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Hello all,


So I have to stay that I am new to the whole30 program, started reading about the website after I found out about it on the Paleo Reddit channels and ordered both the book and kindle version to read on my tablets (both excellent by the way)


I understand that this is a lifestyle change, I wanted to try something new to give me a new perspective on food, get more energy, better sleep and ultimately lose the excess weight I have gained recently. 


Though after I cheated and did weight myself (Day 10 vs Day 18) I noticed I had gained a lot of weight, that made me think of what have I done wrong, so I started searching these forums for answers, read many posts from people asking about weight gain, restarting due to the fact that they had eaten illegal type foods in the 30 days, and responses from moderators.


I found out that the deli meat and bacon I was consuming (even though w/o preservative/nitrate had sugar in it), so I read quite a bit these forums/online blogs about what type of bacon is allowed, where you could buy the recommended ones, etc. I figured I lived w/o Bacon before Whole30, I can cut it and start all over again.


Though also after reading many other posts I noticed that I also need to be more careful with nuts & fruits, especially that I am known to binge on fruits and sometimes nuts.


So I am planning to restart with these in minds:


- No Bacon unless I get it from recommended places (online or retailers)

- Cutting Bananas and Dates (I tend to binge on them when available)

- Favoring Berries over Apples/Oranges (I tend to binge on fruits late at night)

- Cut down Nuts (Walnuts, Hazlenuts)

- Cut down on Coconut Milk/Cream for my Coffee or go for the lighter options.


Couple of questions:

- Are there any recipes for breakfast when you get sick of eggs/meats but give you enough protein for the day?

- What is the max daily recommended amount for consuming fats such as Ghee/Coconut Oil and Avocados ? How about Coconut Milk/Cream ?










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Hi Houman, those sound like excellent modifications for you.  Beware that even the berries will be a problem if eaten late at night.  


There really is no daily maximum for fat, it is extremely difficult to overeat fat unless you are drinking cans of coconut milk and eating paleo mayo with a spoon.  Check in with yourself after a meal and see if you are hungry in 4-5 hours.  If you are, you're exactly right on track.  If you're hungry early you'll know your previous meal wasn't large enough and you can add a bit more of everything, fat included.


You also don't have to go for a "lighter" version in your coffee, that smacks of a "diet" mentality and is discouraged around these parts.


I suspect your fruit and nut binging is a problem but also be warned that this is a 30 day program and weighing is against the rules for exactly this reason.  Depending on where you came from pre-Whole30, there is a lot of transition and healing going on which can be linked with temporary weight gain.  Stay off the scale!

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Remember to eat proteins  3 X aday and not only at  Breakfast.   That will really help smother cravings for things like dried fruits and nuts.   The further away you can get from those items...the smoother sailing it goes.  Protein is the answer when stumped for a better decision than the dried fruits and nuts.   When it comes down to the split second decision....grab protein. Try to find some compliant jerky for those moments.


If you're sick of meat and eggs, try Fish.  Delicious grilled fish.  Grill it the night before and eat it for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.   If you can't find fresh, stock up on salmon and tuna.  I like fresh but I know that's not always easily done.


Sticking with the protein, good dietary fats and vegetables always trumps snacks of every kind.   These are the foods that will break the cycles of thrill or binge eating and develop positive food management beyond a Whole 30.

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I have been making a delicious spaghetti squash casserole for breakfast. It's not really meaty or eggy, kind of a perfect in between. We love it.


Here's a rough estimate of what I throw together, feel free to change ratios. I usually make mine in an 8x8 baking dish. Double the amounts for a 9 x 14 dish.


Roast a spaghetti squash at 400 for about 30 minutes. I use half of it, but feel free to add more. I split mine in half and scoop out the seeds first, then put it face down on parchment paper with a bit of water sprinkled around. Allow to cool somewhat, scrape out the good stuff. You can do this ahead of time.


Preheat your oven to 400 if you cooked your squash ahead of time.


Pan fry 1/2 lb (or a little less) ground meat or compliant chicken apple sausage. Set that aside or just add to it:


Sautee some onions, spinach, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms  -- whatever veggies you've got. I don't cook mine long, they still have some firmness to them.


Season with salt, pepper, spices of your choice, I like curry powder a lot.


Remove the pan from the heat and allow the mixture to cool a bit.


Add half the spaghetti squash and a quarter to a half a can of coconut milk. Add to your meat and veggie mixture.


Grease a baking dish. In a separate bowl, whisk together 1-3 eggs (depending on your preference). Mix those with your spaghetti squash, veggies and meat.


Pour into your baking pan. Bake about 25 minutes, but this will depend on the size of your baking dish (and the depth of your casserole). You want the edges to get slightly browned and crispy.


For a really top notch bake, I shred rutabaga and pan fry it, then add to the top of the casserole before baking.



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I tend to binge at night and mostly on healthy choices (it's been a problem with me even when at good weights), though berries tend to do less damage than something like Bananas or dates. But tbh I notice that I am binging way less these days than before.


Yeah this high fat regimen was kind of a surprise to me, so I just wanted to ask to be certain. It seems that the high fat is used for the satiety (hence the meal approach and not snacking) 


BTW I found a reliable Bacon when I happened to be at Whole Foods from Pedersons (no antibiotics, sugar nor nitrates) so bought a pack to give it a try, it will probably be salty. http://pedersonsnaturalfarms.com/product/uncured-no-sugar-hickory-smoked-bacon-natural-paleo-bacon/


Gotcha about staying off the scale! and Thanks!





Yeah I don't have any problem with Proteins in the afternoon/night (in any amounts) and I probably should up the amounts. In the morning I switched to egg white omeletes and sometimes I add a yolk in it. But everyday has been a problem for me, though sometimes I try a steak and egg. I do have Salmon/Tilapia/Tuna for lunch/dinner, but not breakfast...


I try to stay away from dried fruits because I'd binge on them (i.e dried Mango for example), so these days it's mostly Berries and I am careful with the quantity or Fuji apples. 


Are there healthy Jerky choices recommended on Whole30/Paleo ?







Thanks a lot for the spaghetti squash casserole recipe, I'll definitely give it a try. I'll probably do a big batch and have it for a couple of breakfasts.


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In the morning I switched to egg white omeletes and sometimes I add a yolk in it. But everyday has been a problem for me, though sometimes I try a steak and egg. I do have Salmon/Tilapia/Tuna for lunch/dinner, but not breakfast...

Are there healthy Jerky choices recommended on Whole30/Paleo ?


You don't have to do just the egg whites -- eat the whole eggs. Most of the nutrition is in the yolk, so if you're tossing those, you're missing out on a lot.


It will help to stop thinking of your first meal of the day as "breakfast" with its own set of acceptable foods to eat. Just think of it as Meal 1.  Anything you eat any other time of day is fine for Meal 1. I usually have eggs because they're easy, but today they didn't sound good, so I had leftover baked chicken and zucchini noodles. 


As for the jerky, you'll have to read ingredients. If the ingredients are all okay according to the rules, then it's fine. If there are ingredients that you're not sure what they are, you can always google Whole30 + that ingredient -- it's almost certainly been asked before -- or you can check out this handy list of some of the most common additives.

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Make sure you are composing your meals this way:


1. 1-2 palm size portions of protein. That's the length, width, and thickness of your palm. Where eggs are your sole source of protein, eat as many as you can hold in your hand - for most women that's 3-4. Eat the whole egg.


2. 1-2 or more thumb-size portions of fat. Nuts are a fat source on Whole30, and we suggest you limit them since they cause digestive distress for many, and since they can keep your sugar dragon roaring. Most women worry that we are eating too much fat all the time. Most of us severely undereat fat. Eat more than you think you should, and just wait to see if you're satisfied for 4-5 hours.


3. 1-3 cups of veggies. If you are eating salad, that's like a bucketful. Think of how much volume you'd have in already-wilted greens.


Do that three times a day, the first time within one hour of waking. Fruit is optional on Whole30. If you choose to include it, 1-2 pieces per day with or immediately after meals is how we want you to eat it.


Late at night, if you are eating lots of compliant foods in a snacking way, we ask that you change your habits. Consider going to bed. Altering your sleep habits can help enormously in the success of your Whole30. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep, and in the evening, choose sleep over late night eating of any kind. Then eat a big breakfast when you wake up. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Dried and fresh fruits, nuts, jerky, and similar foods are technically compliant on Whole30. However, it sounds like you are choosing those foods to eat in a way that replicates old habits. We ask that you aim for three full meals per day, sleep at night, and keep foods that will bring on the binge out of your experience.


If these things are difficult to do at first, then aim in that general direction and work towards these habits.


And eat up! Eat plenty when it's meal time.

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