to touch it without me there.  They're fascinated by machines, though.  I actually used the TM and elliptical both in the past week or so.  Weird!  :)

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Jen - My son was the first one on the treadmill.  He loved it!  He wanted to get on last night, but told me it wasn't a good idea since he has a stomach bug.


So speaking of stomach bug, I feel awful, my son threw up all over my mother's car.  Poor Mom and poor little guy.  He seems to be fine today, but it was a rough evening.  He is having a day off from school, although this morning he was asking to go to school!


I did get 4.5 miles in on the dreadmill, no helmet needed!  My husband informed me we will be moving the treadmill to the basement, as I was shaking the entire first floor (treadmill on second floor currently).


My dinner last night made me sad and left me unsatisfied.  I was behind because of my son being sick and running.  It was an odd feeling.


Question - So I had two cups of bone broth yesterday.  I can't say I'm loving it.  It seems to have a strange taste, maybe it is the marrow from the beef bones (these seem to have a lot of marrow and were actually called marrow bones).  Any suggestions for something I can do to mellow the marrow-y taste?  Also, am I getting the same things from the gelatin I bought that I'm getting from the bone broth?  I'd appreciate any input!  I'm also finding the oily/greasiness on my lips after eating/drinking the broth to be very odd...


M1: 1/4 Frittata, zucchini soup; coffee with CM

M2: Chocolate chili with half avo, mixed greens with O&V, roasted cauliflower, tea with gelatin

M3: Bone brother, chicken salad over mixed greens with O&V???

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Sorry your son is sick. Be careful...if it is the neuro virus (or however you spell that) it is contagious for up to 5 days after symptoms cease. On the bone broth, I've never been able to make myself drink it straight either. I always make soup with it. I like to make creamed veggie soups as they make a nice side dish on cold mornings. I've yet to make beef broth so I can't answer your question on the marrow. I thought you are supposed to pre-cook marrow bones but I could be wrong. 

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Hey Sara.  I've been quietly following your posts...Just wanted to say hi and congrats on the good transition post w30.  I hope you are feeling good about what you are learning through this process.


I'm still plugging...just swamped with life so not posting much.  


I made it through a second 30 days with only the wine on two occasions....otherwise stayed w30 compliant.  I gained back the 3 pounds I lost in my first 30 days.  Basically stayed the same weight over the past 70 days. Kind of bummed...but I'm not gonna think about it till later.  I'm going to stay compliant thru the holidays then maybe start posting daily again to see if suggestions can be made.


Most importantly - I appreciate your posts that give me a glimpse at the land of introductions.


Keep it up - you're doing great.  Good luck with sick babe and the TM!!!!



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DMH - thanks, got in another run today, and didn't have to go outside in the 10s!


Bethany - making soup today!  And I'll be careful with my son, but thank goodness he is back up and running.


Angela!!! - so happy to see (read) you here.  I'm glad you are still plugging away.  Sorry about the weight, but I am in the same boat.  Down a net of 2 pounds total.  It is disappointing, but I'm trying not to let the scale get me down.  I'd love to see you posting more, but definitely check in, I enjoy hearing from you!   :D


We finally got the Christmas lights up last night.  Luckily my job is saying whether they are even.   :P   We do the trick where you run the lights up and down the trunk and then around the branches.  I love how it gives the tree a lot of depth.


Trying to get some cooking done today in preparation for the busy weekend.  Of course I somehow ended up without enough eggs (probably because DH is now eating frittatas for breakfast instead of granola bars (woot!), so I need to run out to get some more.


Regularity may be improving somewhat, although I don't want to comment too much, since it seems to jinx it every time!


M1: Ground beef with spinach and butternut squash; coffee with ghee and coconut oil



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DH is now eating frittatas for breakfast instead of granola bars (woot!),

Was this his doing or yours?  Did you force, prod, nudge, or just set a good example?  My wife - and in turn, my kids - still isn't on board with paleo.  But I'm making progress.  Can't seem to ditch the oatmeal from my house. :)

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I feel you on the nuts (and for me, its also seeds, raisins, cranberries, etc). 


I know its wasteful but it might help to throw them away. If they are in the cabinet they seem to call your name whenever you are hungry!!!! 


If I put nuts on a salad or in my yogurt, or in some other meal, it doesn't bother me. But as soon as I eat them alone its like mindless hand to mouth snacking. 

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dmh - I really didn't do a whole lot of nudging, prodding, etc.  DH is very stubborn and needs to come to things on his own terms.  I've been talking about why I'm eating this way and he's happy to try things.  If he doesn't like something, we move on.  Today DH and 7 year old tried paleo pancakes (eggs, bananas, cinnamon, and tiny bit of vanilla extract).  I did put in choc chips, but still felt like it was an overall win that they both like them!


Emily  and Jen - interesting take on nuts.  I'm trying not to have to cut them out completely, as they are great when I'm in a fix and can't get to a proper meal right away.  Also, they are something I have as a treat (maybe once a week) in the evening with my tea.  But if I can't get a handle on them, they will have to go...


Good weekend overall, despite DH being very sick.  He hasn't been the most pleasant, but I'm hoping he is finally on the mend.  We got quite a bit of snow yesterday, probably about 5-6 inches.  Friday night we got most of the tree decorated.  Yesterday I had a 5 mile race, which was a ton of fun.  I'll try to post a picture. (Aack, its huge! I'm on the right.))



After that my son had a birthday party.  We were supposed to have a party for a friend's 50th, but we didn't go because of DH's sickness.  I should have gone but it was far and snowing.  Today we were supposed to have a Baptism, but that got postponed because of the snow.  Today I'm cooking away, cleaning, laundry, etc.  DH and son are clearing the driveway and playing in the snow.



M1: tuna and mushroom salad over mixed greens with O&V; two coffees with ghee and coconut oil

M2: 2 sausages with mayo and mixed greens with O&V

M3: didn't happen, late meals with the race - Did have a tea with coconut oil and 1/2 handful of nuts



M1: couple bites of paleo pancakes, 1 sausage, 2 eggs with mushrooms over huge pile of spinach; two coffees with ghee and coconut oil

M2: 2 salmon cakes with mayo and mixed greens with O&V

M3: chicken, roasted cauliflower and mixed greens with O&V

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Thanks, ladies!  The race was a lot of fun.  It is called the Christmas City Classic (I live very close to a town called Bethlehem) and over half the people were dressed up.  I wouldn't say dressing up is my thing, but it is fun to do on occasion.


Jen  - that picture was taken when my son was three weeks old.  Hard to believe he has gone from that to a 7 year old!


Just found out that I got into the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile race in Washington, DC.  I'm so excited.  My SIL, sister, her partner, and one of their good friends are all in my group.  It should be a great time.  I'm a bit nervous as that will be my longest race to date and this is a huge race, I've only done little rinky-dink local ones so far.


They are calling for more snow tomorrow.  Aack!  I really hope my son has school.  I took the day off work so I could get wrapping and some other things done.


M1: 1/4 frittata, zucchini soup made with bone broth; coffee with heavy cream

M2: chocolate chili, whole avocado, mixed greens with O&V, broccoli

M3: 2 salmon cakes with mayo, roasted cauliflower, mixed greens with O&V

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