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Mo rothar féin


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Evening all :)

7.15am egg loaf (see pic), black coffee

11am - yoga

12.30pm - leftover lamb & sweet potato pie + extra sweet potatoes ( I had some of the slices left so nuked them then fried in ghee). getting excellent value out of that joint I tell ya - another portion left for tomorrows lunch. Also had a dollop of freshly made mayo and romesco sauce

4pm - mug roobios tea - trying to stop snacking between meals :ph34r:

5.30pm - boleganse & zoodles with a sprinkle of cheddar - bah not enough food!! Will have some apple & almond butter shortly

pic for the day - egg loaf, mayo, romesco


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Wah stuffed from dinner!

7.15am - egg loaf & black coffee

8.30am - GYM - fat burning workout

10.30am - black coffee & a banana (in bed, watching BL finale :) )

12.30pm - last of lamb pie with ghee sauteed zuch


5.45pm - chicken tenders , sweet potatoes with mustard salt (didn't really use this recipe, but did use the salt - tasty!) and brocolli, grape, bacon salad


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Wah, been there done that. I could def stuff my face for days with those chicken tenders . . . . :P

They were very yummy. Would be good to bring to a potluck with homemade mayo.

7.15am - Which came first the chicken or the egg? Leftover chicken tenders , tsp of mayo, 2 boiled eggs (with mustard salt). black coffee

11.30am - cm coffee

12.30pm - thai red fish curry , with cilantro & coconut flakes on top. 4 prunes


4pm - tiny bit of cheese & romesco sauce

5.3pm - Island pork tenderloin, roast (in goose fat) baby potatoes, green beans.

The pork recipe is not paleo involving a good bit of brown sugar - not that you eat that much of it - it all melts off into the pan...I don't know how the recipe ended up on my paleo pinterest board, must edit. But it was very tasty.


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Friday Friday - Yay!! Start of School Easter break - Nay!!

and not a good start - here's a pic of the weather in Dublin today!


7.15am - egg loaf & black coffee

11am - Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack level 1

11.45am - 6 walnut halves & 3 prunes

12.30pm - leftovers from yesterdays lunch

2.00pm - low fat cappucino & small montezumo dark choc bar

5.45pm - Hunger Games lamb stew (yummo) and sweet potato with butter


Over & Out :)

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So, Easter Break - every 'bodys' at home then? Hope your weather picks up . . . .

yes, my darling kids at home all day :blink:

I've said it before, but daaaamn all the meat looks like for cookbook cover. Making stew with the same name, but from different site.

Did you swim to the gym? Workout before workout...

:lol: I worked out from home. Hope your version of stew turned out well. I really liked ours

So to today...

7.15am - yes I gave dh the lie-in for a change! egg loaf & black coffee

8.45am - Jillian Michaels shred & shed, level 1

Then I went in to town. I sold my iphone yesterday and I blew my newly acquired funds on new clothes etc!

4 tops, 1 dress, 2 jeans, 1 handbag, 1 book, 1 eyeliner, 60 nespresso capsules :)


1pm - I find it really hard to find somewhere un-bready for lunch so was excited to find this new place, Tolteca, which seems to be closely based on an American chain :ph34r:

I got the burrito bowl - white rice, grilled peppers, barbacoa, pico de gallo, lettuce & I paid extra for some nice guac. €8.50 and pretty substantial


6pm - egg fried "rice" with pork (leftover Island pork from Thursday).


And for desert? WINE :D

Tomorrow Is Alex's 10th birthday! I have made an abberation of a choclate biscuit cake that will be teeth shattering sweet and will probably have a small piece with an espresso => buzzing!

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JM is *hard* I fail on some of the moves and definitely find it challenging! that book looks good, must check it out.

A special day today - Alex is 10! Look at how big his tree has grown!



8.30am - bacon & eggs, black coffee

9.30am - JM 6 week 6 pack, level 1

12.30pm - leftover fried rice from last night

3.30pm - sugar bomb chocolate biscuit birthday cake. yowsa, head was ...I dunno...weird after it. Total sugar rush.


6pm - insult to injury - pizza - felt burpy after. But nothing too bad. First pizza in 16mths I think.


Peppermint tea time for sure!! Looking fwd to a day of healthy nourishing food tomorrow!

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My belly felt progressively worse after yesterday evening's post :(

A new week!

8am - 1 slice bacon chooped & fried with spring onions & cherry tomatoes, 2 eggs broken in on top. yummo. black coffee.


1.30pm - fried red onion & spinach, 2 lamb loin chops (reduced to clear so had to have 2 ;) ), romesco sauce. Black coffee...and :wacko: 1 inch square of darned birthday cake. I am weak.


6pm - roast mix of potatoes, onion, broc, carrots with evoo & balsamic. Johnny's meatloaf. It was nice - but too much salt for me...and maybe the recipe used fresh thyme? I used dried and it was pretty pungent. Made 2 loaves and put one, uncooked, in the freezer. Followed by clementine


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Evening peeps,

Freezing in Dublin today, Snow! in March!

7.30am - egg loaf, black coffee

8.30am - JM 6 week 6 pack

12.30pm - leftover meatloaf (fried in goose fat!) on top of spinach with fried egg on top.

Prunes & walnuts

black coffee


4pm - black coffee, apple & almond butter

5.45pm - roast chicken & roast veg ( mix of sweet pots, baby pots, red onion, garlic, cabbage & kale)

banana & warm coconut milk


So I survived the day without "sugar" but I obviously replaced it with fruit quite heavily...better but not great. Oh and my daughter totally mortified me today - we were at the doctors and I was asking her about whether giving up sugar would help Lily's condition and she said she thought it was a good idea to cut it was back as it was so addicitive, I told her I had given up sugar almost 16 mths now, at which Lily piped up "Mammy, you had cake, yesterday and on Sunday!!" :rolleyes:

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So funny! "Intelligence service" is not her dream career clearly :lol: :lol: :lol:

3 coffees and to bed by 10 pm? Wow.

Yeah "secret" service she's not! 3rd coffee was a decaff, but even if it wasn't I'd probably still be fine, it'd have to be after dinner time to keep me up I reckon.

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hello :)

8 am - egg loaf, black coffee

9.30am - JM shed & shred level 1. This working out at home is really testing my motivation!

11am - clementine & black coffee

12.30pm - leftover roast chicken & veg from last night with mayo. Cm decaff coffee

4pm - clementine

6pm - 2 x stuffed zucchini, green veg - zuch innards, cabbage & kale, sweet potato with butter.


Can't get to my usual Tues morning yoga class because of kids school break, but there is a class at 8pm tonight...But I'm so sleepy....and still have to do the dishes....Hmmmmm.

Ps I got new glasses ( I wear them driving) today - in the mail! from www.goggles4u.com - so cheap! Lily says I look very smart in them :)



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My husband keeps telling me I should go to the evening class at the gym, they have some fun ones. But frankly after being up since 5:20 the idea of working out at 7:30 pm for an hour is so...not....appealing....

Your glasses look cute!

Thanks Krista, I am going to go, what I'd be doing in that time slot would be sitting on the couch online while ds plays x-box. If I go to yoga it'll be nearly his bedtime when I get back and I can chill out with a nice cup of herabl tea and watch my shows :)

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Muahah smart plan!

Dinner picture is epic. Totally stealing zuchinni boats idea. I've done the same with eggplant, but never thought of courgette :o Did you use sharp spoon edge? How does it work?

First glasses look like Chanel, I swear.

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Muahah smart plan!

Dinner picture is epic. Totally stealing zuchinni boats idea. I've done the same with eggplant, but never thought of courgette :o Did you use sharp spoon edge? How does it work?

First glasses look like Chanel, I swear.

:lol: Exercise as childcare avoidance!

For the courgettes (ah my fellow Euro!) I used a melon baller. A very old (at least 30years!) melon baller that we had at home when I was growing up and I took when my parents sold up.

Thanks for compliment re glasses, esp as they only cost €6!

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