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My Life Will Never Be The Same


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As I wrap up these past 30 days, I realize that these have been probably the best 30 days of my life. I actually didn't partake in any really exciting activities, but for the first time in about 10 years I feel normal.

I've danced all my life. I remember in ballet class I was hardly ever able to focus on my body and performance because my insides were giving me troubles. I had horrible gas (TMI, sorry) and always had to lie about not being the one who was creating the stink... In addition, I was also getting these horrible stomach pains- a knife in my lower left stomach that only went away if I chugged water and rested in the fetal position. I was always constipated or would have random and extreme cases of diarrhea (again...sorry). This cycle started in middle school, and I am now 22 years old.

When I got to my freshman year of college, I went to dance for a university on a competitive team. I had a life altering experience that gave me some issues with my body image and eating habits. I went gluten-free, and also became vegetarian and started doing lots and lots of cardio. In addition, I started to have a lot of anxiety and depression. I transferred schools, and continued to drop weight because I decided to go vegan and continued being a cardio bunny. I was eating hardly any fat in my diet and would still occasionally have to rid my constipation with coffee or other extremes.

My Junior year I fell into a bit of a backwards tumble. Instead of having more anorexic eating behavior, I was now binge eating and not following my gluten free guidelines I had stuck so firmly to before. This year was the hardest year of my life. One, I was in a long distance relationship and two I felt like the biggest sack of problems. I didn't sleep more than 2 hours a night for 8 straight months. I would take a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day because I was so tired by 1 PM. I struggled with anxiety and depression like never before, and couldn't make myself go out to social functions. I had terrible headaches or moments where I was so lightheaded, I could of passed out. I gained weight, and was on a constant restriction and binge cycle.

The most interesting thing to me is that I've had all of these issues for so long, yet I thought they were just part of who I am. I thought it was normal for me to feel like crap all the time. I didn't even know what life was without all of these issues. When my mom found the whole30 program I was really scared at first. I thought I was going to be taken back to my disordered eating days because of the strictness. Thankfully, the very opposite happened and I was freed from all of my previous issues.

I never had any stomach pain or discomfort. I have taken one nap in the past 30 days. I am able to eat just enough at each meal to not feel like ate too much or too little-just follow the portion guidelines and it's easy. My skin (which was another huge issue) has cleared up beautifully. I have lost most the weight I put on last year. But most importantly, I have more spark and love in my life than ever before because I feel human again. Hearing my boyfriend tell me that I seem like a new person because of how happy I am made me realize that those past issues don't define me.

I plan to eat whole30 about 90% of the time from here-on-out because it isn't worth it to go back to where I was. If you have any questions or comments on my journey or yours, I am more than welcome to chat! Email me at [email protected] or my instagram name is @daisydale30

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Hearing my boyfriend tell me that I seem like a new person because of how happy I am made me realize that those past issues don't define me.


This was it for me too.  My partner said the same thing - Apparently I had become somewhat of an ogre over the years.  He basically said that I turned back into the person he fell in love with.


BRAVO.  Very well done.  Keep the good feelings going!

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