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Sharon Taylor

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Ok so I hate eggs! I'm trying really hard but I just don't like them! Anybody have any breakfast ideas that are not just eating vegetables? I love this diet but struggle with breakfast. I never used to eat it & when I did it's oatmeal. So now I'm lost!


The best thing you can do is stop thinking of it as breakfast -- it's Meal1 and any food that works for Meal2 or Meal3 works just as well for Meal1. You absolutely don't ever have to eat eggs. Leftovers are great for breakfast, or try something like a sweet potato hash with sausage (I don't know for sure that the sausage they mention in that recipe is truly Whole30 compliant -- it can be hard to find compliant breakfast sausage, as most companies put sugar in theirs. You can google sausage recipes and make your own, or you can sub some other meat instead. I've made this sausage recipe without the brown sugar, and cutting way back on the red pepper flakes because I'm a wimp, and it was pretty good.)

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These changed my life.  


I make a super simplified version


1 lb ground turkey

few handfuls of fresh blueberries 

tsp each of dried thyme, sage and fenugreek

salt to taste


Mix and form into loaves (too lazy to clean a muffin tin) and bake at 375 until internal temp is 160.

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I love eggs, but the morning of day 7 I felt that I'd had my fill of eggs and couldn't stomach the thought of eating another. I moped around my kitchen thinking that I didn't have anything for breakfast. Then I had the "I don't have to eat a traditional breakfast" light bulb moment and reheated some italian chicken soup. It really hit the spot!!

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