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Howdy Whole30'ers :)

9am - boiled egg, serrano ham, black coffee

12.45pm - a "fry-up" - bacon, sausages, white pudding (don't think you get this in US), fried egg & mushrooms. Not so healthy but very yummy


3pm - low fat cappucinno and a 70% truffle from my fav cafe

5.45 pm - leftover paleolasagna, made tolerable by a glass of red wine :D Lots of veg in this, good job as very lacking the rest of the day.

Started my September Clean Kitchen Calendar - even scrubbed & polished my sink a la Flylady jhmomi :)

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Well the weekend just flew by! Busy busy day today

8am - boiled egg & serranno ham

11am - 5k run

12.30pm - leftovers & egg scramble

Then to a birthday party for Lilys friend. I stayed too and ate lots of cake - it was all gluten free and very very good home baking. Had some taco lettuce wraps too.

5.30pm - my all day project comes to fruition! Crockpot pulled pork with BBQ sauce over lettuce with simple quac on top. REALLY good! and lots left for tomorrow :)


I got busy inspired by nom nom paleos lunchbox series and made paleo trail mix and mini frittatas for the kids lunchboxes. On top of cleaning the kitchen I think I've worked all the sugar out of my system now :lol:


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Wow you were busy alright! Those mini frittatas and the trail mix look great! Have the children tried them and given them the thumbs up? I really hope they do, after all your effort!

Weekend flew by here too! We were in Farmleigh at the market today-I thought of your 'salad in a bag' while we were there! :)

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Oh well we'll see, they picked the bits they liked out of thr trail mix but I said they had to try it all together...I will prob get a puddle of pumpkin seeds back in the lunchboxes :D As for the frittata's they haven't tried them. I'd prefer them not to be in my sight/hearing should they turn their noses up at them. It's a definite possibility. Sure if they don't like them, I'll eat them, legume content be damned!

It was burger and salad in a bag, even worse! :o

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:( Ds (9) just said to me this morning " I don't want to do this gluten free thing anymore". Sad Face Mammy. And I don't know what to say to persuade him either, just caught me off guard.....

You know Derval, I wouldn't push it tbh. I honestly don't think that going as hardcore as we are doing with our own food, is the way to win hearts and minds with our little folk. In time perhaps, but not just at the ages they are at (my pair are 6 and 9 so at similar stages to yours). What I'm doing anyway is really trying to get them to branch out and try new veggies with dinner and new fruit they haven't had before and basically encouraging a bit of experimentation with new things to eat. So far that approach (while obviously not gluten-free) is working really well-they love coming into the local greengrocer with me and choosing their own fruit . Last Friday my son asked if he could buy some plain cashews (where he'd usually have picked one of the Nature Valley bars, full of sugar) and my daughter came running over to show me the big bag of cherries she had chosen. They've also recently discovered that between them they like plums, kiwis, peaches, cashews, green beans and blueberries and have tried small bit of things I've been eating and tentatively given them the thumbs up. I'm happy with that as a good start. I don't want food to become an issue-I just want their food horizons to broaden gradually and in a relaxed way. With cherries and cashews picked as a Friday after school treat, I think we're heading in the right direction!

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So enough about the darn kids :D

I'm adopting Renee's green light/red light system

7.15am - boiled egg, seranno ham, black coffee

9.15 am - Chalean Extreme Lean Circuit 1, pws chicken mini-fillet

11 am - coffee w' coconut milk

12.30 pm - sweet potato, mushroom, shredded baked ham, and 2 egg scramble pancake thing. Small banana w' hazlenut butter

3pm - an orange

6pm - sweet potato, salad, pulled pork for yesterday, quac, 1 spoon greek yog. Followed by strawberries, coconut milk & flakes.

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I love the "red light green light system"

So much easier to see where you were good and were you were... off.

Keep up the good work! I see you are still loving your Chalean! I had never even heard of it before this forum.

I hope the kids don't cause you too much stress with the lunches. By age 10 it was 100% up to me what I put in my lunch and I really wish I had someone to help teach me about good food and nutrition. I simply missed most of my lunches and breakfasts once left on my own because I didn't want another sandwich. (mind you that was when our school had 1 microwave for 1000+ students) Lead by example and they will come around.

Good work on the cleaning situation. I too need to keep up with this task

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Yes, I like looking back and seeing those 2 minor reds :) Lucky I didn't do it for Sunday!!

Sorry I should have mentioned an update after school - they both liked the mini frittata's and want 2 tomorrow instead of one, Lily liked the trail mix, alex not (he just picked the fruit out of it!), but that's fine.

Thanks Renee, the cleanendar (ha ha) is working for me - I scrubbed the heck out of the bathroom today - yay me! Tomorrow is mopping day, the excitement! :rolleyes:

Yes just 5 more workouts of Chalean and I'll have completed the 12 week programme :)

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I'm adopting Renee's green light/red light system

I also like your green light/red light system... if I ever get over my fear to re-introduce non W30 compliant foods, I may adopt this system as well!! I picked up 3 more great paleo recipe books this weekend, and I'm pretty sure I will be brave enough when my second W30 ends - less then 20 days now....

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Be sure to review them for us Lola!

Will do, for sure! I'm going to get into them on the weekend. I've already planned my meals for this week, pretty basic and simple stuff. Didn't want to complicate anything on my first week back to school!

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Evening all,

7.15am - boiled egg, seranno ham, black coffee, small banana & hazlenut butter (cd1 & going out for a run, needed a sugar boost)

9.30 am - 5k run, pws chicken mini fillet & tbls of paleo trail mix

11am - coffee w' coconut milk

12.30 am - last of pulled pork on salad with avo. Clementine


3.30pm- some nuts

5.30 pm - bolegnase on zoodles with parmesan


A mixed day, had lots of energy & did lots around the house, made a new egg bake this afternoon - spiced pork, butternut, red onion & spinach this time

But then just before dinner got some worrying news from my best friend. She had a not so good breast check yesterday and is on urgent list for mammogram and is seeing her oncologist tomorrow. She had oral cancer 2.5 years ago and I saw her going through that hell (major surgery & radiation) and I can't bear the the thought that the b*stardin' cancer has come back...I love her like family...I'd love to crack open a bottle of wine but I'd really go to pieces then...Will just keeping thinking the best until we know more.

Eta 9pm coconut flakes, sultanas and 10g dark choc

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Ah, that is very, very sad news Derval. I'm so sorry that your friend may be going through that again... You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers.... I wonder if it's too late to introduce her to this life-saving program? I'm happy that she has you as a friend to get through this with. Keep us posted!!

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Thanks you guys, much appreciated.

Lola, she actually has my copy of ISWF , she's a very health concious & active woman, that she got oral cancer is a bit of anomoly as it's usually heavy drinkers & smokers...She has recently started eating a little meat after years as a veggie so we'll see if she will try a w30.....

She is also very wary of sharing her cancer worries with me as I lost my sister to cancer (leukemia) in '03 so it's a very sore subject for me...

Anyways, the sun is shining, hopefully a good sign that her onco will say the doc who did her check is mistaken and her underarm lymph nodes are a-ok....please please please....

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