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My mother was wrong...


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In the past 30 days, I have not eaten any bread, rice, quinoa or grain of any kind.  I haven't ingested any dairy, no cream in my coffee, no cheese, no yogurt, no butter.  I haven't had any alcohol of any kind.  I haven't had any sugar, at all – and nearly everything in a package has sugar in it..  I haven't had any legumes, but honestly, that wasn't a problem, until it was a “banned†food. 


In that same 30 days, I have not had Ammonium sulfate, L-cysteine, Titanium dioxide, Sodium nitrite Sodium benzoate, Potassium bromate, or Castoreum.  Nor have I had any maltrose, dextrose, or high fructose corn syrup.  No MSG, no GMOs, my meat has been 100% organic, pastured, and grass-fed.   Over 75% of my fruits and veggies have been organic, and always non-GMO.  Monsanto hasn't made a penny off of me.  Every single meal I've had has been made primarily from things that don't have an ingredient list on them, no nutritional label – because they ARE nutrition in and of themselves.


My meals have been delicious – chocolate chili, baked sweet potato fries, omelets, ribeye steaks, pasta sauce over zucchini noodles,  cauliflower rice rich with the taste of ghee, meatballs, chicken wings – I have not had a single moment of hunger.


When you take all that crap out of your body – your body just seems to go “ahhhh, thank you†and, after the first four days – starts to reward you.   Skin clears up, moods are even, sleep is so SO incredible – I've had 7-8 solid, blissful hours of uninterrupted sleep every night for the past 3 weeks.   I have boundless energy – last night I washed floors at 8 pm!  My skin looks awesome for a 30 year old… but I'm no 30 year old!!  I realized this morning that the TUMS on my bedside table haven't been touched for a month.  My digestive system is a well-oiled track, and most importantly – to me – the sugar demon has been slain and I do not crave – or even want a little bit – the sweets or salty that were my downfall.  I walked through the Easter aisle at Shoppers without a glance, and down the snack rack at Fortinos without even a glance to the left.  My mood swings are a thing of the past, and even when confronted with horrible news – I didn't turn to chips to soothe my soul.


People say it's too expensive to eat this way, but in reality, we've cut our food bill by about 15% by ordering our meat in bulk, and not buying crap.  Factor in that we only eat out one night a week now, and not four times – and we're actually saving money!  Some people try to blame their spouse or kids, saying they couldn't “deprive them†of xxx.  I call bullshit.  We were eating this way for 11 days before my husband even noticed that we weren't having bread on the table anymore, and how are you depriving your kids by providing them with whole, healthy food and snacks? 

Doing a Whole30 takes a lot of commitment and a lot of time.  You're cooking every meal – so my Sunday afternoons are often the prepping of the veggies, hard-cooking some eggs for the week, creating a bone broth in the slow cooker,  menu planning for the week and taking the appropriate meats out of the freezer.  It is worth it.


Doing a Whole30 isn't about losing weight, it's about getting your body back to where it needs to be,  metabolically speaking.   Some people have lost 8 pounds in the month, some have lost 30.  I expect that I'm someplace in the middle of that, but I'm refusing to let the scale define my success, and so I'm not going to weigh myself.  I do know that I've gone down two sizes in my dress pants and at least one size in jeans.  (I'd have to go through my closet to find a smaller size… J)


I'm going to take the next 10 days to “re-introduce†, one at a time, the things that I've missed (alcohol !! cheese!) into my body and see how it reacts.  I'm not putting grains back in, I can't see me ever again eating anything that has an ingredient list where I don't understand every single thing on the label, and I'm sticking with grass-fed, pastured animal protein.   It's clean.


And last but not least – I've proven to myself that my mother was wrong – I don't quit everything I start once it gets too hard.



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WOW.  Totally inspiring.  I'm right there with you.  I too was amazed at how the excuses fall one after another once you commit.  Especially the cost!   I still hold my breath a little at the Whole Foods checkout, and it's never as bad as I think, even with all that expensive meat - you're right, cutting the processed food (not to mention cheese and wine!) really does cover the difference.  My husband got on board (sideways - adopted a "different" program he had "researched" which turns out to be nearly identical -  ;) ), and my teenage daughter is willing to try (and sneak off to Grandma's for chicken tamales and popcorn, which is just fine with me - and Grandma loves it.) 


Your list of chemicals we are no longer ingesting is sobering and motivating.  


I don't think I'm quite at the peak you have reached yet, but I'm also still straightening out a sluggish thyroid. But compared to where I was 45 days ago - yeah.   It's good to be reminded of the crashed afternoons, the dead tired evenings, the lousy sleep, the grumpiness and crankiness.  Gone!   To see again the cleared up skin and the return of clothes that had been languishing in dark recesses of the closet.


thanks for the lift!!!

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Loved your post! I've spent 60 years proving my Dad was right...I seldom finished anything. Well Whole30 changed that and I cannot tell you how good it feels. I'm sure my Pop is in Heaven looking over me and softly telling my Mom, "I knew she could do it". At least that's what I'm choosing to believe! Now for 30 more!

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