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Is anyone doing, or would anyone like to do, a Whole30 AIP style? 

I am about to complete the Whole30 and want to go AIP and have enjoyed the support of the Whole30 forums. 




Thanks so much! 




For those who don't know, 

  1. Autoimmune Protocol
  2. The Autoimmune Protocol is a diet that helps heal the immune system and gut mucosa. It is applicable to any inflammatory disease. We have a problem in this country with how we eat, treat disease and heal disease. AIP addresses inflammation in the gut that causes Autoimmune Disease.
    AIP is much like W30 except it also excludes nuts, seeds, seed spices, nightshade vegetables and spices, and eggs. 
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Note: We encourage trying the autoimmune protocol Whole30 if the standard protocol Whole30 did not go well. If your experience doing the standard protocol was good, we do not encourage adding the restrictions of the AIP. We recommend simply doing the standard protocol longer.

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Note: We encourage trying the autoimmune protocol Whole30 if the standard protocol Whole30 did not go well. If your experience doing the standard protocol was good, we do not encourage adding the restrictions of the AIP. We recommend simply doing the standard protocol longer.


Thanks Tom, I have a serious auto immune diagnosis and AIP is doctor recommended for me.  I only did Whole30 as a precursor to AIP. 

Thank you though! 

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I'd like to tag along with you guys, though I am turning 40 in a couple weeks and plan to drink wine that weekend and maybe eat some really nice cheese or a dessert. So I won't be w30-ing. But I do want to get back on *clean* AIP eating. I have psoriasis. I can't wear shorts and it's getting hot! 😥

I follow AIP with some wavering (occasional white rice, occasional wine, occasional vodka/soda, yolk-only mayo, chocolate, daily coffee which I keep telling myself I need to quit). I have had a couple off roads into dairy (fresh ricotta was fine but cream and/or milk powder was not) and a couple run ins with soy lecithin-containing chocolate (instant itching, tingling numb tongue). And one emotionally charged run in with a pint of mexican chocolate ice cream.

I also did AIP a year ago and then completely fell off the wagon. I feel much better about it this time around.

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Hi!  I'm doing it now!  Oy....  


Am I the only one that forgets sometimes what we can and can't eat??  I am avoiding nightshades right now.  Seems to be helping.  


I picked up a can the other day to see if there are any ick ingredients.  

Nope!  Compliant!  Awesome!

Then I realize...  

It's a can of TOMATOES.  Do I want my skin to just fall off completely??  

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Ha. I never forget we can't eat nightshades bc they are some of my favorite ingredients. 😭

I also know from my AIP stint last year that they will result in instant itching and red skin.

I was going to start being whole-ish these weeks but I are some chocolate yesterday. Didn't really enjoy it, was mindless bc I was running around and didn't pack myself food. Came home and did my automatic eat a piece of chocolate move.

I do feel the need to purge myself of sugar/alcohol after too much wine this weekend.

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 I'm going to try an AIP plan for the first time, I'd love to join you!  I have already done a whole-45, and am currently on a low-Fodmap, mostly compliant whole30-ish maintenance plan. I'd like to see if the AIP will help with some of my symptoms.

I'll start Saturday! :-)

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I am considering this except for a couple of things. "How hard is this to do and eat in a restaurant?" I am going to be doing two road trips, one for a week in July and one for 10-12 days in August. I'm good at Paleo camping and its just a lot of planning, but the whole eating in a restaurant drives me c.r.a.z.y. I've just been diagnosed with autoimmune disease and putting some things in place to cope with that..

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The timing isn't right for me. Too much going on and my 40th and blah. I'm still mostly AIP but I'm feeling like I need to leave small amounts of chocolate and possibly wine in the mix.

That said, I am craving clean eating and will come back post birthday.

How hard to eat AIP in a restaurant? Umm next to impossible? only thing I can usually eat is a grass fed burger and a fruit salad. If you are lucky to fine a place that serves plain grilled fish you'll have more options. But it's very hard to avoid seed spices and nightshades (not to mention seed oils, sugar, additives) in a restaurant.

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I started AIP on June 9 after completing my first whole30 and not getting all of the benefits.  I haven't talked to my Dr.  I decided to try AIP because I have Hashimoto's (low thyroid) being treated with Synthroid. 


today I went for lunch at a local cafe and I had to ask several questions but in the end I got a plain spring mix salad with a few slices of avocado with cashew crusted halibut cooked with olive oil.  I don't specifically see cashews on the AIP Foods to exclude list so I did assume cashews were ok but I don't have nuts very often.  no dressing on the salad as it had added sugar.


How is everyone else doing?

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Actually, cashews and pistachios are worse than all the other nuts for AIP. When you reintroduce, foods are broken into 4 groups of increasing difficulty in reintroducing. The fourth group are foods that you may never be able to reintroduce. You are supposed to reintroduce all the foods in the first group before moving on to the second. If you have reactions to several items in the first group, go back to AIP eating for a few weeks, then try again. If you look at this list in reverse, these are the foods you should be avoiding during the elimination process.


The first group:

egg yolks,

legumes with edible pods,

seed and nut oils,

seed spices,

berry spices(black pepper, juniper berries, etc)

and grass fed ghee.


The second group:

alcohol in small amounts,

nuts and seeds (except cashews and pistachios),

grass fed butter,

egg whites,

cocoa or chocolate.


Third group:

cashews and pistachios,


sweet peppers,



grass-fed raw cream,

fermented grass-fed dairy.


Fourth group:

other dairy products,

chili peppers,



other nightshades and nightshade spices,

alcohol in larger quantities,

white rice,

traditionally prepared legumes,

traditionally prepared gluten-free grains,

any other foods you have a history of severe reaction to.


Here are a couple charts from Mickey Trescott at Autoimmune-paleo.com that are helpful for foods to include, and foods to avoid on AIP. Neither of the lists are exhaustive. For that, you want Sarah Ballantyne's book The Paleo Approach.



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Hi guys! Boo I can't believe I didn't know you guys had all replied!

I started my AIP W30 on June 9th. Trucking on through.

Its tough! The seeds are the hardest for me :-( 

Restaurants are tough and especially vegan bcs of all the nuts and seeds! 

I went to a vegan resto with friends on Sat and basically ate lettuce and avocado :-( 

How is everyone else doing? 

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I am new to the Whole30 and am starting my journey this coming Monday, June 30th. I have auto immune thyroid (Hoshimoto's) disorder, and thinking the AIP may be good for me. Since I have yet to try the regular Whole30 plan, I feel I should do that first and see how I do before starting the AIP. I am looking for advice...do you think what I said makes sense, or should I just go Whole30 + AIP? My neuropath suggested an elimination diet focusing on avoiding FODMAP's as I also have intestinal permeability and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). I am not sure I want to limit myself so drastically right away. Thoughts?!?!


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I'm in! I'm on day 3 of the AIP combined with low histamine, and it's also day 48 of a whole...something. :) First it was going to be just a W30, then a W60, but then the other day I realized I should try the AIP and low histamine because I really need to rein in my migraines and it seems like that will help. So I guess since I started that (for 30 days) on day 46 of my W60, I'll end up doing a Whole 76 by the time I'm done. Yeesh. The low histamine gig is even more restrictive than the AIP, it seems, so adding it all together has my "allowed" list VERY short. But I'm just so sick of having migraines all the time, if it turns out tomatoes (or strawberries, per the low histamine diet) are a culprit, so be it. 

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@Outdorsgrl I started with regular Whole 30 (but without eggs) just because I wanted to ease into it. 

I will say I don't think you'd see great shifts until you went full AIP but it very much depends how you are eating now. 

I'm doing Whole 30 AIP now and will keep going with AIP after this. 


Have you checked out these websites? All great resources for AIP. 

Mickey Trescott who runs this one, I think she has Hashimotos and has remitted it with AIP. 










Jess, congrats on going low histamine. I have to be low glutamate, which is a challenge. But its for a good cause, our health, so, we persevere! 

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Thank you Deb C! I will take a look at the info you posted. I have heard about Mickey Trescott...and think I would like to check out her cookbook. Since I will be new to the Whole30 program...I will start out with the regular program and ease into AIP after a few weeks. I eat quite healthy...but still have some symptom flare-ups now and then. I would like to pin point what food/foods (other than gluten and dairy...which I currently know my body does not like) could be causing the flare-ups.

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