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Holy moly, didn't expect these results!!


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I just finished my August Whole30 like many of you. It was fantastic. Started out pretty rough as we were on vacation the first week of August. Camping. But I planned it out well and it went very smooth. I've done a Whole30 before and it was good but didn't quite get the results I was looking for. It was a good reset because I'd say we've been eating mostly paleo for years, however our stress levels have been through the roof this year so it's been the most challenging time to stay clean with my eating.

One of my goals was weight loss, but it wasn't my primary one. I was still 25 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. No idea how that got out of control. We've been trying to get pregnant for 7 months now and I was pretty depressed to start out my 2nd pregnancy that much over my ideal weight. Here's the shocker. I just weighed myself and I lost a whopping 20 lbs. I couldn't even believe the scale. I also measured myself in the main areas. Arms, waist, thighs, knees, hips and calves. I lost 14.5 inches total. Another surprise. And I'm down 2 pant sizes.

I think it all came off so easily because I had it to lose. It's nice to look in the mirror and see no puffiness in my face and neck.

Although I report that result first, it's not the most important to me. Other results include:

- great sleep. Falling asleep fast!!!! Waking up refreshed.

- Didn't have one extra thing in my coffee. Black the whole 30 days!!! And I like it this way now. This was probably the biggest miracle as my one addiction has been Iced Mochas!!

- totally clear skin. Acne is completely gone.

- No redness and blotchiness in the face. I don't look sick. I haven't even been wearing makeup and friends have commented on my nice skin!

- Tons of energy.

- Overall I feel just so great. Good moods, good energy, feel great about life.


- Tummy issues gone. No bloating, no gas, no extended periods of time in the bathroom.

Lastly, the best surprise of all, after 7 months of trying to get pregnant, last week I found out I AM!!!! Only 3 weeks along so it's brand new this month! Can't say for sure that it happened because I was eating great but it sure didn't hurt.

I'm looking forward to eating as best as I can throughout my entire pregnancy like I did last time. It did make a difference.

I took before pictures and think I will take some after ones. I'll post those soon.

Thanks for the Whole30. Thanks for the website. And thanks for this forum!!!! And the book too.

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Holy cow! I am so...inspired...jealous (tough to admit, because that is my LEAST FAVORITE emotion)...happy for you...INSPIRED (had to say it again) and excited.

That is JUST what I needed to hear (except the pregnancy part-LOL) as I start round 2.


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Brilliant news, congratulations on the whole30 successes, baby included! Whatever contributes to the feeling of generally feeling awesome (whether it's weight loss/clear skin/better mood) is a definite WIN! Thanks for the motivation (I'm on day 12), and good luck with the next 9 months + of eating well!

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