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Who's skinny waist is that? Oh yeah, it's MINE!


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I'm not quite done with my Whole30 - on Day 24 now, but I just had to post my success so far - the fact that I made it this far is a huge accomplishment for this sugar addict.

Yesterday I put on a sweater that was always somewhat tight on me before - especially through the arms and tummy area. Well, not anymore! It was loose in the arms and it draped so nicely by my waist and stomach. My waist actually showed up for the party - I haven't seen her in a LONG time - she was always covered with a couple of inches of flab! And my stomach was almost flat! That too was something I haven't seen in a while. One other thing that showed up when I looked in the mirror? A smile. I felt beautiful. It's been almost 15 years since I've been able to say something like that.

To say this Whole30 has been a life changing experience is almost an understatement. It's more like a life giving experience. And I'm not even nervous about ending my Whole30 next week. Because I have come to understand how I need to approach that. I think back to how I felt when my son was born. He was so small and delicate and new - and I wanted to keep him all to myself to protect him and keep him safe. Of course, there were lots of friends and family members who wanted to hold him, so I knew I needed to "share" him. I knew they would be careful with him though so I wasn't too worried. However, we also had friends who wanted to hold him that I didn't trust as much - I knew they wouldn't hurt him on purpose, but still, I had to be careful. So I gave them the chance to hold him, but I was right there monitoring the situation the whole time in case something bad happened.

It's the same now with my health. My restored health is new, fragile, and needs protection. I will share it happily with the foods that I know will take good care of it - all the foods that I've eaten during this Whole30. However, I know there are other foods as well that might not be as careful with my health but they still want to be part of my life. So, I will give them the chance, but I will carefully monitor that situation so I will know if my health is in any danger (examples: bread, anything with sugar in it, etc.). Mr. Dairy can't touch my health with a ten-foot pole though so he's not even invited to the party! This perspective makes it all make sense, and I know I can continue to enjoy my life while still protecting something as precious as my newly restored health.

Thank you to all of you whose posts and advice have been so extremely helpful! And to Dallas and Melissa for writing ISWF and creating this site - you have truly saved my life and that of my family as well!

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Really nice analogy! Love it! I had a similar conversation with a co-worker yesterday when she complimented me and asked "is it hard?". I just said "no, I'm happier than I've ever been with myself and my resolve to take care of myself now. I know how powerful food can be and I like it. I can choose to eat something for the immediate gratification and pay for it later, and that's ok sometimes-the beauty of it is that I have the knowledge and the power to make that choice now-and I didn't before my whole30 because I JUST DIDN'T KNOW!"

And welcome back to your waist! ;) My sister-in-law (who happens to also be my massage therapist) met my hip bones the last time I saw her and said "You are too skinny. If I needed to have work done on my psoas muscles, I'd have to send out the search and rescue to find them, but yours are right here!" I like that she can find them easily now-way less painful than having to bring in the search and rescue! :D

So, enjoy all the beautiful things you are feeling now. Well done! You deserve it!

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