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Mo rothar féin


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Derval, hope all will be ok with your friend and that it's just a false alarm. Sorry you are having an anxious time-hope there won't be too long a wait for your friend to get the results. Can imagine how hard a subject it is for you in light of your own personal loss of your sister. Thinking of you.

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So moving on from the drama....

7.15am - egg loaf as pictured yesterday, half an avo (or less, lot of it was bad), black coffee

9.30 am - Chalean Extreme Lean Circuit 2 , pws chicken mini fillet

11am - coffee w' coconut milk

12.30 pm - butternut squash, chorizo & spinach topped with fried egg (speaking of ....where's Johnny M these days, I miss his hunky avatar :ph34r: )

4pm - clementine & small portion mixed nuts

5.45pm - chicken leg, sweet potato (roasted together with evoo, garlic, lemon & thyme) and brocolli with butter, parmesan, lemon & pinenuts. Added a good whack of mayo too :)


Am planning some swmpo later....on the couch baby :wub: mashed banana, coconut milk, sultanas & coconut flakes.

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Thursday 6th

7.15am - egg loaf, black coffee

exercise rest day - knee has been very sore when running so took a day off

10.30 skinny cappucinno

12.30pm - brocolli salad - broc, almonds, sultanas (wish I could find some not coated in veg oil) mayo, cider vinegar, crispy bacon (cooked steaky bacon in oven till crisp -soooo good!). Apple w' almond butter.


3.30-4pm - evidently not enough protein at lunch - 6 macadamias, a boiled egg, a piece of goats cheese wrapped in serranno ham....I know you can just picture me standing at the fridge :rolleyes: Got slight pain in tummy after the cheese :( But I like cheese!!!

5.45 - leftover boleganse from Tues, with zoodles & spinach, bit of parmesan.

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sultanas (wish I could find some not coated in veg oil)

I just found these in a local health food shop... nearly bought them because I remembered you posting about them... but something stopped me.. maybe it was the fact that I already had the way-too-expensive macadamia nut oil in my cart!

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That's mad, are they not common over there.

here's a little lesson from about.com


There is often great confusion on the difference between dried fruits used in British cooking - the 3 most popular being raisins, sultanas and currants. All three are used extensivley in some traditional British cakes and puddings including a Christmas Cake or a Christmas Pudding

  • Raisins are dried white grapes. They are dried to produce a dark, sweet fruit. The grapes used are usually Moscatel.
  • Sultanas are also dried white grapes but from seedless varieties. They are golden in color and tend to be plumper, sweeter and juicier than other raisins. Also referred to as Golden Raisins in the US.
  • Currants are dried, black, seedless grapes. They are dried to produce a black, tiny shriveled - yet packed with flavor - fruit.

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Happy Friday!

7.15am - egg loaf, black coffee

10am - Chalean Extreme Lean Circuit 3, pws chicken mini fillet

11am - coffee w' coconut milk

Then I cleared out & cleaned my fridge :) Scrubbed down all the shelves etc...and I arranged it Whole9 style, there's a fat shelf, a protein shelk and a fruit & veg shelf :)


12.30pm - tasty mixed salad with hot chorizo & cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg & mayo...oh it would appear I forgot to take a photo...strange.

3.30pm - kale crisps shared with a friend. A perfect batch!

5.45pm Chicken schnitzel, sweet potato fries, rocket (arugula) salad


Will have an apple & almond butter later. OMG a no red day!

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Thanks Lola & SG :)

The crumb is lemon zest, ground almonds & parsley blitzed together. You panné it with arrowroot instead of flour. Tbh It's quite a bit of work for the finished product, I only made it a second time because ds asked very sweetly for it..

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Evening folks,

9am - egg loaf, black coffee, banana & hazlenut butter

exercise rest day

12pm - a small lunch of mixed salad w' hot chorizo & tomatoes & some mixed nuts


Then when dh got home from his race (10k in 38:08 :o ) we headed out for the day. We met my brother ,his wife and my darling little nephew at Gardenworld, Kilquade in Wicklow Wow what a find, the gardens were beautiful as was the weather today :) We went on a livingsocial deal and it included entrance and a sandwich & soup for 2 at the café. I negotatiated to have 2 sandwiches (for rest of family!) and a salad instead :) . Pretty nice salad, although the server didn't realise that cous-cous was not gluten free, but she was so sweet & helpful I didn't mind & gave it to my brother. So I had this , I will just colour lunch out red as who knows if there was sugar on the baked ham etc...and there was feta in there. I also had a taste of my sister in laws chocolate & cream cake and some of the kids rhubarb crumble. The cake made my tummy hurt straight away. Imagine if I'd had a full slice instead of two small forkfuls!


Didn't get home till 5.30pm...luckily I had moroccan meatballs in the slowcooker. I hadn't had a chance to get to the shops to get a cauli so an opportune time to re-introduce rice. I did it with some spices, nuts & sultanas.


And tummy sore again :( Or maybe I just ate too much, that's the kind of feeling it is generally when I react to something.....

Oh and I've started taking my supps again, I had gotten out of the habit


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Daily report time :)

8.30am boiled egg, coffee w' coconut milke, apple & almond butter

10am - 5k run My poor knee is hurting & feeling very unconfident that I'll be able to keep up with ds at the race in 2 weeks :(

12pm - sweet potato, bacon & egg...oops forgot to take photos till half eaten!


1.30 pm - low fat capp & 70% truffle from fav café

5.30 pm - Chorizo & sweet potato hash with fried egg, d'oh left egg on too long, no runny yolk :(


8.30 - planning to have some red wine (bought a bottle of organic merlot to try) & kale crisps while watching the first episode of Australian Masterchef, whoop whoop!!

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Sorry your knee hurts Derval. Have you had trouble before? How often are you running? With the other exercise I am doing (strength training and 3-5 mile walks), I honestly can't manage more than two runs per week. My legs just need more recovery time. I also run two or three days after a heavy leg day. My trainer and I decided to cut out the third day of strength training in favor of a conditioning day with box jumps, sled pulls or pushes, kettle bell swings, agility work etc with lighter weights and that has really seemed to help my running. My last run was five days ago and my last strength day Wednesday. I had a really nice run and pushed it this morning but I am already starting to feel the fatigue in my legs this afternoon. No way I would try to run again for a few days!

Good luck on your next run. I am sure you will do great with your son in that 5K. Just rest up for a few days before so your legs are good and ready. :)

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ah knee pain I know something about. What part of your knee is hurting? and when?

For me, the only thing that seemed to help the pain (other than rest, which I hate, lol) was spending lots of time foam rolling my quad. When it was really bad, I got a massage and asked them to spend all their time on the quad and it band. That helped a huge amount. In the end I discovered that, FOR ME, the knee pain was a result of inbalanced strength in my leg. Now that it's mostly resolved, stuff like squatting lower and being really mindful of glute activation has helped avoid new pain moving forward.

Of course, considering that I never ever run (sprinting and agility, yes, hiking/bouldering (great for glue activation!), yes, but no running) I don't really have a clue about that part of the equation.

like jhmomi, I've also added box jumps recently. I wonder if that helped too?

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Imbalanced, that's me! I had to get Physio when dd was 2 as I was still suffering from spd ( symPhysis pubis disfunction) from my 2 pregnancies. One hip rides higher than the other so I'm constantly being tugged out of whack. So since I started running I've been plagued with problems with my left leg. First shin splints now this knee.

I saw a Physio massage guy before my last race in April? and it's scar tissue pulling at the knee cap. I'd like to avoid going again though, can't afford it, and I was happy to have hung up my running shoes anyway. I'm only being called off the bench for this race :)

I was talking to dh about it and he said he will run back when he's finished ( cos he's so speedy!)if I'm in trouble he can finish with ds. BUT I really want to show ds that his mum is up to it too!

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As a massage therapist all I can suggest without seeing you in person is to roll out on a foam roller as much as possible. Quads, IT band, Hams and calves. Make sure you warm up properly with air squats, walking lunges, squat jumps and lots of stretching. If you have inflammation in your knee you should ice it when you are resting. But the more you can keep moving and stretching and rolling the better it will be for your race.

As a runner myself I know all about knee pain and the aches that come with muscle imbalances.

Another thing to look at is if your hip is hiked on one side you may have a tightness in your low back on one side. Stretch and roll that out as well. Sounds like your QL (quadratus lumborum) is tight on the high side. (unless you have one leg incredibly longer than the other in which case you would need a shoe lift - your Physio guy would have told you that was the problem).

I suffer from a tight QL on my left side and it is a bugger to get better.

Good luck on your run :)

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