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Butternut Squash


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Used the Velvety Butternut Squash recipe from Well Fed and I am SOLD! It was so good last night that I am plotting to get some more butternut squash for this weekend!!!!




I cannot describe to you how this butternut squash SAVED me yesterday! I recently upped my running mileage and training and have been starving, also doesn't helped that I indulged myself in sweets over the weekend. I am not currently on a whole 30, but like to stay close to template because I am sensitive to grains and found that I don't miss dairy or soy stuffs. Plus, I have had great gains eating this way in the gym and running. 


Enter this recipe... it was so worth it, although I didn't have any corriander to put in the spice mix, it still tastes wonderful... even my husband liked it!

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