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It's really tricky to find compliant deli meat.


You're better off buying a plain roast or chicken, seasoning it to your taste within the rules, cooking it at home and slicing it up yourself.


The only thing I've found with relative ease is compliant prosciutto: many brands are just pork and salt.


As always, read the ingredient labels (or if you buy at the deli counter, ask to see the ingredient label).

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While we support you being able to eat deli meats when you are traveling, occasional lunches, etc. we don't want you to fall into a pattern of relying on food in a package, even if it's made of Whole30 compliant ingredients.


Please take the time to nourish yourself as best you can for these 30 days. Well Fed cookbook has a stellar section called The Weekly Cookup. Make TONS of food in an hour for your whole week. Here's a sneak peek from her website, there's more details in the book. Well worth the price.


You can do this.

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whole foods has in-house roasted turkey and roast beef at the deli counter. They are the only deli meats I would consider and even then only once in a while if you're in a bind and don't have time to cook. You can't have bread to make a sandwich, so eating them is less convenient on a Whole30 than they would be otherwise anyway. Better (and cheaper) just to cook your own meats and you can cut them up however you want for eating.

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