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If the mirror and my clothes told a contradictory tale to the scales I would happily ignore the number but I can see & feel that I have gained weight - as in got bigger - and that is what I am trying to address, not the actual number ifykwim.


9am - 2 eggs scrambled in ghee with scallions & smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes on the side, black coffee


1pm - leftovers from yesterdays dinner - taco salad


5.30pm - Toms butter chicken + half portion of basmati rice. Chocolate coffee + sm. banana


7pm -  boxfit - omg what a workout, I will feel that tomorrow!


Water - 2 contigo's (24oz each) + 2 mugs (10oz each) of Tazo orange tea. Oh and another Contgo at gym but I'm not counting that. So daily water goal met :)


Will have half an apple & some walnuts shortly & another 10oz mug of herbal tea

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Hi D, I'll join the +severalpounds club. I was just about to type the same in reply to Beth about the number. It's just the feeling that is SOOO annoying and impossible to escape. Logic can't deal with it. The only thing that helps is wearing clothes that feels alright. 


What's a boxfit? Class at your gym? 


Whoa I think you beat me with the amount of water chugged. I drink like an elephant usually. 

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I know what you mean Derval!  If my jeans had got a bit looser, I wouldn't have given a rat's @$$ about the extra weight, but they got tighter, so I wasn't buying it.


Getting on with things in my own way now - mostly Whole 30, but not 100%.  

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Yeah nadia, boxfit is a class at my new gym. Last night we did skipping to warm up, then punching with gloves & pads in pairs, then punching the bags, with squat jumps, burpee jumps & sprint intervals. More punching in pairs.

Also did supersets of elevated press ups, chest presses off the bands, tricep dip & bicep curls off the bands.

Really tough

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That sounds like a stellar workout Derval. I'm sweating just reading it.

While my pants aren't tighter and I'm keeping off the 5 I shed in may on my first 30 days, I'm not due fluffing anymore and I want to. My meals are modest, 1000-1200 calories a day with an hour of walking or an hour of Pilates reformer 4x a week. Not surevwhynthings aren't moving at least a little.

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Period arrived this morning 3-4 days early, strange.....but meant I could try out my new Lunette cup! More secure feeling than the mooncup so far


9am - omg delish breakfast! Had some leftover curry from last night, mostly sauce, so I fried up some spring onion & red pepper in ghee, added that to the sauce, then poached 2 eggs in the sauce. YUMMY!


1pm - rocket salad with avo, king prawns (fried in ghee) & melon (very little, wasn't ripe  :( ). Choc coffee + small banana


5.15pm - home made pesto from my home grown basil (yay!). Used parmesan in it. Fried bacon lardons (non-comp brand) and cherry tomatoes and added that & the pesto to zoodles. Had some toasted pine-nuts and a bit more parm on top.


Water - So far, 2 Contigo's, 1 300ml? herbal tea, 500ml sparking water. So that's goal met. 


Will have half an apple & walnuts and another herbal tea later with Breaking Bad 

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Wow, it sounds very intense. Challenging workouts are awesome, especially when you progress with time. So glad you have cool new gym around. 


Hang in there, periods are evil times (as far as i remember  :mellow: ) when everything is tight and uncomfortable. Hopefully everything will fall into place soon. 

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Dude, keep up those workouts and your clothes are gonna fit fine and dandy!!! Wow! I hate being all bloaty from my period and that on top of feeling bloaty from extra weight just plain sucks :angry:   Keep at it and it will all clear up (she says as much to herself as to you) :unsure:

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Catching up!


Friday - dh had day off work so we took kids in to town for a couple of scence festival exhibits.


9am - 2 boiled eggs, proscioutto, mayo, cherry tomataoes, black coffee


12.30 - after getting thoroughly SOAKED in the rain we went to GBK for lunch - got a "bare burger" , ie no bun, with bacon & avo, salad & homeslaw on side. Then an americanno & gluten free (super sweet & dry!) brownie after.


5.15pm - rib eye steak, baked sweet potato with butter, fried mushrooms & onions


7pm - KB class


9pm - 2 glasses red wine & full tray of kale crisps. Iron rich day!!




9am - 2 boiled eggs, mayo & proscioutto, black coffee


1.30 pm - leftover steak, sweet potato, rocket & avo salad.


Went "up North" with my friend and shopping in a U.K supermarket, Sainsburys, picked up some nice diff bits & pieces.


On drive home had some compliant snack size chorizo, malcona almonds, cashews


6pm - glass wine, some Tyrells veg crisps (parsnip, sweet potato & beetroot), 2 squares dark choc (soy free). Will have some more wine & snacks later with Breaking Bad :)

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How come your food sounds more interesting then mine. I was holding a bag of Marconi almonds in my hand on Sunday, then put them back. I knew I'd have to sit and eat 1/2 the bag. I love them too much. Got Mac nuts instead cuz I can measure an ounce and walk away.

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