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Food log May 28th- June 28th, 2015


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Day 1 (Thursday, May 28th, 2015)



  1. 2 raw carrots
  2. stir fried spinach in tomato sauce
  3. Fennel & lemon tea
  4. St. John's Wart and mulled apple tea
  5. Smoked oysters and a few black cherries
  6. Stir-fried radishes and radish greens with lemon, grapeseed oil, garlic, spices, sea salt
  7. Handful of black cherries and 1 mandarin orange
  8. 4 liters of water 


Day 1 complete 

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I am sorry. You are not going to get the celebrated "Whole30 results" eating like this. You need 3 main meals per day with protein at each meal. Snacking on compliant ingredients and drinking a large volume of water is not healthy. Please do not continue like this. 

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What?! That's more than I have eaten in any one day in maybe 15 years. Those were large portions... I couldn't have made myself eat more. 


So we're supposed to eat more than is comfortable for us? I am still full from yesterday. 


Tom, the food I am eating is already more than I can really afford. Eating like that for 30 days, I won't be able to buy luxuries like... light bulbs. Everything was compliant and I did my best. If this is still "not good enough", then I am out.  Seems like an impossible diet if you literally can't afford it and you eat your fill and are still supposed to cram food down your gullet. That doesn't sound healthy at all. 


There were at least 2000 calories there. How many calories are you guys ingesting in a day?  


As for the water...

http://www.watercure.com/Large amounts of water greatly reduce my asthma attacks.  Most people in North America are chronically dehydrated, but that is not even a matter for Whole30. 

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That's maybe 300 or 500 at the most.   It's a Fasted Lifestyle.  


Posted 22 October 2012 - 07:39 PM

"Grapeseed oil is not banned during a Whole30, but it is high in Omega6 fatty acids, so is not a good choice. I cooked with grapeseed oil back before I learned that it was important to keep a balance of Omega3s and Omega 6s. Nowadays I use coconut oil or ghee instead for high heat cooking."
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Nope... I can break it down for you... 


Oysters= 200 calories

black cherries (about 20 throughout the day)= 120 calories (approx)

2 large carrots= 60 calories

spinach= 40 calories

mandarin orange= 40 calories 

tomato sauce= 10 calories

grapeseed oil= 300 calories

radishes= 60 calories 


I get 830 calories... is that right?


Hmmm. Guess that is a bit low. But it certainly FELT like a lot more calories. 


I suppose I will just have to stuff more food into me today. *sighs*. I did feel sick yesterday anyway with a migraine, though (have had it for over 30 hours now) and didn't want to eat a lot and then puke. 


Today so far I have had:


4 egg omelet with tomatoes and spinach= 450 calories or so (with oil)


I'll probably eat more when my head stops killing me. I definitely am not used to eating protein every day, let alone at every meal, and I have never in my life eaten three meals in one day. For most of my life, including childhood, I ate MAYBE 2 meals and a snack and as an adult, 1 meal and maybe a snack. So already I am eating way outside my comfort zone. 


Also, stressed out about the cost of the whole30, which is about double what I can comfortably afford. Living below the poverty line (disability pension) really sucks. I am doing my best. 


I want to stick with this because I want to heal my body, but honestly, unless I eat crap, I don't have enough money to eat 3 meals a day, every day. I can MAYBE eat one "good" meal a day, or I can eat 3 meals a day if I fast completely some days a week, and it is stressing me out. 


To put food prices where I live in perspective, if I buy a dozen free range, organic eggs (and I have to be careful about that because if I eat the ones with antibiotics added it makes me sick over time and screws up my digestion) costs me nearly 8 bucks before tax. If I was to have fish at every meal, even if I purchased dirt cheat farmed fish, I would be looking at 15 CDN a day, excluding everything else.,, which is impossible for me to do. A good sized serving of fish is about 5 bucks. The fish that is cheaper is the processed junk with the wheat flour batter. 


Doing my best. 

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A calorie is not a calorie.  Your estimates are high.  So you can lop off at least another 100.  Regardless, this is fasting.


You could consume virtually buckets of radishes and greens and have very little fuel for the body.  They are basically free and immune from being counted as part of of the day.  Free. 


You could get a backhoe or front end loader and fill up a swimming pool with vegetables..they're still free.  If this is more than you normally eat, continuing on like this can cause more deterioration of health. This is sad and I hope you, Lexical can find some financial help to buy more groceries.

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Where do you want me to get my calories from then? Cost of seafood is WAY too high for me to afford it for every meal. Simply. Is. Not. Possible. 


I suppose I could eat more fruit. 


Like I said, I am doing my best. 


And those aren't "my" estimates... that is the number of calories for the foods I ate based on the nutritional info on the bag (yes, there is nutritional info on the bag of carrots, bag of spinach, oyster tin, etc) I'll try my best to eat more today, but I had a fair amount of energy yesterday, so maybe I require fewer calories than you do? As far as adult human beings go, I am definitely on the smaller side, barely pushing 5 foot 3. 


Anyway, I plan to eat when I am hungry and not eat more than I can comfortably "hold". But yes, I agree that I didn't eat enough yesterday... but man, did it feel like enough. Felt like a chore choking down all that food.  :rolleyes: Also felt sick yesterday, that may have had something to do with it. 


Only on my second day. I was just happy everything was compliant and I ate as much as I did.  :huh:

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I checked some online calorie counter thing. Apparently I need 1920 calories a day. Crazy.  :wacko:


How on earth do people eat that much food? :huh:  Oh well. I will try... *goes and looks up calories in avocado*...

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Eating that number of calories from plant matter is pretty much impossible. Veggies take up a high amount of volume, but don't contain a lot of fuel (calories). Your fuel is going to come from protein and fat. The protein is needed to support the maintenance of body structures (like bone, muscle, etc.) as well as to provide the amino acids for enzyme production. Fat will be what keeps you satisfied between meals and is also what's needed for vitamin absorption, nervous system maintenance, and hormone production. Protein, fat, and veggies are all equally important.


Remember that you're not required to buy organic or pastured items in order to do a Whole30. Yes, these are better options, but if it's a choice between buying organic and eating one meal or buy conventional and eating three meals, then eat the three meals. Since eggs are problematic for you unless you buy the more expensive varieties, consider ditching the eggs altogether and putting the money saved toward another protein source. I would also consider prioritizing vegetables over fruit and remembering that sometimes you have to sacrifice some variety in order to stretch the budget. Instead of a different veggie every day, you may have just a few to mix and match during the week. Starchy vegetables can also be a good way to flesh out a meal. I'm not sure about food prices in Canada, but potatoes are usually something that can be had cheaply here in the states and they're still filling and nutritious.

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I got some sweet potatoes yesterday. I am going to make a soup out of them with coconut milk, carrots, an onion and yellow curry paste. I'm not going to eat anything warmblooded, I didn't even want to eat fish. Eggs are pretty cheap, as far as a protein source goes. Eating the ones with added antibiotics messes up my digestion, though. I have to be careful about any food with antibiotics in it.


I will probably get the hang of this as time goes on...  :rolleyes:

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The addition of healthy fats will help you out more.  That soup sounds like a better bet.


Here is the vegetarian shopping list:


The first one is the newest version where the proteins are a lot of "fill in the blanks with alternative proteins that work for you".  Print this out first.



Print this one out second:


Use this one as a guide to fill in the blanks on your best alternative protein options.


Obviously this is a whole 30 compromise. It's not ideal but it is built full of better choices for vegetarian/vegan options.  If you can include eggs, oysters, mussels, or fish in general - this would be ideal.  But here are some alternatives for you to hunt and peck for.


We obviously want to encourage you on this journey.  Eating a proper amount of food will help.


Feeling off for a good 4 days - is actually kind of normal.  Be patient with yourself and try to be kind to yourself.  If you are feeling anxious - I encourage you to do something that feels restful and relaxing for you to help bring your anxiety levels down.

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Thanks Julie. Yes, I think I can do it if I am careful with money and count calories (just to make sure I am getting enough calories, not for weight loss purposes), look for deals, etc. I made a protein drink out of hemp protein powder, coconut milk, unsweetened carob and coconut flour (for the fiber) and stirred it together... it tasted like I imagine the drinks the Podlings (from Dark Crystal) drink, taste.




So far today I have had nearly 1600 calories, a good amount for me based on my height, weight and activity level. This is how it has broken done so far:


Friday, May 29th, 2015 
omelet with tomato and spinach= 400 calories
2 carrots= 60 calories
2 mandarin oranges= 70 calories
1 can smoked herring= 160 calories
20 black cherries 100 calories 
1 can mussels= 150 calories
hemp protein powder/carob/coconut milk/water drink (breakdown below)
4 tbsp hemp protein powder= 130 calories
2 tbsp carob powder= 40
125 ml coconut milk= 240 calories
4 tbsp coconut flour= 248 calories
= 658 calories 
1598 (grand total) calories 
By the way, nobody should try to make my hemp protein drink. It was disgusting.  :wacko: 
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Prior to me doing my whole 30 I used hemp protein (mainly because I suspected I had a heavy allergy to dairy - so whey was a no go)


I had some pretty decent protein shake recipes going on post work out/breakfast.  I will see if I can locate them again. 

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By the way, nobody should try to make my hemp protein drink. It was disgusting.  :wacko: 


Good for you though for trying to find ways to make this work for you. I hope you're actually enjoying what you're eating - that's just as important as staying compliant in my books.

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If you are not able to afford more than one meal per day, this is a much more serious situation than whether or not you are eating in a Whole30 compliant way.


The fact is, Whole30 is incredibly simple: 1-2 palm-size portions of protein; 1-2 or more thumb-size portions of fat; and 1-3 cups vegetables, eaten three times per day. For folks with money, transportation, access to food, and a kitchen to cook the food in, Whole30 is really no big deal.


But -


If you are not able to afford more than one meal a day even without the Whole30 requirements, then Whole30 is going to be a huge stretch. We absolutely do not want you to put yourself in even more desperate financial straits than you already face through attempting a Whole30. Eating enough to sustain life matters far more than eating according to ANYONE'S rules or program.


I can certainly understand that you intend to eat in such a way that you can become healthier. And I can certainly understand approaching Whole30 with eagerness. You have every right to eat well, to get healthier. But please eat in such a way that you can continue to survive.


Another issue: since you have spent so very long in a state of underfeeding, it's very likely that eating anything like close to enough food for your body will be really hard on your system. You may have to work up to eating enough food to truly sustain your body.


I strongly suspect that what you mostly need is ready access to enough food that you can actually eat comfortably whenever you want to, without feeling like you are choosing between food and shelter. You just need to eat. If you can eat more on Whole30, carry on. If you need to shorten it or give it up in order to eat, do that.  But please don't hear us asking you to choose between eating and having a place to live (or at least, a place to live that has light in it). We want you to eat, and we wish for you a world where you can actually do that, without putting other parts of your life in jeopardy.

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Thank you. I may have to do it, but not perfectly. For instance, use mayo with canola in it... a compromise. I think I can do it (or eat 2 good meals a day) if I am very careful, get no library fines, don't allow myself to get discouraged etc. I can have lemon juice if I use the from-concentrate but it has sulfites in it. There is no way I can afford to eat exactly how whole30 demands and have anywhere near 3 meals a day but I can eat as much like it as possible and eat closer to what they suggest. 


My sister works more than full time and she definitely doesn't eat 3 meals a day. A typical day for her might be a few pieces of licorice, several cups of coffee with sugar, some boiled cauliflower and mushrooms. And that is it. 


Most of the people I know in the same position of me don't even bother trying to spend their disability money on food, or much food- they are slow killing themselves with cigarettes and booze. They eat cheap packaged dollar store mac and cheese, ramen noodles and stuff from the food bank past its best before date and none of them are very healthy (for obvious reasons). Most of them have breathing issues and are obese. One of my neighbors is losing a lot of weight because he just doesn't eat much anymore. I am not going to be on db my whole life if I have any say in it. Last year 2 of my neighbors died- one of a stroke and 1 from suicide. I know that if you are underfed that can make depression worse... a vicious cycle. Lack of vitamins and nutrients is seriously implicated in a lot of depressive disorders. The soil is depleted and being chronically undernourished damages the brain.


Crappy food is really cheap, though. 1 apple might be over a dollar, but I can get over 2 liters of ice cream for 4 bucks. But even a bag of chips (small one) is over 1.50. 


I am envious of my buddy who lives in the US.... you guys have great prices on food. There is a place called Liquidation World which is about 3 hours away from me one way. I would have to take a bus to get there but I could take my huge backpack and see if they have cheap fish there. It is close® to the US border. I might actually do that. 


I won't give up, but I might have mayo with canola, etc. I promise to do my best. 

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You need to understand that you are not Whole30's target audience. I understand and applaud your goals. We'll do all we can to support you. Even if it doesn't turn out to be a true Whole30, you're aiming to do what you can within your situation to improve your health. This is incredibly admirable.

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Thank you for your support.  :)  Not even that many months ago, sometimes I would sleep over 30 hours at a time and had to sit down in the shower, I was so weak. 


I am making a soup in a slow cooker. I got the slow cooker for free. This is my soup. What do you think?


Fish soup
1 piece salmon= 130 calories
1 can smoked herring= 160 calories
1 can clams= 112 calories
3 cups spinach= 25 calories
1 large sweet potato= 100 calories
275 ml coconut milk= 535.5 
1 can tuna= 120
60 ml grapeseed oil= 480
green curry paste = negligible for calories 
= 1662 calories 
I figure I will eat lots of nuts and avocado and have some oil, too. I want the soup to last me 3 days, so 554 calories a day from the soup. I am aiming for 1500 calories a day and a regular avocado has about 500 calories, so with an avocado, some more oil, some cashews (etc) and some fruit plus maybe a tin of herring, I will be easily at 1500 calories a day. 
Sweet potatoes are cheap- what has the most calories of all the starchy vegetables that is good for us? Regular potatoes? I was thinking I could make mashed sweet potatoes and regular potatoes and add oil or ghee. Need to get the calories up. Although, if I am full and feel healthier, I will be content.  :)
Thank you for your kind words, Amy. You are inspiring me.  :)
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Amy, do you think I can eat sunflower seeds? I can get a bag of 227 grams for 1 dollar plus tax.  30 grams provides= 200 calories  That is 1500 calories per 1 dollar. Pretty great. :)  Another food I saw was fried plantain chips. Probably not 100% compliant, but lots of calories and the food itself is compliant (except maybe the oil, but people eat canola when they eat out)

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I'd go for whichever thing called potatoes is cheapest in your area. Where I live, regular white potatoes are cheaper than anything including dry pasta. This may not be true in your area.


Sunflower seeds are fine. Not sure about the plantain chips, I ate those a lot as a kid and don't remember them being very filling. Do you have plantains available and cheap where you are?


If you must parcel out your calories due to simply not having enough food, then that's how it must be. But - if you are able to let that go for a short time, and simply eat to satiation, then you might get a better idea of how much this is actually going to cost you. I'm not sure what the risks are for your particular context, but following your own hunger/satiation cues is more accurate if that's possible for you.


I'm glad you're not actively starving at this time. I hope that you can continue to feed yourself.

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Made a big pot of mashed sweet potatoes and carrots with chili seasoning. Here is the caloric breakdown. 


Mashed chili sweet potato and carrots
2 sweet potatoes= 200 calories
5 carrots= 150 calories
Sesame oil= 100 calories 
Egg/olive oil/coconut oil/sesame oil mixture= 300 calories
Chili powder, hot sauce and sea salt= negligible
= 750 calories for pot (approximately)
I have eaten about 3/4s of it  so 562.5 calories added to my earlier 1662 calories
Total today: 2224 calories WOW! I did even better than I thought I would do!  :D
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