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Mo rothar féin


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So sorry about your sad day.

It took my husband almost 10 years to learn MY birthday. Seriously. Him every year "It's May 3rd right?". Me "Um. no. It's the 2nd." My thought continued that I don't verbalize "Dumbass." He also can't remember date his Dad passed either. Sorry your hubby couldn't support you in the way you wanted but I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt you. Men are stupid. Mostly. :)

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Lucky for the dummy my birthday is 2 days after Christmas!

That was it exactly, he didn't support me the way i wanted and I felt so let down by him.

New Day today, will try to cheer up, even though it's cd1, and I feel a bit crappy after the feed of wine, cheese & macadmia nuts last night .... :wacko: and 1 mini snickers too.

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I'm sorry about your loss, anniversaries are tough. My dad died in 1985 and I still tear up a little on New Years, his birthday. My mom just died in 2010. Both cancer, so I share your needlepoint sentiments:)

For a long time I wanted to strangle my husband. He of course hates me being upset, and whenever I would cry after my mom passed, would try to make me smile by joking! It took me a while to realize he was just trying to help in the only way he thought he could. So I've stopped wanting to strangle him (for that).

My heart goes out to you and your family.

And I hope today's a beautiful day for you.

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Evening all.

A freezing cold day here in Dublin, I even lit the fire (myself!) this afternoon, very cavewoman :D

8am - leftover mini meatloaf w' extra ketchup, boiled egg, coffee w' coconut milk. And the kids had meatloaf too!

11am - low fat cuppucinno

12.30pm - homemade chicken & veg soup made from last nights leftovers & homemade chicken stock. Some grapes.


2pm - had a cup of "real" tea - with a splash of milk and a coco-roon

Over the course of the day I picked on the delicous jerky I made

dd took this picture and labelled it "rily yummy"


Speaking of jerk(y/s) ;) look what dh came home with :wub:


I appreciate that he knows how upset I was...

Dinner was very good, cumin roasted carrots, sauteed leek & spinach, baked "dry-cure bacon loin" (this had sugar in the curing ingredients). 2 small glasses wine.


Looking fwd to my brother and my darling nephew coming over for a visit tomorrow. Think I might make some of these for them.

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Derval, Flowers are nice. Good of him to try and make amends. I hope everyone enjoys the scones if you make them. I had a very un-Paleo 1/3 of a bagel with cream cheese this morning at my hubby's tennis match. :( And a Primal Pac... :)

Think I need a Whole10 starting Monday to get me on track before Thanksgiving. Are you planning another Whole30 before Christmas? I think I will begin mine on Friday November 23rd which would make Day 30 December 22nd. Then I can off-road a bit for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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Thanks Janette & jh.

So today I dabbled in the dangerous world of paleo treat making :ph34r:

I made sweet salty fudge bombs


and Almoroons


For my #1 sweetie newphew, Reuben. He looks so pleased huh? ;)


and he spat out the almond ones :lol:

So not the most paleo day :ph34r:

8am - 2 boiled egg, little bit of yesterdays baked bacon

11.30 - coffee & treat sampling

12.45 - the last of the baked bacon fried up in ghee with a fried egg & homemade ketchup


3pm - coffee and treats

5.30pm - Chinese crispy duck panckes, yeah with hoisin sauce & all :rolleyes: and another treat

JH, no plans to another W30 before Xmas no, not at the moment anyway. Might do one starting on 28th Dec? Start off the last year of my 30's with a Whole30!

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Hidey-ho neighbouroonies

8am - 2 boiled eggs & coffee

11.30 - cappucinno from a coffee van at ds's xc race in the freezing cold & lashing rain. He just missed getting a medal and was totally dejected :(

12pm - snakc of jerkey & macadmias - winning combo!

1pm - sautteed sweet potato slices, bacon, fried egg, ketchup, tea & peleo treats

6pm - gyro burgers (very tasty!), tsatsiki (made my my evoo :rolleyes: mayo failo), sweet potato with butter.

Followed by fresh pineapple fried in butter with toasted coconut. butter butter butter but at least it's good n proper irish grassfed butter :)


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Evening all, no pics today! busy busy busy

7am - 2 boiled egg & prosciutto

9.30am gym, got up to 32.5kg (71.5 lb) bench press :)

11am - a mix of jerky, macadamias & sultanas

1pm - cappucinno & 2 choclates from Butlers cafe

3pm - sweet potato, bacon & fried egg

8.30 - Dinner reservation for Jamies Italian with my best bud :) Haven't decided what I'm going to have yet ....am driving so no wine anyway.

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Well not such a good day today. Just felt off kilter & anxious. Maybe because I was later going to bed?

Our meal last night was a let-down :( just really average, except for the "posh chips" which were yuck, I could taste the cooking oil, blurgh.

Am on phone do cant do reds, probably a good thing!

7am 2 boiled eggs & Serrano ham

12.30 bacon egg avo

Dried apricots & macadamia nuts (too many)

Then I scrubbed the kitchen cupboard doors.

Then I got really cranky and ate 4 "celebrations", mini chocolates. Durr.

Dinner was Thai green chicken curry that I had with basmati rice, really enjoyed that.

Just had banana, sultanas, coconut milk and toasted flakes.

The sugar dragon is breathing fire down my neck :(

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So today I am trying to put that sugar dragon back in it's box by going the whole day with nothing sweet, not even fruit! Arggghhhh it's hard!!

7am - usual

9.15am - GYM

11am - usual


12.30pm Big ass salad with avo, toasted walnuts, crisped serrano ham, bufallo mozarella, sundried tomatoes


6pm - Beef stew from Well Fed except I added some small potatoes, I prob had 1-1.5's worth.

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A good day so far! But I'm off to "book" club this evening so there shall be wine!

Am doing this 28 days to an organised home from moneysavingmom.com so am keeping busy scrubbing! Have lots of catching up to do online!

Usual breakfast and mid morning coffee from my fab new Nespresso machine :)

Lunch was much same as yesterday but with olives instead of avo and flaked almonds instead of walnuts. No discernible reaction to the dairy.

Dinner was mackerel and hake baked on a bed of leek & kale with sweet potato mash. Have saved leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.

Had a bit of a disaster when the pepper grinder opened when I was frying the leeks, peppercorns everywhere !!! I had to rinse them in a colander and try pick them all out :(

A bientot!

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Hey there W9 peeps

So I had bookclub last night, didn't have too much to drink, maybe 3 glasses of wine, it gave me a tummy ache :( and a terrible nights sleep, didn't get home till after midnight and had a night of half sleep, mind racing hell.

The food was all compliant, our hostess made delicous marinated king prawns that we had in baby gem cups. And prosciutto and carrot sticks. I avoided the cheese, breadsticks and humus.

Very tired this morning and felt like a "treat" so I made this, WOW, so yummy, and suprisingly kept me going till lunch.


Went in to town and to hairdressers, went for a big-ish change and got chop-chopped!


Lunch was leftovers from last night - hmm maybe not such a good plan after vino last night...mackerel burps!

Bit of a rough afternoon - Dh is out at a coaching course (he's becoming a kids coach in the A.C he's in with ds) tonight after work & all day tomorrow so feeling sorry for myself. And then ds starts whimpering in the car on the way home from school that he "doesn't want to do this no-gluten thing anymore, I don't feel any different" . Feeling demoralised :( I'm just trying to do the best by them, but I don't want to fight with them over it.... was so hacked off I gave them spaghetti for dinner, opened a bottle of wine and a bar of Lindt (for me, not them!)

Hey-ho roll on bedtime.


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I also love the new do, sounds like a pretty darn rough day. I'm not really sure, but maybe it's a planetary alignment issue? Cause this work day won't end over here in my part of the world. It just goes on and on and on, and the longer it drags on, the more I'm thinking about a glass of something tonight....

Hope your weekend is better!

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You look great Derval! The shorter style really suits you. I am having a crappy hair day/week/month/year and am in need of a serious restyle-I just keep firing it up in a boring old ponytail or one of those grip thingies and I am soooooo bored of it!

Hope you have a better day today morale-wise.

I laughed at your Happy Hour pic :D I certainly have days like that too!

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Thanks SG, had a good day yesterday, nto very paleo mind you!

Had my "cold cereal" for breakfast

Brought ds to another XC race, he was asked to fill in a place in the next age group team, so he ran with the u-11's, and he did great, came in 19th and was the 3rd finisher from his club getting the team a bronze medal :) So proud of him, it was a tough and long (1500m) course.

Then up to in-law's for a fry for lunch.

Dinner was zoodles & bolegnase.

Then PARTAY! B) Travelled long & far to the northside to a friends 40th , it was great. They had a burger bar in the front garden where I got a delicous steak burger, no bun, no chips, but some yummy salad. And then inside a cocktail station with 2 professional cocktail makers! So I had several (5 :ph34r: ) and after much chatting & dancing fell in to bed at 2.30am. The last time I was awake at that hour I had a baby on my boob :o but it felt good to let my hair down. I had gone to the party on my own and was a bit nervous but I made the effort to meet & talk to new people (which I don't find easy) A great night but as you can imagine I feel dog rough today.... :wacko:

roast chicken dinner and an early night ahead.

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Sorry, never updated yesterday. I am trying this


and finding it hard to keep up with all that and my websites!

So yesterday...usual eggs & ham for breakfast, bacon & eggs for lunch (opps, that's the same!) and for dinner I made "taco fries". My friend posted a recipe for her Slimming World version of this fast food and so I fatted it back up again to make a paleo/primial version :)

Sweet potato fries, taco mince, paleo ranch and grated cheddar. Very tasty! Too spicy for the kids so there's leftover for my lunch.


Oh went to gym too, tried to up my bench press and failed, boo hiss.

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